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  1. Broad Ambition taken moored at Reedham this morning.Looks good.
  2. have google mikalite but i presume i'm spelling it wrong as i can't find anything. I think you are looking for VERMICULITE
  3. Boat house quay are the moorings on the Waveney on the Starboard bank just before the Beccles sailing club on the port bank as you are travelling towards Beccles. There are a few boats permantly moored there. Also a rather good riverside property at the end of the moorings.
  4. Aldeby Hall moorings are £5, nice walks from there. These are good moorings too but you cannot always find a space to moor there
  5. The moorings at boathouse Quay on the starboard bank of the Waveney when heading towards Beccles are worth a visit.£8 per night when we last moored there in July.
  6. There have been horses in the fields by the side of the new cut for over 2 years now. In Total well over 100. I think that many are looked after by the horse charity Redwings.
  7. Just a thought, you say there is a greaser cup on the packing gland. The greaser consists of two parts, the bottom part screws into the gland and the top part is a screw down device to force grease into the gland . Is it possible the upper screw down part is missing?? Replacement greasers are readily available from places like ASAP in Beccles and other outlets
  8. Its possible that your stern gland does not have a greaser. We have a Broom 10/70 that does not have a greaser. If the gland drips then you adjust the packing gland. Ideally it should drip once per minute
  9. Hi Spray - good to have you on the forum - welcome ...Dave R...…...
  10. Both the norwich and Bath cameras are working fine for us
  11. Saw about 20 swimmers on the Yare at Hardley on Saturday. They came past Hardley Cross at about 7pm swimming with the ebb tide. Looked well organised with each smimmer towing an orange marker float. Dont know where they entered the water or where they were going to,
  12. When the shaft has been connected to the taper coupling at the forward end for many years then its likely to be difficult to separate the shaft from the coupling. Sometimes hydraulic pullers, heat and in the last instance brute force by way of hammers have failed to release the shaft from the coupling.
  13. at sea give way to vessels on the starboard side.
  14. Robbins Timber have a good supply of quality teak for sale which was left over stock from the restoration of the Cutty Sark
  15. DaveRolaves

    Low Tide

    Very low tide at St Olaves today. Its the lowest I have seen it - many boats in the marina were on the mud
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