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  1. Hi Maxwellian and thank you for your help. I have family in God's own county of Yorkshire and I will send them there. When I remember the address that is. Cheers Chris
  2. Good morning. I have just attempted to purchase a couple of Forum member window stickers for our holiday hire boat. Sadly the "shop" will not accept my New Zealand address and rejects my order. Is there anyway to overcome this, or should I come up with a UK address to which they can be posted please? Many thanks Chris
  3. Hi Gretzsky, that sounds like excellent advice for using two mudweights, though you can't legislate for the prawns that moor up after you and have no idea how long their boat is, or even that it will swing around the rope! I hope I can persuade SWMBO to let us move off, after she has enjoyed her evening pub meal, and mudweight somewhere I can get into those big perch that lurk around the less disturbed places. Cheers Chris
  4. The advice to let out plenty of rope on the mudweight makes sense, that was the drill when anchoring on the Manukau Harbour in my little "fizz boat" when fishing for snapper (I thought I was fishing for snapper, the sharks thought I was fishing for sharks). I am getting a picture of a wild mooring as somewhere away from formal moorings, does not have a "private" or "no mooring" sign, no birds nesting, no underwater stakes, but has a tree and a bit of bank. Have I got it? Cheers Chris
  5. Kia ora and good evening folks (well it is down here). Thanks for the advice on mud-weighting. Whilst we may not drop one somewhere I will request a second, just on the off-chance. With regard to cooking, well I am a pretty fair hand in the kitchen myself, but the Memsahib can become a little, shall I say, determined when it comes to her creature comforts whilst on holiday. We are not averse to a walk, say from Gayes Staith to Neatished or from How Hill to the Dog, so I don't have to dangle my maggot in front of a pub, but some of those out-of-the-way moorings do look so fishy. Ah well, wherever we moor (berth) we will be on the Broads, which can't be bad, and I have caught decent fish in Richardson's boatyard. Cheers Chris
  6. I have a couple of questions, which I hope will not prove to be too silly. My first concerns “wild moorings”. Now when we have holidayed on the Broads, Erindoors has always practiced “total holiday”, which means zero cooking. So we have (almost) always moored with ready access to a hostelry, of which the Broads has many excellent examples. We have passed boats berthed (I am learning) in the middle of nowhere and I have often envied the fishing prospects. So, finally getting to the point, I would like to ask what constitutes a “wild mooring”? If I could persuade SWMBO to eat a-la-cruiser, what features should a wild mooring have or not have? My other question is similar I suppose and regards mud-weighting. With the same caveat as above, is there a reason why I should not request a second mudweight, therefore being able to drop one fore and aft, thereby providing constant access to the spot I most want to fish, rather than swinging round with the current? I have become almost squared eyed watching countless “Captains Blogs” but I have not yet seen these points addressed. Many thanks Chris
  7. Hi Bryan, I love your camera work, especially the wildlife. The last time we were around Irstead we spotted a couple of Swallowtails. We don't get them down here. The write ups about the boat are very helpful also. I often wondered why water tank gauges were not fitted to Broads cruisers, so it is good to know some improvements have been made. We can't wait to be on board again, pootling along at 4mph, sampling some proper ales, great pub food, and dangling a maggot at every opportunity! Cheers Chris
  8. Hi Bryan, Thank you. They supply towels for overseas visitors too and we have already requested them. Some of our UK based family are seasoned Broads visitors so they should be on the ball, but I will remind them. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi folks. This is terrific stuff and we are both very grateful too you. The 20 minute walk to Neatishead makes Paddys Lane a very attractive proposition. We will check out the Swan Roamer report also. Thanks again. Cheers. Chris
  10. Hi Graham. I was not previously aware of Paddy's Lane moorings until I saw reference to them on here. I had worked out they had to be somewhere around Barton Turf, so thanks for confirming that and for the helpful directions. To help correct a little confusion I may have caused, Lyn and I are there for three weeks. A group of siblings and nephews/nieces are meeting up with us for the first weekend, Friday to Monday, which is why I am researching possible moorings for two boats on the Friday evening. I think on Saturday we will be mudweighting on Malhouse Broad (Ranworth) which has special memories for us all. Cheers Chris
  11. Hi David, very many thanks for the pictures of the boat. My wife is going to love those. When she gets out of bed this morning that is! Cheers Chris
  12. Thanks again for your advice. If we can get on line on june 28th i may be able to tell you how it works out. Cherrs Chris
  13. Aah. Got it. Very many thanks. I always assumed the moorings down the end were private ones. That is very helpful and could make Sutton a more viable option. I am much obliged to you. Browsing these forums is bringing back great memories and increasing our excitement at coming back. Cheers Chris
  14. Hello from down here. Still a new boy on this block. Erindoors and I are coming over from NZ towards the end of June for 3 weeks on the Norfolk Broads, one of our most favourite places. We have a two berth boat (Swan Rapture) and we are meeting up with family members for a bit of a reunion on our first weekend. They will be on a 10 berth boat, also from Richardson's. We are trying to work out what may be potential moorings for our first night (Friday). Sutton Staithe seems a possiblity, but from memory there are not too many moorings there. When I checked the information on this site I found reference to Sutton Staithe 1 and Sutton Staithe 2, both with (approx) 11 moorings. I would be very grateful if some knowledgeable member could explain for me where each are as we have only ever moored alongside the footpath. Very many thanks. Chris
  15. Very many thanks for your replies and for your advice. We will make contact with the Pilot. The last thing we need is to get stuck above Potter Higham and risk missing our flights back!
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