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  1. Mind you it sounds like when you got to Barton you were thinking, Should I stay or should I go now?
  2. I remember that, wasn't it a song by The Clash from the early 80's went something like this, Shareef don't like it Rockin' the Casdah Rock the Casdah
  3. Whilst I couldn't agree more, the nearest parallel we have to this is a collision on the road, and everybody knows that you have to either stop and exchange details, or report it to the police. So what makes anybody think it would be any different when dealing with items that in a lot of cases are worth a lot more than your average car? Try drumming it in as much as we want, but in our hearts we already know that the people that don't stop, know they should stop and don't give two hoots about other peoples property.
  4. Here's an interesting one. Quite a few pubs in London, especially at busy times will ask you if your drinking inside, or out? If you answer out, they serve you in a plastic "glass", as opposed to a glass one. They will of course claim health and safety grounds, but none the less those plastic items end up having to be disposed off, rather than washed up. I cannot remember it particularly happening on the Broads, apart from The Kings Head Hoveton last year. The other place it regularly happens is The Sheringham beer festival. On arrival you can buy a special limited edition glass and then keep re using the same glass over the course of the day and then either take it home with you, or return it for a full refund. Your other option is to skip the glass and just keep accepting the plastic receptacle every time you go to the bar. Perhaps this is a case where the government could take action. Ban the use of one use plastic "glasses" at pubs, beer festivals, music festivals etc. If there is a health and safety risk, then the seller should be made to "police" the health and safety risk with the use of appropriate security to ensure glasses are not thrown around, left scattered around the ground and are collected in a very timely manner to be washed.
  5. EastCoastIPA


    I know who he wouldn't be voting for!
  6. EastCoastIPA


    Part of the problem is the BA executive area. How can it ever be right that you can live in the BA executive area and have any planning application decided by the BA, when you cannot vote for any representation on the BA? I guess similar problems exist if you were to give votes to people who have boats on The Broads, whether they live in the area or not, what then happens to people who live in the area, who do not own a boat? Shouldn't they be allowed to vote as well. I suspect it wouldn't be seen as a popular choice but I would fully support the BA executive area being reduced to encompass just the boundaries of the rivers and broads. The remit of the BA being reduced to just maintaining and policing the rivers and Broads. All the properties, commercial and residential that were in the old executive area be allotted back into the neighbouring parishes with all planning functions returned to the local councils. I really don't care whether the BA were left with two or three of it's current remits, as long as it only carried them out on the river and Broads and left the land based functions to the existing parish and county councils. If the above could ever become a reality then it becomes very simple. You own a boat, you get a vote, it doesn't matter where you live because the BA (or as it should be, Navigation Authority) only manages the navigation and not the land around it.
  7. A warning written in one of these!
  8. Fining the manufacturers will not solve the problem. The whole issue needs looking at again from start to finish and people all along the chain need to be made accountable. A recent news investigation showed pink recycling sacks from my local and a neighbouring local authority containing fully recyclable waste in a land fill in Indonesia of all places. It would appear the local residents had done their part by dutifully sorting and packing into the right coloured bags and containers items for recycling. The local authority has then been going around and collecting the waste and boasting about how they are meeting their recycling targets and aim to recycle even more in the coming years. One would assume they then recycle the waste into a usable product, but no they don't have the facilities. Instead they pay a private company to accept the waste at their facility and effectively claim they have met their recycling targets. Turns out this private company sorts the waste and takes the most valuable and easily recyclable waste and makes a profit from it. The less desirable waste which could still be recycled but at a higher cost is then bundled up and another company is then paid to take it away. This second company put it into large containers and ship it half way around the world to third world countries for them to dispose of it in landfill. Meanwhile the local authority give themselves a pat on the back for having met their recycling targets. These are items that are full recyclable and have been marked as such and sorted for recycling. It is so disappointing to see them end up in landfill. The government needs to put together national standards for recycling starting with standardising the containers and bags that are used for recycling. They then need to put together a national public infrastructure for dealing with the processing of recyclable waste that the local authorities can send the recycling to. There should be a chain of responsibility for the waste from collection to final recycling and it should stay in the public sector the whole time, not allowing private companies to milk off profits along the way and then dump the unprofitable waste. Why is it that every local authority has a different list of what they can recycle, different targets and different coloured bags or containers. As a resident of the UK I should be able to move anywhere around the country and know immediately what items go in what bin.
  9. I don't think it's been mentioned here yet, but David Blake an author from North London has started writing crime novels set around the Broads. The first one Broadland is available now. The second one St Benet's is available for pre order. I have started reading Broadland and it's good so far. http://www.david-blake.com/
  10. They most definitely are not, but I probably cannot say more than that!
  11. Statistically the chances of being hit by a boat from the largest hire yard on the Broads has to be far greater. What would be more interesting to know is what each yards share of accidents is as a percentage of the total amounts of accidents involving hire boats, and then what each yards percentage is as a total number of hire boats. In theory the two figures should be very close, but I'm guessing that the figures from some yards might be higher than their share of the market would suggest. A second interesting figure for comparison would be the number of handovers completed per member of staff. I suspect the quality and length of hand over probably varies quite a bit. Will be out for a week soon. Looking on Facebook and another forum, seems like I'd better put in a quick order for another set of fenders and noise cancelling head phones. Or do my usual and just take it as it comes, after all I'm on holiday.
  12. You know what they say, every Lidl helps
  13. Hi Boycee, Just to clarify, are you talking about the pontoons, moorings and electric posts that make up Burgh Castle Marina? or the old BA Burgh Castle mooring which I thought the EA had closed? If the people who own the pub also own the old marina, then I wonder if they will provide some over night visitor moorings to make an overnight visit to the pub easier? Currently there is not a lot of mooring directly outside the pub and the piling is very deep and unforgiving there.
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