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  1. If you look at the picture below, the green line I have painted is the river bank flood defence and public right of way. There is nothing usable to the right of the line and mainly reeds and drainage ditch to the left of the line. The twin dotted line is the permissive track you need to build your own access to over the drainage ditch and reeds. Look closely and you will see a small rectangle bottom left just outside the area for sale. That is where boats are currently moored on the mud, and whilst not a good mooring, is the best along that area until you get to the quay heading outside the pub.
  2. The pub has it's own cesspit that hasn't had any work done on it for ages. There is no proper mains water, the water was always drawn from a bore hole and wasn't suitable for drinking hence the brown staining that always appeared in the urinals and toilets. When boiled it was suitable for washing and cooking and that was it. The electric supply is iffy at best. There is no gas and no post service or rubbish collection. That is as far as services go for the pub. The land for sale has none of that, not even land access of it's own at the moment!!! This is the most certain I have been about anything. It WILL NEVER get developed!!!
  3. Having done a 9 mile walk from Halvergate out across the marshes and through that plot of land, I can tell you they are dreaming. The most usable part of the land is the river bank / defence, and that has a public right of way straight across it. For anyone who knows that area, the boats that used to be moored, indeed there are still some there, on the mud to the right of the pub, that bit of land is still within the pub curtilage . I wouldn't really class that area as usable mooring, but a right to moor has been and continues to be established, however that is outside of the area for sale. Where the land for sale starts, it is mostly marshland the wrong side of the defence. There is a thin, and I mean thin ribbon of land the other / dry mostly side of the defence that is also edged by the drainage ditch that you have six months to build an access across to the private track. Rights of way along that track have long been debated and it was often argued that even The Berney didn't have access along the track, although they seemed to get away with using it, however that never extended to their customers. No idea how you would get customers to the marsh, even if you were able to get a couple of camping pitches. Don't worry folks, nothing is going to dramatically change here for decades!! Crooked business men or not, they have already tried and failed to do anything with that land. I don't even see the RSPB rushing to buy it. It is unusable anyway for anything other than a bit of remote wilderness private or otherwise. And even the bits of rope and string put up to show the boundary has already been removed where the public right of way exists!! They beat me to it!!
  4. And if that is what they are trying to say, then it is already covered in the T&C's with a generic statement, it needs no further elaboration. We will refuse to hand over the boat if the "unreasonable" behaviour of anyone in your party is likely to cause offence to other guests, to members of staff or to neighbours.
  5. Bearing in mind the original poster also started this thread, I wonder if there was some sort of oil analysis undertaken to determine the state of engine and bearing wear? If so, I have never known that to be free. It is normally an additional optional item when having a boat survey done. I would imagine there is more to come on this story before any judgements could be made.
  6. Thanks Polly, you've managed to hit the nail on the head, I had a couple of attempts at saying similar yesterday, but managed to do so in a clumsy way. With Hoseasons claiming to ban two sectors of the community (even if it wouldn't have been workable) that implies that all others are welcome!! Whilst I wouldn't want to end up in a chalet next to a group of homophobes, or racists, there is equally quite a few other groups I wouldn't want to end up next to either. Yet now seemingly Hoseasons have implied by not naming, that they would be allowed to book! In my mind Ray's statement would have been a far better one to use than the one that Hoseasons used!
  7. Most of that I can agree with, however it's the direct quote that they are banning homophobes and racists that the more I think about it actually annoys. I wondered if that had been twisted by the EDP, but there is a video on the EDP site of Mr Altham pretty much repeating those words. Firstly how can they know if such a person was to make a booking online, or even over the phone, unless they announce themselves as a racist? However secondly what's their policy on the perpetrators of domestic violence? Thieves? People who drink and drive? people who belong to the English Defence League? If you read the T&Cs on their website, which I have, it says they will refuse to hand over the boat if the "unreasonable behaviour of anyone in your party is likely to cause offence to other guests, to members of staff or to neighbours. And that is as inclusive as they need to be on the subject, without some spokesperson making a separate case for homophobes or racists, or any other sector of society. The more you think about it, the more it is impossible for them to police as a policy, yet the statement has been made and it is not just the EDP twisting the story. By all means advertise inclusive holidays that makes good business sense, but too be honest the other statements are sensationalism and cannot be upheld anyway.
  8. You know there is a very strange thing about equality! It's not always equal! but then that's life I suppose. https://gender-pay-gap.service.gov.uk/Employer/2MrgDKVT/2018 Interesting reading.
  9. Surely the most important thing is, can they do the job, the rest is irrelevant in terms of their employment.
  10. And as I found out if two heterosexual single males want to hire a boat you have to pay the same sex extra deposit!!! When I asked for extra bedding as there would be guests joining us for the first weekend and we would need to be able to convert the settee in the saloon I was asked the sex of that couple as well! When they found out it was a heterosexual couple suddenly the extra deposit was waived. All a total nonsense really. Not naming the yard as it was 16 years ago and the ownership of the yard has changed now anyway.
  11. A total non story really. You need to read the entire article to fully understand how much of a non story it is. News would be a firm that stated they welcomed homophobic or racists customers. Does such a firm exist? probably not, which pretty much means that no firm would welcome homophobic or racist customers, but they just don't feel the need to shout it from the roof tops. What Hoseasons are now claiming to do, is no different from what any other decent business should be doing, so why publicise it now? On the flip side, if they have now banned such customers, it would mean that they were not banned before!!! Which foot are they shooting themselves in first? Since the story continues tomorrow with more about Mr Altham's personal struggle, it seems the story is more about Mr Altham, than Hoseasons, but he is using it to gain some useful publicity for the company he works for!! https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/hoseasons-boss-says-homophobic-and-racist-customers-are-not-welcome-1-6227036
  12. Th_ f__um see_s to be fal_in_ ap__t _t the sea_s!
  13. They can issue special directions at short notice to close Breydon. As of yet I don't believe they have done so for private boaters, but most certainly have done so for hire boats in the past. I have rang the yacht station at Yarmouth in the past and been told as a private boater it is not closed, but they would not recommend crossing. I guess at that point you might have some trouble with your insurance company if there was an incident, for ignoring "professional" advice. I queried last year the validity of that "professional" advice and got sin binned, so I won't repeat that discussion again! Even if I have noticed in recent times a forum shift more towards knocking the BA!
  14. I believe it is perfectly legal to cull foxes by shooting, just not to hunt them with dogs!! We could off course revert to proper dustbins and starve them out of our towns instead!!
  15. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I'd sort the owner out first! Wild animals don't have owners enough said!
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