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Help Reqd Yamaha 4stroke Outboard Repair


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Quick question, does the pee pipe stream water for the few seconds it fires up for? If so before calling a mechanic check the primer bulb is pumped (to check if fuel is going through the pipe) and try turning the idle screw up a little and see if the engine stays running for longer.


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Kingfisher Boat Services - we do lots of outboards. Busy time of year for all boatyards though. We would be able to take a look sometime next week if you dropped it in to us before Good Friday. Bring the engine, fuel line and fuel tank. 

We have recently done the annual service on Primula, one of the sightseeing trip boats used at Fairhaven Water Gardens at South Walsham. https://www.facebook.com/Kingfisher-Boat-Services-1468490843373690/?fref=ts





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To me, it sounds like fuel starvation, whether it be the vent on the tank not open, fuel pump, which can be proven by raising the fuel tank above the height of the carburettor, or it could be a blockage in the carburettor.


How did you leave the engine, the last time you used it, ie did you run the engine dry, by disconnecting the fuel line, then letting it cut out, or leave fuel in the carburettor months ago, and letting it evaporate, and leave gum and deposits in the jet of the carburettor?

If the latter, the carb probably needs a good clean, however, expensive damage can be done to a delicate carb if the wrong tools are used, if scratches are made on any internal parts, eg by using a wire brush, or just slipping with a screw driver, could render the carburettor scrap.

Removing and stripping a carb could mean parts being lost, or fitted upside down, bent needle valves, anyone of which can make the carb worse than it was before.

Often it can be just the mixture screw, that has crud under the delicate needle valve, my Honda 15 did the same as yours, removing and cleaning this is a delicate operation, and should not be tried by the inexperienced.



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