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  1. Or the sound of Griff's wallet opening?
  2. I was forced to pay three years toll on a Lady class broads yacht we had moored in Catfield dyke. Due to lack of dredging we couldn't get her out over the bar that had formed in the entrance. Tried a few times but nope. So three years toll for a boat we couldn't use and three years inactivity which caused damage we couldn't get her out of the water and maintain because she was stuck there. We felt held to ransom by the BA. Anyway, on a flood one day we managed to get her out the dyke and then out the water. Sadly there is now more work than I can commit to and so she either needs a new home or it will be another one lost. In answer to ST's question though, if we all pay the same rates we have the same rites to moorings facilities etc. There has been noise about the wooden boats having a concession but I don't think that's a good idea. There would always be someone out there saying move off that mooring coz I have paid for it and you haven't!
  3. Oops... can someone delete the repeats.... done
  4. There may have been a dip in the 70's and 80's but those Supreme Commander 's along with my Chloe Jane et al were all built and fitted week after week long before the 70's dip happened. Check any period Blakes or Hoseasons catalogue and you will see which boats normally fitted.. most of the fleet IIRC!
  5. If Gt Yarmouth to Beccles old Bridge is 22 miles (ish) and Gt Yarmouth to Potter Bridge is 17 miles (also ish) it would seem reasonable to expect more tidal range at Potter. Yes I am sure there is more water in the bure than the Waveney and yare combined etc etc but Beccles has enjoyed 4 to 5 foot variance in the last fortnight against Potters what... 4 - 5 inches? Maybe there is six times the amount of water in the northern half but the tide is the same height at GT Yarmouth for both north and south (I think)
  6. I came across this before on the boat currently moored next to me. I can have a look tomorrow if you haven't got it sorted by then. Is this a seaflow pump?
  7. JanetAnne

    Sad News

    Such sudden and sad news. Craig has always been a good friend to the wooden boat movement both with his involvement in the old VWBA and latterly his help and support towards the Beccles Wooden Boat Show at which he was a regular visitor. His passing will be a huge loss to the Norfolk broads as will, ultimately, the loss of his database. Safe journey Craig.
  8. Beccles two hours before low tide...
  9. Just remind us all where you are moored again
  10. Griffs hair seems to be growing.... a slightly different direction for his wardrobe as well
  11. Can't remember whether you volunteered yourself or Selsie put you forward but yes the official photographer on the cruise will be on Luna..... with her husband Selsie!
  12. I shall enjoy your multi tasking for the 2020 show.... Mudweight watch and camera guru simultaneously
  13. We all thought you were being super clever and gently drifting across the 'shipping lane' for some close up action shots
  14. Ironically I only found out last year that the BA had all the old records for past owners just like the DVLA do for cars. It seems that you could ask for the previous history of your boat from their database. I say ironically because I only found out the week after the whole lot was deleted! GDPR compliance was blamed.
  15. Never used one on a boat but have on classic cars, which are quite easy to Syphon with their straight filler necks, and yes they have been fine.
  16. Bound to be, however, Luna is an original Broom fit out for their own fleet which I think was a Blake's yard (?) so she may not personally make an appearance
  17. He hasn't finished yet, his keyboard ran out of ink..
  18. I miss conversation! To communicate with my kids, my grand kids, my customers, my bank etc I can email them, text them, instant message them, tweet them, WhatsApp them, Facebook them or send them a bloody letter but to actually get them to talk....
  19. I once spent a whole day gradually cutting and untangling an engine blanket from its home after one of my customers started his car with the blanket still in place. A more shredded tangled over tightened birds nest would be hard to imagine. Sorry Ray, not relevant to your thread but you just jogged a memory!
  20. An Austin 1100 eh? That could come and live next to my Austin Allegro!
  21. We used that gorilla tape as a temporary repair for a few weeks while waiting for a new canopy to arrive. It did the job well but longer term I couldn't speculate on.
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