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  1. It's not Pelican any more. Renamed Toad some while ago. They're at the non-electric part of Sutton Staithe at the moment, probably waiting for the three on the leccy side to move (tomorrow?).
  2. 1. Straw man argument - I have never made that allegation; 2. The 'emergency' notice was rushed out after the cat was let out of the bag on social media; 3. It is a fact that there was a problem, more than one, actually, which you choose not to recognise; 4. The unsafe condition of the quay heading was known about months ago, which is why a tender went out last year. We will have to agree to disagree. You cannot see any problems, I can. Maybe it because I'm a bit closer to things, as it happens virtually in my back yard.
  3. Do you have any inside knowledge of what went on, on which to base that assumption? It is the usual practice for a notice to be issued when any work which closes, fully or in part, any moorings. This was not done? Why not? Why was I initially informed that the partial closure of the mooring would be in place for the rest of the season? I'm pleased that you don't see a problem. Fortunately, many people did see the problem, despite the lack of transparency and communication. That only highlights the discrepancy with what the meeting last Friday was told, that negotiations had b
  4. According to James Knight, even the Authority members weren’t being kept up to date.
  5. Yes, the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 was a game changer.
  6. As read the Wiki entry, it's the Abbey site that was sold to NAT, not the mooring. I have been given the name of a private individual as the new owner, but as I cannot verify that independently, I won't say what the name is, but it wasn't NAT.
  7. Sorry, but with reference to exercise and recreation, the wording of the legislation, regarding leaving home is: (c) to take exercise outside... (d) to visit a public outdoor place for the purposes of open air recreation... If you look at the Interpretation section of the regulations: “public outdoor place” means an outdoor place to which the public have, or are permitted, access (whether on payment or otherwise) and includes— (a) land laid out as a public garden or used for the purpose of recreation by members of the public; (b) land which is “open country” as de
  8. Many would disagree. Guidance is not law, unless it is repeating what the law actually says. “What is the difference between legislation and guidance? To find out exactly what the rules are during the coronavirus pandemic, you need to look at both legislation and government guidance. Legislation sets out legal obligations and restrictions that are enforceable by law. If you do not abide by the legislation you are breaking the law. Guidance and advice is likely to be based on legislation (in which case it will be legally binding) and it might offer the best or most appropriate way to
  9. No, there is no such power given under the covid regulations. Nor is there a requirement to give your name and address. If you were genuinely suspected of committing an offence and you refused to give your name and address, then an officer could, depending on the circumstances, arrest you, but he would have to have very good grounds for so doing. Simply refusing to give your details is not sufficient grounds, though.
  10. Correction: It's section 16(6) of the 2009 Act, not the 1988 one.
  11. I don’t think that is entirely accurate. In a normal year, unlike private owners who have to pay the full amount by 1 April, the hire companies are allowed to pay their tolls bill in four stages 10% in April, then 30% in May, June and July. In 2020, those stages were delayed and the final tranche was only payable on 30 November 2020. So although there might be a liability to pay the full toll once the vessel is put into hire, that liability is deferred at the discretion of the Authority. The exemption to the liability to pay a toll under certain circumstances has nothing to do with the Co
  12. You appear to have forgotten, or are ignoring, that the toll for a motor cruiser is already 26% higher than that of a motorised sailing boat of equivalent block area and 39% higher than an equivalent sailing cruiser. The last thing we need is another wedge driven between boaters.
  13. It is also notable that the Marine Accident Investigation Branch is carrying out an investigation into the Gt. Yarmouth tragedy. It appears there is great concern within the Authority about the possibility of corporate manslaughter being raised, as was mentioned at the last Navigation Committee meeting. So the idea is to get the defence in first, as an MAIB Inspector has said that any remedial action the BA takes will be noted in the MAIB report. The BA is simply jumping before it's pushed.
  14. But how many times do you pass this shed (or billet) in the course of a day, week or month? Just because the patrol vessel isn't being used when you pass by, it doesn't mean the ranger isn't on duty. Who do you think carries out bank clearance? Yes, rangers, and they normally use a work boat rather than a patrol launch. Sometimes, it's more efficient to carry out maintanance checks on mooring by road, rather than launch. There's no mystery here. If you look at the figures regularly publish, the hours spent on patrolling, conservation, admin. etc. are clearly shown.
  15. You're right, you didn't need to explain that, but I referred only to the matter of the copyright, which was part of the reason you gave for removing the image.
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