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Broadscot must have annoyed someone?


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I think someone's got it in for the ole Pesky Mod! I mean...I'm all for a bit of moderator based sport...limited obviously to heart attack inducing post titles, but to set lions and tigers and things with big teef onto our jocular Jockanese is a bit beyond the pale! Least they could do is supercharge Scoot to give him a bit of a chance!  :shocked


Edited to add: Of course on reflection, with a headline like that it could be little more than a plan to introduce Wolverhampton Wanders and cheap deodorant across the border!   :naughty:

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Dear Prof Tim,


Dinny do things like that to a frail auld Mod like me. My hert is gawin ninety tae the dozen, I remember seeing Billy Wright playing for Wolves at Goodison Park, and many a Lynx chopper at Prestwick's HMS Gannet. :naughty:


Scoot was out yesterday bombing along at break neck speed of 4mph along the Saltcoats prom. A brilliant smooth surface for Scoot! :clap


Today is a rest day, tomorrow its The Open Golf on streaming PC, while I sit engrossed in the second Ashes Test. 


Interspersed with all this TV watching, I shall risk the wrath of the NBN membership, in the hope there are no snakes in the grass or any other creapy crawlies! :naughty:  :norty:


To all members, I make allowances for Tim, he after all, has Uncle Albert to look after!



cheers Iain.

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If the lynx wants to take on the pesky mod, thats it's problem.

Me I will just stay sycophantic out of fear.

Iain, does scoot have a kers system like F1?


Hi Paul,


The infamous Scoot is but a humble Pride GoGo Excel travel one that dismantles into four pieces into the Renault Scenic boot.  My only time with connections to F1 is the old Aintree Race Track, when Ford Mexico's were the rage :naughty: 



cheers Iain 

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