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Yarmouth or Lowestoft.

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Have often seen it quoted that Lowestoft is a much better way out than Yarmouth usually with the coment that if it is rough at Yarmouth you have nowhere to go.

Obviously you have to go a lot further from the entrance to a mooring but is it just that it is a long trip back up the yare (we clear Haven Bridge at virtually all states of tide) or is there something I am missing?

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Depends how far you're going really Ian, Lowestoft gets you a bit further south, which let's face it is the way most of us go. It is also a lot more leisure boat friendly with two or three nice marinas you can overnight at on the way out or back should the fancy (or need) take you.

If you're going through YH to do "the island" or pop down to Southwould then I guess it is equally valid and probably preferable if you are going to Wells or similar.

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It's a transit point Jonny, not an attraction. :-D

David as you well know we can't go down that way as were not capable so i wanted to know whats it like down that way as you obviously have been there before

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Nothing to see really Jonny, just a couple of marinas, some nice boats and Lake Lothing. You could actually take Curlew through Mutford lock into Lake Lothing and stay at the ABP marina overnight and come back if the fancy took you but as I said there is little to see and the experience would cost you about 30 quid in lock and visitors berth fees.

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We went from Lowestoft last time due to overnighting and hoping for a decent sea the following day, have to say found Lowestoft very preferable over Yarmouth for a stroll round, but there was a lot more to sort out going out of Lowestoft than coming into Yarmouth although the boat we were with did need Haven and Breydon lifting.

Was nice to be able to stand on the pier and see the sea before leaving but if you were going straight through then the entrance to Lowestoft in a blow looked a lot more frightening than that of Yarmouth. If we were stupid enough to try I doubt we would have got through it on a force 6 N/E without being smashed on the wall.

The other thing we found out is that you get a fair old swell in RNSYC in north Easterlys maybe Haven would have been the better choice given the wind direction, we actually had to move the boat from the end of the visitors pontoon by the entrance where we were rafted on, round to the pontoon in front of the clubhouse after my girlfriend got sea sick.

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That looks a seriously seaworthy bit of kit Jill, you must have had some serious adventures on that

Ian there is a lot we don't know about are Jill this is probably just the tip of the iceberg lettuce :-D :naughty:

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you better believe it jonny

30 tons of 5/16ths cold rolled riveted steel with two 3.8 commador engines and an ice breaker bow

i could stear her forward or reverse without touching the wheel :naughty:

i must admit that the 1st time i beached her i was scared

but the propshaft had to be drawn for repaires and i couldent afford the ship slip at £800 in and out and

£80 a day on the slip

happy days

woops sorry for hijacking the thread :oops:

jill :pirate

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Hi Ian

Your point about having a stroll down to the pier heads is one of the reasons I like it, you can 'have a look' before putting your nose out. Our experience of APB is very good and I would prefer this every time (although it means a bridge lift) than being in RN&SYC.

I think Simon had a similar experience there to yours last year.

The pier heads at Lowestoft may look a bit daunting but believe me if these look lumpy I can assure you Yarmouth will be even worse. On a calm settled day Yarmouth would be an option for us if going out for some fishing but for southern passage making where timing tidal streams are key I prefer Lowestoft.

If you have a craft that does not need to worry about Haven Bridge airdraft then this is one less complication with Yarmouth. IF as part of the GY Outer Harbour development there is provision of waiting pontoons this will make Yarmouth a bit more attractive. The thought of waiting for a lift of Haven at Town Hall Quay does nothing to excite me :cry:

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hi dave

im not very good with the real wet stuff in anything smaller than a ferry

a mixture of too much respect for the sea and cowardice

but i did have some fun up and down the trent and humber

working towage and salvage

she handled the trip round from the humber to the broads with grace in a force 9


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A word of warning - if any Broads boaters are tempted by this thread to go out to Lothing, check your insurance. A typical Broads insurance policy will restrict you to the Oulton Broad side of Mutford Lock, meaning that if you go through the lock you're uninsured.


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If anybody happens to see Jill's old boat i have once when on the way into Norwich and then later that same day come and moored at st Mary staithe with the new owners the boats hull is bright red and topside grey Ive only seen this boat once and now iam gutted i dint take a pic.

would be nice to show Jill whats shes like now

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Just to echo the comments from Bruce - my insurance is very specific in the case of my cruising grounds. My policy is an inland plus plan meaning that I am essentially restricted to broads and fens and connecting rivers. I can use estuaries, like Breydon only for transit. However, because of the design of my boat and the aspirations we have about going to sea the "plus" part of the plan raises cover to a full seagoing policy for up to 30 days a year, provided I notify the company each time intend to take her out.

Before putting your pride and joy in harm's way, check what you're allowed to do.

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Funny things, marine policies, they do seem to be more customisable than many other types of insurance, ours will only allow me to navigate at sea solo in daylight hours and is quite insistent that we have a total of four crew if crossing Biscay. I did manage to negotiate the removal of the sterngear damage exclusion by agreeing to an increased excess, but with props at well over a grand a pop that's really a no brainer.

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