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  1. Just to put a stop to the rumour mill before it gets going, this is what Barry posted on NBF: Riverside Tea & Stores, Stokesby Barry, Sylvia and Natalie are sorry to inform you that after lengthy discussions, over the winter, we have made the decision to retire and close the business. We would like to thank all our customers for their support and business over the past 20 years. We have seen children grow up and have made some really good friends. As there has been conflicting social media information over the past few days, we would like to authenticate the events taking place in respect of our property. We have NOT sold our property and have no intention of selling it. We have submitted plans to convert the Shop into a “one bedroom holiday let” and will keep you all informed of the outcome of this application. If any of our customers would like either of the following Key Cutting, Watch Batteries or your favourite Cake or Scones made, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01493 750470/07502322517 and will be only to happy help you. Sylvia and BarryBarry
  2. I see we’re back to personal attacks on another member. That’s very regrettable, as there is actually some value in looking back at history. The forum on which that particular history is recorded was one of the first Broads Forums, if not the first. Many late-comer ‘little men’ don’t know of its existence, yet there is other content there that it would be unfortunate to lose. Broadly Speaking is moribund and could be taken off the Web at any moment and all that history would be lost. If nothing else, this thread has brought that forum to the fore and those interested on what went on before could do worse than explore it.
  3. I don't have a problem with this subject being raised. It is more relevant to 'Norfolk Broads' than several other topics that have been discussed here. As someone who thrives on facts, I am pleased to now know how the reference originated. It demonstrates an historic disdain for the boating community, which can still be detected today (that's just an opinion, though).
  4. The historical point is quite interesting. It shows that some people have very long memories, but I would have thought that there has been a substantial change of personnel (employees and members) since then, with a notable exception. It is also interesting to note that the expression that caused so much apparent offence was: "As we prepare for the onslaught of the little men tomorrow... " By the next day, that reference was changed by a poster in the following manner, "As a toll payer, and thus one of the little people, I did take offense, although I accept that that was not what Mr Stapleton intended. Pete Sanders, the Nav Com that I am involved with has considerable sympathy with the boating fraternity, after all many of us are boaters, indeed many of us are also 'little people'." That reference to 'the little people' has persisted, even in the title of this thread, while the original form has been forgotten. Pedantry on my part that may be, but calling a group 'little people' is, perhaps even more derogatory.
  5. Paul, please accept my apologies. Perhaps I'd better not mention Santa Claus I don't know which Ofgem letter you are referring to, but if it's this one https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/sites/default/files/docs/2014/03/mrp_decision.pdf it's fairly clear, although not specified, that they were referring to the charging points for electric cars, not boats. The appendix to the letter is the same direction as I posted a link to earlier, which makes it clearer that charging points for boats are not excluded from the maximum resale price rules. I seldom use the BA charging posts, so I've never bothered to run a check on the rate. After my little contretemps with the BA in 2017, they did tell me what they were charging (the legal charge, that is) per unit, but that will undoubtedly have gone up since then. They'll tell you the current rate if you ask them (some, most, of the staff are very helpful). You can then run your own tests to see if they have told you the truth.
  6. This is a link to the Ofgem Direction on the maximum resale price of gas and electricity https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/sites/default/files/docs/2014/03/mrp_direction.pdf Paragraph 2 makes the following exclusion: This direction does not apply where electricity supplied by an authorised supplier is resold by any person from a charge point for use by an electric motor vehicle. Paragraph 10 provides definitions: “electric motor vehicle” means a motor vehicle that uses electric drive to power or assist in the propulsion of the motor vehicle, other than an electric marine craft, “marine craft” includes a vessel, boat, hovercraft or any other description of water craft. So boats are subject to the maximum resale price direction, and electric boats are specifically removed from the paragraph 2 exclusion..
  7. They 'backed down' in the sense that their solicitor, David Harris, initially tried to convince me that what the BA was doing was legal and that the Ofgem's directions did not apply to them, but he was subsequently persuaded otherwise. This isn't the first time they have been caught acting outside the law!
  8. There was a lengthy discussion at the time, on NBF. I'm not allowed to post a link here, though. In a nutshell: 1. The meters were the same as domestic meters, which can give 'emergency' electricity if the green button is pressed (about 60p worth I think), which would be recovered from the next user. The BA have now altered the meters. 2. As HMRC take 5% vat, the charge on the card is 95p for electricity and 5p tax. 3. The cards should put £1 credit on the meter, regardless of when the card was purchased. But I have noticed that, occasionally, the meter will show a few pence debit (emergency electricity used by the previous user?) so you only get £1 less that debit showing on the meter.
  9. When the BA changed over from cardboard cards to plastic cards, they introduced a 'hidden' charge to recover the extra cost of the new cards. So you didn't get £1-worth of electricity for your £1. This was robustly challenged and the BA eventually backed down, so you now get £1-worth of electricity at the standard rate, which will be slightly above the rate that many householders pay, if they have taken advantage of reduced fixed rate tariffs. The cost of the initial provision and subsequent maintenance of the pillars is borne by navigation money, so everyone contributes, whether or not they use the posts. While a standing charge may be imposed, it has to be separate from the unit charge.
  10. JennyMorgan, times certainly have changed. 100+ years ago, trading wherries were a major part of the scene. Businesses, including farmers, depended on them to move goods around. The wherrymen (and their boys) would carry out bank maintenance (keeping the carr at bay) as it was in their interests to do so. The landowners (most of them) didn’t object either as it also benefited them to keep the wherries moving. Today, that bank maintenance is carried out by the BA, who have conflicting priorities. They keep (some of) the banks clear, but also have to consider the effect on wildlife. They also have to negotiate with the landowners (and the Forestry Commission etc) before carrying out the work. They have very limited powers to insist on work being carried out, principally, I believe, only if there is an obstruction to navigation. I am not averse to carrying a bean hook, secateurs, pruning saw and loppers on board, but their use could be construed as criminal damage. Probably some landowners wouldn’t object, but there are others, such as those who delight in erecting No Mooring signs, who undoubtedly would. Perhaps you would like to canvass all the Broads landowners, to establish who would, and who wouldn’t, welcome boaters' intervention, compile a list and, perhaps, leisure boaters could take over where the wherrymen left off.
  11. My background has nothing to do with it. If a friend of yours told you he'd been caught speeding, what would you think? 'Speeding' is in everyday usage to mean exceeding a speed limit https://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/three-people-arrested-and-41-drivers-caught-speeding-following-police-operation-in-great-yarmouth-1-5865317 I haven't seen any flames licking around JP's legs yet. It's simply too glib a remark, without any substance. I might retort that it's all just smoke and mirrors. I would much prefer to see an accurate account of what has happened. The blogs are increasingly seeming like sour grapes. Despite all the thinly disguised allegations, no-one has proved any actionable wrong-doing. An opportunity that did present itself has been allowed to pass by.
  12. Good try, but the word 'speeding' is general taken as excessive speed in relation to a speed limit. https://www.norfolk.police.uk/advice/roads-and-vehicles/speeding That we are even having this discussion points to the failure of the blog to convince.
  13. From the Blog: "The Blessed Spokesperson went on to claim that rangers couldn’t identify a speeding sailing boat from behind. "The speed of our ranger boats is no match for a heritage yacht. It would disappear into the distance and we’d have no way of identifying it other than the name on the transom, the gigantic number on the sail, and the fact that the rangers know all the boats anyway” she said." That gives the impression that the ranger would want to deal with the sailing boat in respect of its speed. The reference to the supply of recordings is totally inaccurate, as far as the real world is concerned. I am all too willing to believe the worst of the BA, but if even I can see the statements in the blog that simply beggar belief, it throws the whole blog into question...in my mind, if not in yours. If Brian Wilkins is no longer on the Navigation Committee, perhaps now the NSBA can get its act together and begin to challege the BA a bit more. It had crossed my mind that the current lack of activity from them may have been due to its close ties with the BA, to the extent that it was something of a toss-up whether or not I renewed my membership this year.
  14. Which bit is based on truth? Sailing vessels aren't subject to the Speed Limit Byelaws, and when I recently applied for a copy of a recording of a committee meeting, the request was dealt with by the Governance Assistant. It makes one wonder just how much of this so-called satire can be relied on to reflect actual events.
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