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  1. DaveRolaves

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    Not sure if diesel is available in Southwold.? Diesel is available at Southwold harbour. The pump is close to the lifeboat station. Contact Southwold Harbour Master by phone or on C12 . and he will arrange it.
  2. The resin and csm need to be applied to the gelcoat within a few hours and certainly within 24 hours. three layers of 600 gram chopped strand matt and resin will give a laminate thickness of approx. 5mm thats about as much as you want to laminate in one go. If you apply more layers than that there can be an excessive heat build up. East Coast fibre glass supplies have a good website with good advice on layup procedures.
  3. DaveRolaves

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Does anyone know how many hours in the last year that reedham and somerleyton bridges have not been able to open because of heat expansion of the rails?
  4. DaveRolaves

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    The bridges at somerleyton and Reedham could well do with some investment to make them more reliable in the summer months. We have been going through these bridges with an air draught of ten feet which makes it necessary for the bridges to open for us to get through for the last 12 years. 95% of the time the bridges have opened for us with no problems. On those occasions when the bridges have been unable to open then we have reduced our air draught by removing the canopy and the radar arch and have been able to get through without a problem.
  5. DaveRolaves

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Most of the boats from the Brundall navy can still get under the bridges up to approx low to approx. half flood tide if the bridges are unable to open. With the canopy removed and the radar arch down and the upper helm windows folded down then most of the craft then have an air draft of under ten feet with the highest point on the craft being at the height of the compass forward of the aft steering position.
  6. DaveRolaves

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    Don't know what Goodchilds are charging for their fuel at present but we have always found them far more competitive than Brooms.
  7. DaveRolaves

    Why Does Reedham Have A Quay Ranger?

    We moor up to the Reedham Quay regularly either to visit the local shops or to wait for the Reedham bridge to lift. We normally moor near the rangers hut and office and without exception have always received help from the ranger there
  8. DaveRolaves

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    Always have found that the bridge operators at Reedham are helpful. The LED bridge boards work well and if it says REQUEST TO OPEN then we radio the bridge and the bridge operator will inform us when he can open. There are several messages that can be displayed on the boards one is Bridge closing in ( ) minutes the other other is Bridge opening in ( ) minutes.
  9. DaveRolaves

    Overnight Mooring Close To Beccles

    Its been a while since we went up the Waveney toward Beccles. Does anyone know if the private overnight moorings are still on the SB bank of the Waveney just before the Beccles sailing club which is on the port bank. I used the moorings a few years ago and paid the fee at a cottage near to the moorings. At that time they were quite shallow. Has anyone moored there recently?
  10. DaveRolaves

    The "kick" Of The Propellor

    info from the web which may help.....Put your engine in reverse at one-quarter throttle while tied to a dock and look over the stern quarters. If you see prop wash on the starboard side, then your propeller is right-handed and your stern will walk to port. If the wash is on the port side, your prop is left-handed and will kick the stern to starboard. Right handed prop walks to port in reverse Left handed prop walks to Starboard in reverse.
  11. DaveRolaves

    From Mark Twain

    Twenty Years from now You will be disappointed By the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do so - throw off the bowlines Sail away from the safe harbour Catch the trade winds in your sails Explore Dream and discover. ............................................................................................................................. Sounds good what do you think?
  12. DaveRolaves

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    I cant see why just adding possibly two hook up points to this supply is going to cause problems. After all its just boiling kettles, powering immersion heaters,powering fridges, running fan heaters and charging batteries etc. The broads authority monitors this forum and others JP may be able to clarify the position if he is monitoring this discussion
  13. DaveRolaves

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    The supply from the pumping station at Burgh Castle is about 150 yards away. The pumping station at The Berney is just a few yards away. The RSPB cottages just upriver from the mooring are connected to the electricity supply. Is there also a electricity supply connected to The Berney Mill?
  14. DaveRolaves

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    It would be good to see some electric hook up points at the extensive free 24 hour mooring at The Berney. There is a electric pump station positioned just a few yards away near the mill so a electricity supply could be a possibility.
  15. DaveRolaves

    The "kick" Of The Propellor

    If you clean the prop up you should see the size and LH or RH marked on the centre boss. My prop is right handed and in reverse the boat walks to port.

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