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  1. DaveRolaves

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Robbins Timber have a good supply of quality teak for sale which was left over stock from the restoration of the Cutty Sark
  2. DaveRolaves

    Low Tide

    Very low tide at St Olaves today. Its the lowest I have seen it - many boats in the marina were on the mud
  3. So sorry Alan our thoughts are with you. Dave R......
  4. DaveRolaves

    Brass - Care Of.

    I have used Rustins metal lacquer, it works well. two to three coats is about right. It dries quickly.
  5. DaveRolaves

    Bailey Bridge At Southwold

    The ferry is still running to transport people across the river as a result of an agreement with the highways authority. There is now a notice on the bridge to say that it will be closed until at least April next year. The notice states that the problem is with corroded steel supports which hold up the walkway.
  6. DaveRolaves

    Bailey Bridge At Southwold

    The Bailey Bridge over the river Blyth at Southwold which links Southwold to Walberswick is now closed as a result of a recent survey. Its not known how long the bridge will be closed for.
  7. DaveRolaves

    The Sub £300.00 4hp Outboard...

    Many of us will remember the trusty Seagull outboard motor. It always started and was reliable . Still advertised for sale on E Bay.
  8. DaveRolaves

    Reedham Bridge Is Not Operational By All Accounts

    Hi Alan, We got to the bridge yesterday at 8.30 am and it was closed with the information board showing a cross and bridge not operational. Two red flags were flying on the flag pole. We contacted the bridge operator on Ch 12 and was advised that the bridge would be closed for the rest of the day. We eventually got through under the bridge when the tide was on the ebb at 1pm.
  9. oil in the bilge water is a possible cause. Try cleaning the pump and also clean the bilges out.
  10. DaveRolaves

    Stern Gland

    If you cannot source a replacement rubber washer then there are listings on e bay for Black Neoprene rubber washers with diameter from 20mm to 50mm and with various centre hole sizes.You may be able to use one of those.
  11. DaveRolaves

    Stern Gland

    It may be better to purchase a new greaser either one that screws into the stern gland or perhaps a remote greaser which comes with a tube and a fitting to screw into the stern gland. (just saw the post from dnks34 along the same lines as my post)
  12. DaveRolaves

    The New Cut Is Getting Narrower

    We came past the tree that had been blown over into the river at the weekend. It was not marked then but I see from the photo that the rangers have marked it now. A lot of the port bank of the cut when travelling towards Reedham has got problems with the baskets which once contained stone. The stone has been washed away and the empty steel baskets are well out into the river. The rangers have marked some of the worst obstructions into the river.
  13. DaveRolaves

    Reedham Ferry

    I feel pretty sure there is a sign somewhere saying ‘wait until the ferry has docked before proceeding’ or similar. You are right there is a sign which says that. When the tide particularly on the ebb is running very strongly then the ferry is carried sideways a bit and this increased the pressure on the chains.
  14. DaveRolaves


    made a canopy for us - first class work
  15. DaveRolaves

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Hi Robin. You may not have an oil cooler fitted to your boat. On the Beta 43 hp engine (Kobota based) with a PRM hydraulic gearbox then it would have the oil cooler fitted before the heat exchanger. The oil cooler on the Beta is about 7" long and 2" in diameter. Look out for two flexible oil hoses leading from the gearbox to the oil cooler.

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