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Visit to the Morgan Car Factory


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Wendy & I visited the Morgan Car Factory on Tues 13th October, this was a coach trip organised by a local garden centre for the Over Sixties Club (where you get discounted prices when visiting on Wednesdays). It was a full day trip, spending three hours in Worcester for lunch and a visit to the Cathedral, before going on to Malvern and the Morgan Car factory. This is the oldest car factory still in existence in the world, started in 1909 by H F S Morgan. and still making cars in the old traditional way, with wooden frames made from Ash.

We were split into four groups of ten people and then after a short introduction, we were taken round the whole factory buildings, where the cars are built and assembled, from start to finish. The only building we were not allowed in was the paint shop (because of safety regulations) but the whole tour (which lasted two hours) was both informative and interesting, told by our tour guide. We were even given an off cut of Ash to take home as a momentum of our visit. 

They build several models, the ever popular Morgan 4 -4 The Morgan Plus 8 which is the latest four wheel Morgan, powered by a BMW V8 engine, specially designed for this car, as well as the reintroduced Morgan 3 Wheeler, using a V Twin 1100 cc SS engine made by Harley Davidson. Sales of these cars are growing rapidly, since they where introduced in 2012. The former three wheelers ceased production in 1956. Morgan is not standing still, they did a special run of the Morgan Plus 8 of 250 models in 2013 and these cars where built with an all enclosed coupe body ( similar to a Bugatii Atlantic of the 1930s era), but with all the latest technology of a modern sports car, with a top speed of 160 mph and 0 to 60 time of 4.4 seconds.

It really is a fantastic experience to visit this factory, where most of the present day staff have worked there for most of their lives and their fathers and grandfathers before them. They have a five year apprentice scheme for youngsters lucky enough to be picked, so that they can learn many different skills in producing these magnificent cars.

By the way, if you want want there is a two year waiting list for the Three Wheeler, which will set you back £29,000 and a six month waiting list for the Plus 8 at just a tad short of £72,000 

Not sure about the traditional Morgan 4-4 but there is still a waiting list and a price tag of around £36,000. ( I ordered one!  I wish.)  Seventy % of all Morgan Cars are sold abroad in Europe, America, Asia & even Australia. 

Here is a selection of photos I took on our visit, showing some of the cars in production and various stages of build. A few cars from the museum and the latest concept car. Morgan also has it's own racing development team, producing cars that are competing in classic races such as the Le-Mans.






















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Looks great Geoff

I always loved the old Morgan's. I seem to remember doing a project on them when I was at school (way back in the black & white days before the Internet) and wrote to them for information. They very kindly sent me a load of brochures

I'd forgotten all about that so thanks for the reminder

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Great photos Geoff and very interesting write up. :)

I happened to see this on tv during the week. There's a house swap programme in the afternoons called Home From Home. One day this week it was a couple from Repps-with-Bastwick swapping with a couple from Malvern. Whilst in Malvern the visitors did the Morgan factory visit and got to take one of the cars out. The other couple visiting Norfolk took a day boat up under Potter Heigham Bridge and really enjoyed it.

I think it was Wednesday's episode if anyone wants to find it on iPlayer. :)

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