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  1. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Bit more of an explanation can be found on the link below. The building was scheduled for demolition a year later, but after several schemes have been put forward and fallen through it is still standing. http://riversidenorwich.blogspot.com/2012/03/utopia-in-norwich-car-park.html
  2. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Spot on. Completed by Rory Macbeth in 2006. Utopia is 100 pages long, so Rory worked out precisely where each line must be positioned for the entire 40,000 words to fill the wall.
  3. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    The closest guess so far!
  4. EastCoastIPA

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Very nice looking boat, wouldn't be Griff's cup of tea though, got a Nanni engine.
  5. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Don't know the answer to that one, but not the one I'm thinking of. Not anywhere along the Chet.
  6. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    No And no.
  7. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Had to look that one up on Google maps, but not there either.
  8. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Hard to disagree with the sentiment, but in this case its not right!
  9. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might?

    I cannot remember exactly but I think about two or three years. I think it was smartened up when the Brennan Bank apartments went up opposite by the Norwich City football ground. I did wonder at the time if the work was paid for or at least prompted by Taylor Wimpey who built the apartments.
  10. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Nope, not a boat.
  11. EastCoastIPA

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    On the Southern Broads you could sit outside The Nelson at Reedham, or Reedham Ferry and be by the water. Not really gardens, but patios. The Ship Inn at Reedham is more of a garden but quite close to the swing bridge and the view is quite limited, especially if boats are moored alongside. The Bell at St Olaves has a nice riverside garden, but the boat traffic is more limited due to the low road bridge. Probably the better locations would be The Coldham Hall Tavern Brundall or The Ferry at Surlingham. Both have nice gardens and good long views up or down the river. Further up river you have The Waters Edge Bramerton with a nice outside decking area and good views of the river. If your looking for good plentiful pub grub, then The Ferry Surlingham would probably meet all your requirements the best.
  12. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    I guess it can be seen from the water, but not what I was thinking of.
  13. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Not there either sorry.
  14. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    No not there. Again it is visible from the river.
  15. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    No not Brooms. In case there is a boat called Utopia, it's not a boat I'm thinking off.

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