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Antigua 2

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Just returned from 11 days on Antigua 2 and thought I'd post a little review of this boat.


All in all it was a nice boat, especially for the price paid.  I'll just make a list of points and will gladly expand on any:-

Kitchen area was really spacious with lots of cupboard space.  nice little fold out table that adds to counter space when preparing a meal but tucks away nice and easy when not in use, although we did leave it up throughout the whole hol as there was only 3 of us on the boat and it didn't get in the way at all.
Back patio doors are brilliant - so lovely to stand in a morning waiting for the kettle to boil whilst looking out over the scenery.  If it hadn't been for these - we wouldn't have seen the otter during our second wild mooring!
The rear well is also fantastic - really spacious.
The boat is really easy to get on and off at the back too

The driving position with roof shut is not too good - your vision is quite restricted in the top left hand corner - its virtually impossible to see to your left properly without opening the roof


The wiper is not really very good - might just need a new blade but was not very useful


If you are not 6 foot tall you will really struggle to see over the windscreen when standing next to the driver - we bought a step stool at Lathams so the Mrs could see!


The runners on the roof are quite stiff - again a trip to Lathams for WD40 was a must.


The front bedroom has absolutely bags of room - even with 2 adults in the room there was loads of space for getting changed, etc


Non slip shower mats for inside the bathrooms are a must - stops that loss of footing when going for a pee after someone has showered!!


Bath mats for outside bathroom doors - great for catching drips as people step out from showering or from the door after showering - we took old ones from home and threw them away before coming home - again helps to avoid slipping on wet floors as you pass the bathrooms


Air fresheners for bathrooms - no need for any extra explanation on that one!!


We always ask for an extra oven tray and a couple of extra fleece blankets before leaving the boatyard too - blankets come in very handy when sitting on the front of the boat reading!


cheers now, Andy

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Antigua was one of the contenders for our forthcoming holiday (went for Magical Light in the end). I'm surprised more of the new builds do not have the large patio door/ aft well arrangement that we both seem to like.

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Thanks for the review Andy, it's always handy to read about the detailed stuff. Its easy to forget that design has been around for 30 years now and it's a lovely design in my view. I hired the larger version San Elena some years ago and it was great.

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We had Antigua 1 in 2011.  Luckily for us, we were able to have the roof open for most of the time and so didn't have problems with visibility whilst steering.  To "improve the view" for those not driving we simply removed the seat cushion (leaving the flat wooden base) and stood the dining table stools on top, which provided high-level seating for all.


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