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  1. Guess she'll float a bit lop sided then...
  2. I always arrive "late" at GY whichever way I am headed. South to north an hour after slack works for me. One thing I would add is to watch the chanel marker posts on Breydon or the lower Bure as you travel. Seeing the water flowing round the posts will tell you in which direction and how fast the tide is around you.
  3. Just don't leave your sausages aboard the boat in August for some poor soul to discover oozing out the fridge in November.
  4. Wherry Hotel in Oulton Broad do breakfasts. One of the best breakfasts on the broads is Auntie Pat's. Just check the age of the sausages first...
  5. Was there today. It's coming along but behind schedule - too much rum in the coffee methinks
  6. JanetAnne


    Don't forget Broad Farm at Filby
  7. JanetAnne


    Despite such a list of no-no's I have twice managed to 'swap' my privately rented (non marina) mooring on the Waveney short term for one 'up north'. It gives us a chance to have an extended cruise without doing that long slog across Breydon and up the Yare every time. Having your boat at a different start point for a month certainly enhances your season.
  8. And here's Breydon at is harshest, just in case anyone was getting confident enough to try a crossing..
  9. Nice to see Paul pick up best restoration for Countess of Light.
  10. My patches are bigger than your patches
  11. Think I may try some on the kids
  12. Here's my convertible. .. Well, what did you expect really?
  13. Just like riding a bike, you never forget...
  14. I could come up in it next trip if you wanna go? Shouldn't you be varnishing something?
  15. The dashboard from the Corsair behind. Anyone reckon they can still drive column change?
  16. Currently sat on my drive....
  17. One of them belongs to Macie dog I reckon. She's a wizard with the teapot I believe...
  18. There is a great deal of pleasure to be had in sharing your boat. My Chloe Jane is off on adventures at the hands of others on a number of occasions this season and it will be nice to see her used and enjoyed at times when I don't need her. At the end of the day she survived 30 years in hire through the height of the hire boat industry so is well up for the much calmer 21st century navigation! As far as sharing the loo goes, a brush and appropriate cleaner left in a strategic place may save embarrassment, if not just cross the perpetrator off your Christmas card list.
  19. One fine day, in the middle of the night Two dead men got up to fight Back to back they faced each other Drew their swords and shot each other
  20. Norfolk Boat Jumble is a nice chance to have a walk round on a Sunday morning, have a decent bacon roll and a cuppa and meet up with your fellow boating friends for a pre season chat. Being more at the restoration end of boating there is always something to be had amongst all the old tat, currently trying to match some chrome on bronze deck fittings for example.
  21. Some interesting points above regarding tyres. I went to budget radials some years ago mainly because I didn't like losing quality tyres with loads of life in them to the various nails screws and lumps of sharp bits left around places I regularly visit. My Mondeo (mobile skip) is now over six years old and has been with me for four of them. Mileage is now just under 190k. I drive 35 to 40k a year and normally fit new tyres around mot time. I always buy budget from eBay and the set of four will be about £150 delivered. I fit them myself. I use standard 4 ply on the front with 6 ply rears ( I tow a lot, mainly car transporters ). The thought of £100's per tyre would keep me awake at night! The mondeo spent about six months in limp mode when it decided the dpf was blocked. Supermarket fuel was blamed of course. Three regens later, each one only lasting about a 1000 miles I just put up with it. Then it cured itself. Seems a sensor fault was the cause though we never did properly get to the bottom of it. My last Mondeo estate came at 3 years old and I had it 15 years until it collapsed on the drive exhausted with close to 400k on it. I doubt this one will last as long. It's a stunningly good engine and box wrapped in a load of crap and gimmicks you don't need and rarely ever use but they are all linked to each other and very very fragile. I do like the stereo though This will be my last diesel as well.
  22. Yes, but her ears were bleeding when she got there. I should know, we have three early KA's...
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