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  1. And that is precisely my point. I have no wish to deprive those who live elsewhere of their ‘Broads fix’. I’m fortunate to be able to get one every day, I live here. But there’s a limit to the numbers of prying eyes I want to be following me each time I go to Potter Heigham. There are no security reasons for the majority of the views the webcam provides.
  2. I'm the only one on NBF who says it borders on the intrusive, so it's killjoy, not killjoys. As a local resident, I can see no reason at all for the camera to be set to zoom into public areas, and even some of the riverside chalets on the other side of the river. How does that enhance the enjoyment of the Broads?
  3. Paladin


    So if, for example, the CEO made the decision on his own (or in consultation with the Chair's Committee), he would be pilloried. That a fairly lengthy and wide consultation process was actually carried out is also criticised. These rather irrational criticisms of the BA tend to stifle serious debate, it's not even funny any more, so I think I won't waste my time seeking out and bringing useful information here any more.
  4. Paladin


    When the river launches were being replaced, the BA publicly advertised them for sale. I can't see why they shouldn't do the same for SoB. It's hardly likely they would be able to sell it and expect the transaction to be kept 'under the radar'. The purchase of it was discussed at some length and the committee reports are available to read. I have found nothing in the NavCom reports up to 11 April that mention the sale. Could it be the two sources have rather jumped the gun and the sale is only being thought about (or is someone's wishful thinking)?
  5. Paladin


    If you read the reports that were submitted prior to the purchase you'll find that the Breydon rangers were consulted, as was the Head Ranger. The advice of an independent marine surveyor was sought and the NavCom was also involved, so pinning blame on any individual is rather difficult. Perhaps it was just one of those unknown unknowns, from which lessons can be learned. I doubt very much whether it was a deliberate decision to buy something that would prove to be so mechanically unreliable. As has been said, it doesn't reflect well on the very reputable local firm that supplied it. I have no doubt that they have tried their very best to obtain the parts, as they well know that some people have very long memories and this will not easily be forgotten.
  6. Paladin


    The first word in my sentence you quoted is "Perhaps". I don't actually know the reason for the decision. I haven't even seen any confirmation that the vessel is up for sale. But, if it is for sale and it has proved difficult to get engine spares, 2 + 2 might just equal 4 on this occasion, or I might be wide of the mark. If you bought a car in good faith, and it turned out that spares took a long time to arrive, resulting in much off-the-road time, what would you do? Get rid of it as soon as you could, and get something you could use, or keep it and put up with it being stuck in the garage? How many times have we seen critical posts on here and elsewhere about the absence of SoB from its patrol area. Bear in mind, as well, that the BA didn't just jump in with both feet. Several different options were considered and independent advice was sought, before SoB was purchased. I don't like my toll money being wasted, anymore than anyone else, but I would rather SoB be sold and the experience gained be used to purchase another vessel, more suited to the task than some have regarded SoB, so that better value can be had over the next 20-odd years.
  7. Paladin


    At the January 17 NavCom meeting, a report on the Launch Replacement Programme was submitted. SoB is shown as due for replacement during the period 2041 - 2046. The condition report says, "Hull and structure in good condition. Replacement parts required for the engine are on a long delivery time which has compromised operational availability." Perhaps the difficulty in getting replacement parts has proved too much and a decision has been made to bite the bullet and sell the vessel now, rather than to limp on with increased absences from duty. The boat was supplied by a very reputable company, so I find this latest problem rather surprising. I'm not sure that any blame can be laid at the BA's door. I'm not sure, without knowing exactly what the supply problem is, that I would want to do any finger-pointing at all. Where is it being advertised for sale?
  8. That question is irrelevant, as I was responding to a totally different suggestion that was being put forward. My point was that guidance on legislation is very common and, while the guidance cannot be enforced, it can be, and is, used to support enforcement. In the case of Broad Ambition, it is my view that, if the issue of the Notice of Contravention is not challenged and expunged, should a prosecution be brought at a later date, that notice could be referred to as evidence of the awareness of the owner that an alleged infringement had been committed, and that the lack of a challenge might indicate acceptance of that allegation. If I was in that situation, I wouldn't be taking to social media, I would be taking this up directly with the Head of Ranger Services to try to come to a solution.
  9. What do you see as the necessary qualifying attributes for a vessel to be placed in the 'historical boat' category?
  10. If there can be this amount of fuss created over the placement of registration numbers, I can't imagine those who own boats with mega-HP engines would bother about such guidance. After all, they have invested a large amount of cash to be able to travel at speed. However, IF such guidance was issued, a skipper ignored it and an accident occurred, I have no doubt the guidance would be quoted when the question of liability was being determined (much as the Highway Code guidance is used).
  11. I haven't noticed that he is a stickler for observing the law, if it suits him not to. There have been two occasions when I've had to beat the BA over the head with a legal tome, to get them to comply. I'm quite sure he could do it if he really wanted to.
  12. Yes, I hadn’t spotted that. But I would have expected that anyone with the slightest degree of integrity, having so humiliatingly lost the confidence of their electorate and their participating Authority, to resign immediately. A forlorn expectation in this case, it appears. That the CEO of the BA hasn’t taken steps for his immediate replacement further erodes the remnants of public trust on the body, if any actually remains. My heart sincerely goes out to the honest, hardworking employees of the BA, who have to work in the shadow of such ... words fail me, or would be turn into *****
  13. I don't know the details of Mr Thirtle's position, but, if he is a local authority representative and that authority has given notice to the BA that he is no longer their representative, then he can only stay in post for one month after that notice was given. Broads Act 1988: Replacement of members 2.—(1) The appointment of a person to the Authority by a participating authority shall end if he ceases to be a member of the authority. (2) The appointment to the Authority of a member of the Navigation Committee (under section l(3)(c) of this Act) shall end if he ceases to be a member of that Committee. (3) Where a person's appointment ends by virtue of sub-paragraph (1) above, the participating authority shall as soon as practicable give notice of that fact to the Authority. (4) A participating authority may at any time end the appointment of a person appointed to the Authority by that participating authority and appoint another person in his place. (5) Where a participating authority exercises its powers under sub-paragraph (4) above— (a) it shall give notice of the ending of the appointment to the Authority; and (b) the new appointment shall take effect, and the previous appointment end, at the end of the period of one month beginning with the date on which the notice is given.
  14. Thank you. I am very interested in the outcome.
  15. As an exercise, I have been trying to assess the evidence which may be put forward to support a prosecution and that which might be used by the defence. I came across the attached photo of the boat before it was renamed, from 2006, which rather defeats the suggestion that the registration marks currently displayed are in the original position (I would attribute the copyright holder, but I don't know who that is - the photo was published on NBF).
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