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East Coast Cruise 2008

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Well that's us away down the coast as David has eluded to.

Saturday was a very long day.

Up at 05.30 doing lots of last minute checks and sorting. Departed Goodchild 0900 bound for a 1300 lock out at Mutford.

Just beyond the Berney I had a raw water overheat alarm. Its at times like this you question whether you have done your checks correctly but I have a routine of closing all water inlets when leaving the boat and opening when we arrive.

I checked all the normal things and although on lifting the engine hatch, it was pretty warm down there, no water was blowing from the raw coolant reservoir and the header tank appeared normal. I called our technical mod who was ahead to let him know and went back down into the engine room. A closer inspection of the raw stainer showed very little water getting through even though the valve was open. I shut and re opened the valve (nearly got a hair cut from the belt) and with a whoosh raw water was circulating and the alarm went off. Technical mod then did an impression of a water borne Sea King jumping onboard (great helmsmanship Rachel) and checked there was no blistering and declared also we were 'good to go'.

It appears that something had blocked the raw water inlet; piece of plastic etc meaning little cooling water was being taken in. Closing the valve broke the suction resulting in the object being washed away and re opening allowing full raw water cooling back.

Still had a sneaking worry about the Impeller but a 2.5 hr run to Oulton should see if this is an issue.

During the run to Oulton I spent almost as much time with my head in the engine bay as I did out but all seemed to be OK.

Popped up to see Steve (Ella) in the cut followed by Captain Joshie (if you read this side - say hello)

Moored up at Oulton Yacht station to await the lift and heard that Simon (Plesbit) was asking permission to leave Lowestoft Harbour and take Silver Dream salt side - hope it went well Simon.

Unfortunately David learned that our plan to drop Radar Arches and transit Haven Bridge at LW was a non starter due to scaffolding on the bride reducing air draft by 4ft. Therefore waited at APB for an hour and exited Lowestoft on the 14.30 lift.

On the way down to the bridge heard Simon asking again for permission for SD to exit the harbour (you must have enjoyed it Simon) and as we exited the harbour saw SD outside. Regrettably there were lots of Dinghy's in the navigation channel even using North Newcombe as a racing turn :o We were therefore very circumspect; although I doubt a working fishing boat would have been.

The run down to the Orwell was the usual mix, confused seas off Lowestoft, smoother swell from Southwold down to Orford a bit more 'lumpy' at Orford and 'snotty' between Whiting and Bawdsley Banks in the shallower water. Potters had been out in force and off Woodforde we picked our way through a mass of pots and I paid thanks to having a rope cutter fitted :love and Rachel's & Tina's hawk eye pot spotting.

A very heavy shower as we entered the Orwell and then flat calm as we entered Shotley and moored up. All we really wanted to do was have a pint and something to eat but decided it was better to get it all done in one day so after a quick bite Tina's father drove up to ferry David and I from Shotley to Burgh Castle to pick up our cars and drive back to Shotley. We got back to the boats at 00.15 quote a day - a very sound nights sleep was had by all.

Not many photo's taken but will post a few tomorrow and also update this thread during the coming weeks if anyone is interested.

Current location - http://www.eastcoastmarinas.co.uk/index ... &Itemid=31

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On the way down to the bridge heard Simon asking again for permission for SD to exit the harbour (you must have enjoyed it Simon) and as we exited the harbour saw SD outside.

Tut tut Perry, you know you're not allowed to report anything you hear over the radio. :norty:;)

I actually crossed backwards and forwards several times waiting for you to come out. I completely misjudged your route and headed south some way, then I decided to phone David and check on your progress. He informed me you were just waiting for the bridge but also that your course would be straight out from the harbour so I did an abrupt about turn, cranked up the revs a bit and headed back but I went whistling past the harbour so I turned and came back again and once south of the harbour had to turn and come back yet again - and that was when I finally saw you. Susan got some video of you coming out of the harbour and of you passing in front of us and running the gauntlet of sailies!

At least when you came out they were some way offshore - when I came out ahead of you they were practically in the harbour entrance! :o

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Hi Perry hope you David and the wives are ok o yes and ships co pets

this is the bit us people with none seaworthy boats can't do but reading things like this does half get you in the mood.

enjoy your trip people with a safe journey :wave:wavecheers

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It is good to have finally done it. I think Ian will testify to that.

It was an interesting lesson in how quickly things can change though. When the westerly became a north westerly it took no time at all for the sea state to change noticeably. And when we did our Lowestoft to Yarmouth trip we left in bright sunshine and arrived in pouring rain with dark, overcast skies. Nice!

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this is the bit us people with none seaworthy boats can't do but reading things like this does half get you in the mood

And the reason why I thought I would post it Jonny, everyone well thanks.

We will be down for a few months so I will keep updating the thread as we go.

Although to strictly Broads related we exited and will re enter them and this is posted in the Coastal section so guess that should be OK :naughty:

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Hope you get a good weather window.http://www.beermad.org.uk/writings/belgianbeer.shtml

Just one of the many reasons I like the place Steve, I went over to do a piece on the "turning of the first sod" for the then yet to be built new Zebrugge fish market and never really got it finished (the piece that is), it was a legendary weekend and my "sampling" exploits even made it to the local papers. :oops::oops:

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have you KiKi and Kingfisher done any wake jumping yet

No Jonny, busy keeping from under the feet of the commercial traffic - Harwich VTS enforce strict guidelines and are not impressed with leisure craft not following them :o

The Celebrity Liner was only just ticking over and wash was virtually nothing

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Had some plans for a run this weekend but a combination of Rachel's 'war wounds' from her sailing escapades and a general crew malaise meant a decision was taken to catch up with some jobs prior to our holiday in 10 days time.

The channel to Shotley Marina is dredged to 2 mtrs MLWS but is not overly wide a yacht was off track on Friday evening and was aground for 3-4 hours waiting for the tide to rise.





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  • 2 weeks later...

Thats me done workwise for a couple of weeks.

Off to grab my bags and head for my ship.

Where we get to....... only the weather will know.

If there is anything of interest I will attempt to post on the 'fly' but it will be dependent if I can find a Wi Fi connection and where we get to :wave

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