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  1. EastCoastIPA

    Summer Meet No Longer Nbn Official Event

    As of July 1st there were 8 boats confirmed as attending, info taken from the meet thread. Since then 2 have pulled out anyway, one of which was a NBN team member. So it looks like an official booking of eight boats has become 6 individual bookings. Not really a big deal to be getting so concerned about, especially if you weren't attending anyway. I'm sure if you fancied going along on the day, you'll find a few forumites to chat too.
  2. EastCoastIPA

    Summer Meet No Longer Nbn Official Event

    I guess one of the differences is if one person rings up and makes a block reservation for 20 boats then its obviously a meet of some kind, as opposed to 20 individuals ringing up and making individual bookings. If you make individual bookings then there is no guarantee you will be next to each other. On the other hand if someone makes a block booking, then they can request they are close to each other. At this point if I was a member of staff at the yacht station I would be wondering how well organised this meet might be. Will there be tents and a BBQ? How might it impact other visitors to the yacht station. Will there be obstructions along the quay heading that might cause safety concerns for other visitors. Might it get a bit boisterous? Will there be music? Will it go on late into the evening etc. etc.
  3. EastCoastIPA

    Weyford Bridge Hotel

    I assume this is still current. You could only get the discount by booking online as per the thread above. There was an email address, so you could always email and enquire and perhaps update here if you find the answer?
  4. EastCoastIPA

    Geldeston Lock - Repair

    Anyone who knows the lie of the land down there will know that the main river bypasses the lock and carries on to Bungay anyway. Ok it may be limited to small boats and rowing boats but I believe it is navigable? There is the not so small matter of a foot bridge that blocks the end of the lock and the main river stopping any larger craft from heading upriver. Supposing the footbridge was removed, then I guess the lock would be needed to raise water levels above the lock to give any chance of bigger boats needing more depth the chance to head upriver. That would also mean the purchase and re-installation of the lock gates. What would be the knock on effect to flood defences above the lock from raising the water level by re-instating the lock. A lot of what ifs and hurdles to overcome if there was ever to be a chance of heading further upriver. I cannot see it ever happening, which means that Paul does seem to have a good point. I guess the only benefit from the lock being stabilised is that it may provide a little more informal mooring when visiting the pub. Funny who you bump into at times lurking in pub gardens! Remember it well, and the hangover the next day.
  5. EastCoastIPA

    Broadland Bridges - Lets Get Serious

    Looking through the minutes of the workshop that happened on the 1st Aug it is fairly obvious that nothing is going to change anytime soon. The cost of replacing both bridges has been estimated at 80 million pounds. That doesn't compare well when the budget for the next five years to maintain over 6000 structures on Network Rail is 180 million pound. Someone also needs geography lessons as well. It was stated that it is "important to remember that the railways serve a National Park"!! It is obvious from the minutes that NR have targets to meet and all are obviously aimed at keeping the railway open and minimising delays, rather than meeting their commitments to the navigation. The bridges as one would expect have a number of safety interlocks and any failure of this system means the bridge will revert to a default position, which is closed. NR stated that a change in the law would be needed to alter this situation. 26 degrees seems to have been recognised as the magic number above which Somerleyton will see failures.
  6. EastCoastIPA

    Please Don't Shoot The Messenger!

    Looks like the government is set to bring in breath tests and alcohol restrictions to boating on canals and inland waterways. Currently there are some exemptions, the craft must be longer than 7 metres and capable of a speed in excess of 7 knots, about 8mph. The limit will be the same as the UK road drink driving limits. I guess the obvious question is, my boat is longer than 7 metres, and I suppose technically with a good wind and the tide behind it, capable of more than 7 knots, but The Broads upper speed limit is 6ph. Will The Broads be exempt? Could I fit a speed governor or restrictor to comply? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-461764/Breath-tests-ahoy-pleasure-boat-sailors-face-drink-drive-laws.html Please discuss nicely. Edited to add: looks like a very old story, so did they bring in the law?
  7. EastCoastIPA

    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    It would appear that the BA have now replied to Chedgrave Parish Council and confirmed that the quay heading in question is the responsibility of the EA. The EA have passed the matter on to their agents BESL. In the meantime the BA are continuing to monitor and mark the obstruction with a yellow float and yellow sticks.
  8. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Bit more of an explanation can be found on the link below. The building was scheduled for demolition a year later, but after several schemes have been put forward and fallen through it is still standing. http://riversidenorwich.blogspot.com/2012/03/utopia-in-norwich-car-park.html
  9. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Spot on. Completed by Rory Macbeth in 2006. Utopia is 100 pages long, so Rory worked out precisely where each line must be positioned for the entire 40,000 words to fill the wall.
  10. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    The closest guess so far!
  11. EastCoastIPA

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Very nice looking boat, wouldn't be Griff's cup of tea though, got a Nanni engine.
  12. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Don't know the answer to that one, but not the one I'm thinking of. Not anywhere along the Chet.
  13. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    No And no.
  14. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Had to look that one up on Google maps, but not there either.
  15. EastCoastIPA

    Where Might 2?

    Hard to disagree with the sentiment, but in this case its not right!

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