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  1. This story probably explains it better than I can. https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/18366078.bored-driver-crashes-fence-lockdown-drive/
  2. And for what it's worth I wish that you and your like, whatever that's meant to mean, would learn how to take part in a discussion civilly and not make it personal. However I will not be brow beaten by anyone. I will speak my mind civilly and hold my own point of view and take part in a discussion civilly. We don't have to agree, in fact it would be a very boring world if we did, but we can be civil and polite and as long as people feel the need to quote me, I will feel the need to provide my own viewpoint civilly. If people read that carefully there could be a very quick end to this discussion and then we can all go gardening.
  3. I'm not arguing, I'm discussing, and have no intention of taking it to the government, as you implied they are busy enough. Anyway it's a matter for the BA.
  4. No it applies to "vessels" afloat in "commercial" premises. That does include commercial boats, and it also includes private boats in commercial premises if they are being stored.
  5. And I don't disagree with that, but where is it written that it applies to hire boats only in The Broads Act? And you are right it has been in the act all along, yet the BA felt it necessary to point that out to the hire yards, which again I have no problem with, until they said it doesn't apply to private toll payers.
  6. And that's the problem with reading things out of context to the original discussion!
  7. Vaughan, To be clear I don't feel singled out by your replies, neither am I singling you out. We just have different view points on some aspects of the subject and I do agree with a lot, if not most of what you say, just see some of it a slightly different way
  8. Vaughan, I largely agree with what you have said above and certainly for a big yard in Stalham they do provide services for the privateer. However try getting some major boat work done and they can be very slow in responding as the hire fleet rightly comes first, but fuel and pump outs yes first class service. Speaking personally as a privateer I get 98% of my services, fuel, water, pump outs from non hire yards. There is one in Wroxham that refuses entry to privateers, with the recent change of owner that may have changed. Another in Hoveton that has that many boats you cannot normally get near for a pump out and fuel, and another in Potter Heigham where I was told last year you'll have to wait until we have serviced all the hire boats. I don't see the likes of Goodchild, Broom, Russell Marine, Horning Marine Services, Sutton Staithe boat yard to name a few, stopping doing services if the hire yards did stop.
  9. Can't help feeling there's a little of do as I say, not as I do, about this. They may be 2 metres apart, but unless they are calling that exercise!!! There are no shades of right or wrong here. Stay indoors means exactly that for EVERYONE.
  10. It would be nice to think that was the case. I can certainly see air line travel being more difficult for a lot longer and the cheap flights going for quite some time after that. However a lot of companies are asking, if not insisting that anyone who has holiday time booked doesn't cancel it. In addition the government are introducing measures to allow employees to carry unused holiday over for up to two years. These measures are to ensure that once restrictions are eased and the work force can get back to work, that is what happens in order to help rebuild the economy, rather than loads of people going on deferred or hastily rebooked holidays.
  11. Thread drift alert! I have mentioned before and thought for some time that the hire yards are backing themselves into a corner. The old model of building new boats and selling off the old ones seemed to work well. However in my opinion that all changed around the year 2000 with the advent of the Alpha 44's. Most of the new builds since then have been much larger and more expensive. I purchased my boat an ex hire boat in 2004 and it was 12 years old when I purchased it. If I look at all the hire boats that are between 12 and 20 years old now, there is virtually nothing that I would want to buy because they are all too large. I can only think of one RC45 in private hands and a couple of Alpha 44's in private hands. One was built for the private market and one is an ex hire boat. When I bought my boat it was 12 years old and there were many other 12+ year old hire boats for sale and all of them sold over the course of that year. The above is more relevant when you consider that a number of the hire yards have grown in size recently because of acquisition and new builds, but haven't been selling as many used craft. However there are times, now being one of them, when they may need to contract their business in order to survive. They may need to stop building new craft and sell some older boats te release some capital to keep the business afloat in the short to mid term until they are able to start building the business back up again.
  12. Vaughan you perhaps missed a vocation as a politician I quoted the figures for net profit taken from companies house. I haven't attacked those companies, or said that making profit is wrong. In fact I have said the reverse, however that doesn't change my view that any company retaining £500,000 in profit doesn't need voluntary help from the BA. Those companies should be able to weather the storm, even if it means some contraction of the business. Remember many of the bigger yards have grown over the last few years which is why their turnover and profit has gone up. Your use of the words fat cat share holders is emotive and I'm sure meant to be. It is unwarranted in the context of the posts I have made and I went back and rechecked this thread to find out where it originated from. It was from a post you made the other day. Can you point out to me where on this thread anyone has suggested other than yourself, these are fat cat share holders.
  13. The figure I quoted was net profit. The figures I was looking at, the turnover was approx. 10 times that amount. Normal accounting practice is to show turnover minus cost of sales to reach the gross profit. A few other adjustments are then made for admin expenses, exceptional expenses, interest received and payable to reach a profit before tax. Net profit is the figure after corporation tax. For the example I quoted above the 500,000 was net profit. Net profit is normally retained within a company to swell it's balance sheet, kept in reserve for contingency, or some or all of it paid as dividends to the shareholders. Please note I did not use the words fat cat share holders. I don't have a problem with any of the above. It is money hard earnt by the people who run the business. I do have a problem with the BA making voluntary provisions at the expense of the privateer who in many cases has less disposable income than the hard working share holders mentioned above.
  14. I think it unfair for me to link to or highlight a particular company so instead here is the link to companies house where you can do your own search of the big three or four yards. Since these are certified accounts filed at companies house and are a legal requirement to be filed and be accurate I think you can safely say the profits speak for themselves. By the way no one said making over £500,000 profit was easy and if any of those directors do happen to live in big houses in Horning and the surrounding areas then good luck to them they have earnt it. I'm not saying it's wrong to make a profit or easy, just that they can shoulder their share of this as well as any other toll payer.
  15. Personally I find your use of the word "sick" particularly offensive. You may not agree with someone's actions, but probably best to moderate your language! The law is plain, the act is plain and The BA even issued guidance confirming that back in 2010. Remember this, very few people wanted the adjacent waters section when the act was going through parliament. It is the exemptions to that part that apply EQUALLY to both hire and private toll payers. The hire toll payers in many cases have been making profits of over £500,000 in the last few years. How about you aim some of your venom at getting them to pay when they equally don't need to at this time!
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