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End of the M6 to Stalham


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One for those that regularly travel down from the North. Once I reach the end of the M6, I usually go A14 and then at an early opportunity go up to the A47 all the way in. Is there any great advantage going the A14 > A11 route?

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I always go A11 > A14 if travelling that way - Unless you're travelling at peak times then it's usually a good run.


Because it's now dualled all the way from Norwich, it's a much better route nowadays.

Saturday morning?

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I guess its down to how you like to travel and when, personally if I had time aplenty and did not mind the single lane and risk of congestion with caravan bulk carriers etc then the 47 is nicer... visually and calmer.  


I live in Felixstowe and frequently have to use the A14 all the way from the M1/M6/A14 interchange and its a slog with congestion between Huntingdon and Cambride in the busy times, but at least dualled all the way, as is the A11 virtually from  leaving A14 at Newmarket to Norwich.     


If you can travel out of peak then try the A14/A11 and decide for yourself  it will,  at that time likely be faster but more boring and potentially more intense having also just done the M6 beforehand.  

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I've always come the A47 way because I like the route but thought the A11 may be quicker. But then looking at the map is not nearly as good as local knowledge. We will be at the end of the M6 around 11.30. Luckily, 3 young grandchildren will be in Mum and Dad's car not mine :-)

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