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  1. EastCoastIPA

    Hand Made Chocolates At The Ferry Inn, Stokesby

    Is it worth popping down tomorrow, or are they al sold out now?
  2. EastCoastIPA

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    Wonder if Euro Car Parks would contact the BA for owner details though! Still would create a handy new slip way across the green!
  3. EastCoastIPA

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    I guess the question remains, why parking is free to pub customers. If you arrive by boat and use their mooring, it's not free!!!!
  4. EastCoastIPA

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    It would appear that Mitchel and Butlers do own the car park and therefore it is free to the pub customers. Perhaps if the businesses in Horning offered to pay M+B towards the maintenance of the car park then they might let their customers also park for free? Near me there is a similar situation with a small parade of shops with double yellow lines outside. All day long people use the nearby pub car park to park and do their shopping. All hell broke out when they started to lock the car park during the hours they were closed and policing who parked there when they were open. You can still park there if using the pub!
  5. EastCoastIPA

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    Not sure what jurisdiction he has over private car parks? Other than making sure the OTT signage is toned down, which I believe it has been a little since last year?
  6. EastCoastIPA

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    I maybe be wrong, but believe that the Swan (Vintage Inns) owns or leases the car park? Which is why it is free for their customers and also for the coaches that drop of for The Southern Comfort and the staff of The Southern Comfort. I believe they lease, rent or have some arrangement with The Swan. If that is the case then you can see why they would want to try and protect an asset that is for their customers from being abused by all and sundry! If it is indeed still a parish or council car park then that is a different matter.
  7. EastCoastIPA

    Let's Drive: London To Norwich

    Robin, if you pause that video at 1min12secs you will see two M11 signs signifying the start of the M11 and you will also see two 50mph signs signifying the speed limit for that stretch of the M11. That speed limit stays in force until you hit the national speed limit signs after the two M11 slips have merged. The same is also true for the M11 slip coming from the Redbridge direction. You will also notice that the centre lines up to just beyond the national speed limit sign are actually longer with short gaps which signifies they are hazard warning lines. In this case the hazard being traffic merging and adjusting speed and trying to get into the correct lane. You should not feel you have to speed because other traffic is. I have had a similar situation for totally different reasons. I had to travel from home to Crawley a journey of about 60 miles with the space saver wheel fitted which is rated at a maximum speed of 50mph. My journey involved using the M25 from Dartford to J7. It was an interesting journey when you have cruise control set to 50mph and are constantly tail gated by lorries who want to achieve their maximum speed limit. There are also places where the M25 looses a lane at a junction and regains it again after the junction meaning that for a period of time you are stranded in lane 2 at 50mph with merging traffic speeding past you and trouble trying to get back into lane 1. It is all part and parcel of driving that you have to get used too.
  8. EastCoastIPA

    Locks Inn

    I think The Locks has always struggled due to its location in the Winter, but to add to its woes The Wherry has become much improved aver the last 18 months or so and the food offering there was suburb last Summer. I'm glad The Locks has a new lease of life, but I was never a great fan of Grain beers which Colin switched to after he couldn't sell Green Jack. Will wait and see what the food is like once the kitchen refurb is complete and off course the location during the season will always be a draw, but I can see more frequent walks down the lane to The Wherry and my visits being split between the two more than they used to be. I wonder if there is any plans for music / entertainment.
  9. Another vote here for Tm Waters. Used him in 2009, 2013 and 2017. Good advice, reasonably priced and very professional. Will be using Tim until I sell the boat or Tim retires.
  10. EastCoastIPA

    Locks Inn

    Not sure that is entirely correct. Colin was a tenant, not a manger. The freehold was with The Green Jack Brewery until Tim got divorced from his wife and then she got The Locks Inn and a couple of other pubs as part of the divorce settlement and inherited Colin as tenant of The Locks Inn. It looks like Tim's ex wife has now sold the freehold to Grain brewery who will look to install a manager or maybe in the future another tenant. I'm assuming that Colin's tenancy was either coming to an end, or he has just decided that it was time for pastures new and wasn't prepared to go through another change of landlord. A shame really because he had the right temperament for that pub in that location, which could be very challenging at times. I'm not a great fan of Grain beers, however they obviously see a future in the pub to have invested in buying the freehold. At least it's future as a pub looks to be secure for the foreseeable and whilst I would rather have seen Green Jack involvement, Grain is better than seeing it closed. I wish Colin well in what ever endeavour he undertakes next, his departure from The Locks is a sad loss along the lines of John and Tracy from The Berney Arms. Five years or so ago they were probably the best two pubs on The Broads.
  11. EastCoastIPA

    BA In Planning Dispute

    I think the residents of Brennan Bank might disagree. They are waiting for their cladding to be replaced because it has failed fire tests. That is a genuine safety issue and concern, not some cheap satire at the expense of the local planning authority. To this day residents of those blocks are not allowed to park their cars in the underground car parks since revised fire safety advice was issued after Grenfell. Wonder what their views might be on this cheap satire? https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/cladding-replaced-five-norwich-tower-blocks-grenfell-1-5743837 I wonder if The Broads National Pike will be calling for a ban on all thatch roofs next? It is satire in the worst possible taste and has done the Pike no favours.
  12. EastCoastIPA

    BA In Planning Dispute

    Marshman, it doesn't happen often, but I couldn't agree more. Am I on your Christmas card list now In the wake of Grenfell the latest Broads National Pike headline is in particularly poor taste! Private Eye is well known for its investigative satire, but it also maintains a very large fighting fund for defending against litigation cases. I wonder how deep the Pikes gills are?
  13. EastCoastIPA

    BA In Planning Dispute

    Sorry but I was starting to feel that The Broads National Pike was getting a little long in the tooth. This latest protraction probably confirms that. It needs to chose when to take the bait a little more carefully for fear of being disregarded! There's a time and a place, this issue isn't it! IMHO
  14. EastCoastIPA

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    Don't worry in the US from 2020 all electric cars will be required by law to emit some kind of engine noise at low speed to warn pedestrians and especially the visually impaired of their presence. The EU is a little late with their legislation, but it is coming and will also include electric boats. At least all the boats will sound the same. I hear they are going to be using a sample of the engine in the old connoisseur boats.
  15. EastCoastIPA

    BA In Planning Dispute

    No, because it is my understanding that the BA have dealt with Barnes and come to a compromise. It may not please everyone here, but Barnes did not entirely get their own way. There was additional signage applied to the pontoon and limits have been applied to the lengths of boat that can be moored there. Does that please and satisfy everyone, well personally not me, but there has been a process, some compromise and a solution. That case is now dealt with and so the BA move onto this case. The applicant has already received a compromise over the windows, does that mean he should get everything his own way? Again this case needs to be judged on its merits. Just because this person has been able to substitute wooden windows for plastic, would you expect him to be able to do the same in The Ice House which is right on the river front? Yet he could argue that he was allowed to in the other house just behind ice house. I think we would all support the BA in standing firm and not allowing plastic windows in ice house!

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