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  1. EastCoastIPA

    St Olaves Moorings

    Would have been nice to see Goodchild acquire the marina and upgrade it, but still good to hear that the whole lot is under new ownership. Cannot see them buy it to carry on as it has been, so hopefully some much needed investment will be forthcoming. Also be good if somehow the new owners could make the pub a year round attraction, or at least open for a decent length season.
  2. EastCoastIPA

    St Olaves Moorings

    I think the problem with The Fishermans is that the trade is only seasonal and the holiday park which own The Fishermans cannot get a tenant to take it on full time. The last few years I believe the holiday park have opened it themselves almost as a loss leader because it is seen as part of the facilities of the park for guests. Therefore they open it once the park is starting to get busy and close it the moment guest numbers start to drop off. I may be wrong but I don't think the park has a clubhouse as such, therefore the only bar / restaurant is The Fishermans and is central to the parks facilities, otherwise I think they would leave it shut if they could. To be honest the whole pub and marina could do with some much needed investment. A lot of the entrance to the marina is falling into the Waveney. Could probably do with Goodchild putting in an offer for the marina to extend its moorings.
  3. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    A good question. I guess the main difference is that the EA have no responsibility for promoting the area, or acting as the local planning authority for the area. It concentrates on doing what it does best, maintaining the navigation and infrastructure that supports that navigation. So I guess another question would be, would people be more supportive of an organisation, (that could be the BA, or the EA, or sub department of the EA) who's sole remit was the maintenance of the rivers and broads, immediate river banks and moorings. With planning handed back to the local councils, and tourism being promoted by the county councils? I don't remember the Harbour commissioners being responsible for planning or tourism?
  4. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Poll may have been the wrong term, it was a national survey of National Parks that people had visited. The results are on the first post on this thread. It came from John Packmans October briefing.
  5. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    To a degree I agree with you, although absolutely no one is forced to read a thread that doesn't interest them, however as the person who started this thread, I did so because there was new information to add debate to the discussion. That meant it was worthy of restarting an old debate in a slightly new context. If the results of the poll I started this thread with had shown The Broads to be the most, or second most visited National Park, then people would surely have to question their position and wonder if The BA had got it right in attempting to market The Broads as a National Park. As it is I happen to think the results of the poll are vindication to some degree for those who oppose it. As and when new aspects arise it will be worth bringing them into the debate and people may or may not change their viewpoint, and off course there will be the usual few who read something they are not interested in, or bored with and then mock it. One thing that won't change is that those with a genuine interest will still keep an eye on the subject and debate it when they want within terms of the forum and decency.
  6. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Then you have just wasted three minutes mocking what so far has been a reasonable debate for those who are interested. There are other threads to read if you're not interested in this one!
  7. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    But if you look at the ASA response, they acknowledge that it has the status, but not necessarily legally a National Park. It is a rebranding marketing exercise. we noted that the Broads is listed on www.nationalparks.gov.uk, an official Government website, as having National Park status. So whereas it is not necessarily legally a National Park, it appears to be generally accepted as having National Park status.
  8. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    You might be interested in the following communication from the ASA. They obviously see it as a rebrand of the existing Broads area. I understand you objected to these references of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads as the Broads National Park as they do not legally hold National Park status. I appreciate your concerns here and I also understand that this is a somewhat controversial topic, however I should point out that we cannot comment on the general decision to rebrand the area- we can only make a decision of whether we consider the ad material is likely to detrimentally mislead consumers. Whereas the rebrand decision was made by The Broads Authority, we noted that the Broads is listed on www.nationalparks.gov.uk, an official Government website, as having National Park status. So whereas it is not necessarily legally a National Park, it appears to be generally accepted as having National Park status. We considered that the references to the Broads National Park as seen on the Enjoy the Broads website were therefore unlikely to mislead consumers in a particularly detrimental manner.
  9. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    So just how do you market something that doesn't exist? Can anyone think of any other examples of marketing something that doesn't exist?
  10. EastCoastIPA

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I initially read Hylander's post and thought it was a bit of an over reaction, but your post has made me think some more about it. You ask what sort of emergency, well if someone was taken ill the road access there means that there shouldn't be a problem, which got me thinking about types of emergencies! In the situation that Regulo was talking about with three abreast all the way down the mooring, what would happen if a boat halfway down caught fire? How would the other boats easily manoeuvre around it and get out? In all other mooring situation I can think off, it would be fairly easy to untie the boats around a boat on fire and pull then to safety. At side on moorings you are not hemmed in, even on stern on moorings you can get away fairly easily, but if you were at the back of the mooring at Neatishead it would take some time to clear the centre and the unaffected side to clear the mooring. So on reflection perhaps not such an over reaction after all.
  11. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Unless I'm very much mistaken that was the work of Strowager. Wonder if Griff will be the poster boy for "The Broads National Park"
  12. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Its just a shame that Norwich and The BA don't celebrate the river that's at its heart! Looking at that map then, The BA executive area really is just the rivers and Broads and the marshlands that surround them. I too am surprised at the extension all the way out to Horsey beach. However unless you want to do the Okey Cokey as Chris suggested, you really do need to be on a boat to see and stay predominantly in The Broads area. I just hope that Packman doesn't decide to put a welcome to The Broads National Park sign on each road as it enters and exits The Executive area. Don't think the budget will stretch to that many signs. There'll be a national steel shortage. Personally I think British Railways did a far better job of advertising the area than that shower based in Norwich. Which is another thing, why is The Broads Authority office, outside of its executive area? Sorry "National Park"
  13. EastCoastIPA

    Locks Inn

    Anybody know if Colin is staying in the trade? Howard has it right when he says that Colin understood running a Broadland pub. A very seasonal one at that.
  14. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    A quick Bing search of broads posters images reveals the following, many of which are iconic images we all associate as The Broads. The BA would do well to go back to a similar marketing campaign and spend money on that, rather than this miss-guided notion of being a National Park. The link is only a search, so contains some images not related to The Broads, but you'll get the idea. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=broads+posters&id=15483EC8DB8859B83BAAF8266AE9D9268148A374&FORM=IQFRBA
  15. EastCoastIPA

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Whilst I can cut and paste, the wording was taken from a scanned copy of The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act 1988 and had to be typed word for word. Neither here nor there really. However it does state promoting the enjoyment of The Broads, not The Broads National Park.

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