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  1. It shouldn't matter whether the freeholder is popular or not, the planning system should be applied by the democratically elected local authority using the laws and regulations setup by the government to provide a level playing field for all, no matter how unpopular they are! The only problem I see here is that we don't have a democratically elected local authority!
  2. Is that you speaking with your moderators hat on?
  3. The link doesn't work, but if you go to Rightmove and search on Buckenham and adjust the filer to within 1 mile you will find the listing that Wherrynice is referring to. The listing is for a section of mooring downstream from The Beauchamp Arms and I'm not sure, but don't think it belongs to the pub. The pub I believe owns the moorings directly outside and some upstream which are rented annually as private moorings. There is no listing for the pub itself, or the moorings upstream from the pub.
  4. There is actually a very simple answer to that one. Don't race yet! Businesses, those people who do what they do to earn a living and keep the economy going are facing all those sorts of challenges and having to make drastic and often expensive changes. No reason why the same doesn't apply to a leisure past time. Have a raffle to see who can race, or divide the membership into 4 and give them their own smaller race weekends. Basically just think outside the box and most importantly keep the members safe!
  5. So why wouldn't they then limit the number of people on the island to just those who need to be there for a particular race? reduce the number of races, have larger time breaks between races, reduce the number of entrants to a race etc etc. Surely where possible the 2m rule must be observed even if that means doing things drastically different. Only where 2m cannot be reasonably accommodated then reduce to 1m+. Having recently spent 12hrs in a data centre with mask on the whole time I can tell you I would much rather stay at 2m and no mask than 1m+
  6. To be totally honest those in the know already know. Those who are new to the forum will now be guessing and making all kinds of assumptions and maybe even jumping to the wrong conclusions or thinking of the wrong pub. It is in the past, it is in the public domain. It would be far better to say the pub is xyz and is now under totally new ownership and has no involvement with the previous landlord. That would stop the current guessing game from harming the current ownership of the pub, who are doing a sterling job there. To put some historical context to this for Motorboater and others who may not know. This forums stance is not to name and shame, or to allow posts that may cause damage to a business, which is all very laudable. However, and I was one that felt strongly on this matter, you shouldn't allow advertising, advertorials, recommendations or positive reviews even those from people who didn't know, if it has a chance of leading to an increase of footfall, if you are going to moderate or censor the counter view. It was posts such as positive reviews for the business or those stating what a helpful or cheery fellow the landlord was, that led to others feeling they needed to provide balance so that those who were not in the full picture could make their own balanced decision. To allow the former, without the latter is censorship. In my honest opinion this forum is always going to struggle with this issue. It doesn't allow name and shame and is never happy with negative reviews in case they damage a business, whilst being happy to allow recommendations or positive reviews. That will always lead to a bias and with many feeling gagged if they have had a genuine negative experience with a business.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting the forum should act as vigilante, I'm saying the system has gone wrong. He may have done his time, but if he was to try and become a taxi driver for instance, he would more than likely fail a DBS check and therefore even though he has done his time, wouldn't be able to have quite so many options as those who would pass a DBS check. Being a pub landlord or manager or working in family friendly environments should require a DBS check. Removing a persons right to work in certain environments should be automatic and therefore if he couldn't have been in the situation of being able to be a pub manager or landlord then there would have been none of this nonsense on the forums over the years.
  8. But, it doesn't end there. Certain crimes even if you have served the time for them will still stop you from doing certain jobs in the future, or maybe even signing a register. For many they accept that he did his time but feel that the system has failed in someway when his chosen profession afterwards was as a pub landlord or manager, especially one aimed at families. Many unsuspecting customers have used that pub over the years, whom more than likely wouldn't if they had known his background. Many have said as much on this very forum and others. I'm sure the forum doesn't want to damage any business, hence the T&C's and everyone speaking about the matter in code. but can't help thinking that the system has gone wrong when someone with a conviction goes back to that kind of job.
  9. There are so many unresolved issues around face masks. It is generally accepted that they do not protect the wearer, but those around them. If everyone wears one, then everyone is protected. The one person who doesn't wear one is benefitting from everyone around who is, whilst putting all those around him at risk. You mention about the seal around the edge, but many do not seal properly, and are not really designed to, It is meant to stop the forward projection of the virus by the wearer. However what about if you are sitting side by side as on the tube or train. Sideways transmission could be more the issue. You mention breathing valves, but they typically work on the exhale and do not filter the breath. On the basis that you wear a mask for the protection of others around you then the type with an exhale vent are potentially dangerous because others may think you are taking precautions, whilst in reality you might as well not be wearing a mask, as far as others are concerned. I was doing some work up in the loft before Christmas and purchased three FFP3 masks from Homebase. They have far greater inhale protection than the more standard N95 or FFP2 masks in general use today. So in theory offer me greater protection when out and about. However they have an exhale vent for ease of breathing, especially when working hard. This means that I am offering no protection to anyone around me who might take a more relaxed approach to me because I'm wearing a mask. To date I haven't worn them out because I think they defeat the overall purpose of everyone protecting each other. I was working in a data centre all day yesterday under Covid secure conditions and like everyone else wore a standard N95 mask. If you don't wear a face covering of some sort you would be politely escorted from site. When out and about shopping I see a few people wearing FFP2 or FFP3 DIY masks all with exhale vents. The government really needs to get a grip on this issue and make face covering mandatory in public places and also insist on face coverings even over face masks that have exhale vents if people insist on wearing them for the inhale protection.
  10. For anyone with money in the bank there is no real investment returns to be found and interest rates are absolutely dire. The recent doom and gloom might make a lot of people who feel lucky to have come through the virus intact think what is the point of money in the bank earning nothing when I could be enjoying it now, or at least as soon as over night stays on boats return. Boats and cars could see a lot of activity due to impulse buys.
  11. Many people have ignored the guidance. Doesn't mean it's now legal just because they have!!! Perhaps I'll go and stay on my boat this weekend and then it will be legal for everyone else!!!!
  12. I believe initially it could run on solar alone, then the batteries got older and rather than replace them all, the cheaper option was an overnight charge. Battery technology has moved on leaps and bounds since it was made, there is a good chance it could be made very green again, albeit at a lot of toll payers money.
  13. There's none at How Hill or Gays Staithe either!
  14. Yes according to the planning application it is The BA making the application, for The BA is assess and approve!!! They are having to put in a planning application again as the original planning permission for the mooring of Solar Ra is deemed to have been abandoned when it was moved to Whitlingham Country Park. The loss of another two mooring spots then, making three so far this year if you include the one at How Hill. Assuming that there is still no stern on mooring allowed due to Covid19 it could get very busy out there once you are allowed to stay overnight again.
  15. Since The BA are no longer managing The Whitlingham Country park it has meant that the Solar Ra is homeless. I believe it is going back to Barton Broad for this year and will operate once more from its original spot down the side.
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