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  1. Went through Bungay today on the A144 there is now a new Broads National Park sign as you go into Bungay from the Halesworth direction
  2. fitted a Vetus bow thruster on our boat in 2002 its been reliable and trouble free
  3. We moored at The Berney moorings last night (Saturday) and were the only ones there. Travelled back to St Olaves this morning and only saw a few boats.
  4. Our Marina at St Olaves is busy. There are more boats moored there than there have been in the past three years. If you look at the boats that were displayed for sale then many have been sold and are not there anymore. It looks like people are keen to get back onto the water. Looking forward to tomorrow when we can use our boat and stay on her for a few nights.
  5. do you really think that there is any likelihood of catching it off a gate latch? Yes thats a possibility. Just been informed thats its a good idea to wash the handles of your rubbish bin after its been emptied - makes sense???
  6. St Olaves marina has not contacted me or my fellow neighbours personally but I understand that there is a notice on the gate to say that the marina is locked and the swipe cards will not work. One of our neighbours at the marina is concerned for his boat and has contacted the broads authority. They have said that one of the rangers in a broads authority boat could check his boat in the marina if there is no one able or available on the marina staff to check it for him.
  7. Our marina at st Olaves is closed and the swipe cards deactivated . The RYA have said that there is no reason why owners should not be able to check boats for safety and security issues. What is the situation at your marinas
  8. Latest update and more info The National Police Chiefs Council NPCC has now issued new guidance in light of the over zealous policing of the lockdown. Officers have been told people should not be punished for travelling a “reasonable distance” to exercise - following criticism of heavy-handed tactics used to enforce the Covid-19 lockdown in some areas. The new guidance, issued by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and the College of Policing, also states road checks on every vehicle are “disproportionate”. It states: Use your judgement and common sense; for example, peop
  9. Just had a E Mail from TV Licensing. It said that they had been unable to collect a monthly direct debit payment for our TV licence and asked me to set up a new direct debit. The end of the mail mentions that they will have to refer the matter to a debt collection agency if I do not respond. Another scam that we should be aware of.
  10. I have never removed the water pump for the winter period. Just drain down the system and disconnect the quick connection pipes from the pump if it has these fittings and drain the water out of the pump. Leave the connections off the pump. If there is no water left in the pump then its not going to freeze up. As a belt and braces move cover the pump up with a blanket or some other material. Leave the taps, showers and drains open. Dave R...
  11. working well has had lots of views on the recent storm. Dave R.....
  12. Had vetus bow thrusters fitted on my last two boats. They have been wired in to the starter batteries and I have not had any problems. Make sure that the cables are robust and are heavy duty and you wont have any problems.
  13. Broad Ambition taken moored at Reedham this morning.Looks good.
  14. have google mikalite but i presume i'm spelling it wrong as i can't find anything. I think you are looking for VERMICULITE
  15. Boat house quay are the moorings on the Waveney on the Starboard bank just before the Beccles sailing club on the port bank as you are travelling towards Beccles. There are a few boats permantly moored there. Also a rather good riverside property at the end of the moorings.
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