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  1. I have contact details for Seraphina. They would love to meet you, show you around etc. I have PM'd you
  2. Wasn't me, sorry. Chloe Jane was called Santee Gypsy back then and with her previous owner. She came to me in 2009 The other possibility was one of the slightly shorter Lion class. We have no history of her having acquired her just a couple of years ago as a derelict. I believe the rest of the class were either long gone or on other waterways by the turn of the century
  3. I'll tell you something though, launching in salt water leaves the bilges much cleaner than the broads Doug. By the time RT had finished filtering the entire Thurne she had quite some silt build up, not the case here.
  4. Oh yes, she has certainly indulged in the local tipple most comprehensively. My technical floaty device shows the bilge water being held just below the floor
  5. Emerald was a cracking looking boat. I have the first of the Lion's tucked away.
  6. She is Cairn Neil. A boat you have had previous experience of IIRC. Peter!!
  7. Finally, at last, and those that know will tell you there were times we thought this would never happen. Then again it's all part of the ritual that is wooden boat ownership. Just got to finish the 200 or so little jobs that crave my attention, like fit the galley
  8. You just wanna see if Selsie's plank holds... If it floats his plank was fitted with expert tuition and, if it fails, he bu99ered it up all by himself
  9. Today must have been paint it day! The only problem is after paint it days come launch it days.... gulp!
  10. Doug is right. An existing gas fridge can be retained till it expires but then should be replaced with an electric only unit. The BSC certificate notes the type of fridge fitted and will include it's serial number where possible. However, information from a preceeding BSC does not seem to be available at the point of the next examination
  11. Go on eBay and buy the same oven secondhand for a few quid then rob the bits you need?
  12. Most calorifiers come with an adjustable tmv as standard these days, they certainly help your hot water last longer. May well be worth considering and they are flow dependant rather than pressure regulated.
  13. Domestic water pumps on boats pressure the system to something in the region of 25 psi (that's roughly, some are more). 25 psi is about 1.7 bar . Of course this drops when the taps are opened but you should be fine.
  14. And the mk1 Granada is a Consul... The front grille, hub caps and lack of vinyl roof (though this an option) confirm it.
  15. And now he confesses that he's actually qualified
  16. Once they get deep enough under water you can't hear them running any more
  17. Just sat here watching eight hours of sanding and varnishing get rained on
  18. Peter, I have a lug sail mast, spars, sail, rigging etc from my dinghy that you are welcome to borrow and have a play with. In fact, thinking about it there are a couple of spare surplus rudders as well.
  19. Ooh good question! I got caught out in a thunderstorm rowing across the middle of Oulton Broad last year and wondered what if? With the area being so flat you can usually see the strikes coming down but whether we are more conductive than the flora and fauna around us I have no idea. I reckon the safest place is next to something sea going, tall and covered in aerials.
  20. Half a page in The Sun today as well. With all this publicity they'll soon be able to crowd fund it back level...
  21. I believe the batteries have been renewed after..... well, best we don't mention it and Timbo doesn't seem too badly affected.
  22. Welcome to the madhouse! Have they told you about the initiation ceremony yet?
  23. Now you have got your hand in on the models you're perfectly placed to become custodian to something a bit bigger...
  24. Or something a little bigger maybe? http://www.classicsales.co.uk/ceuta.htm
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