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  1. As a (only too occasional) hirer, I intrude here with a little trepidation, but I hope my question is valid to the topic. In 2019 we hired Swan Rapture (loved the craft). At the boatyard I requested an additional mudweight, being something my father had always done, in case we mudweighted on a broad and needed to keep the boat in one position for fishing. Anyroadup, our motor overheated on Barton Broad and the wind was blowing like 10,000 b*****ds. I deployed (dropped) a mudweight off each of the bow and stern. We still dragged an awful long way before the Richardson's repair crew arrived. We were advised that, should we suffer a similar fate in the future, we should drop both mudweights off the same end of the boat. What does the team think? From almost Covid-free NZ Chris
  2. Hi Bluebell. That looks like a late Mk3. Do you have any more pictures of it? Looks like a beaut! Chris
  3. and this was my second favourite car. It was a Triumph Herald 13/60 estate which a very good friend of mine converted to Mk1 Vitesse spec. Sadly he passed and I bought it from his widow. The "Green Bean" is how it was known in our local Triumph Sports Six Club branch.
  4. I do not wish to "hog" this thread, but here is a picture of my wife, Lynda's, Mk3 Spitfire which I rebuilt from a wreck. She loved that car!
  5. Strange as it may seem, I would truly love to have this back.
  6. Hi. Is this wireless or via ethernet cable? I had a similar situation and found the wireless card in one machine was acting as a bottleneck. When I upgraded it, the speed leapt up. Chris
  7. Sorry, that was polycythaemia. I think my brain is going soft. Chris
  8. Many years ago I managed a medical chest ward. We cared for many patients with COPD. I remember those in the most advanced stages had thrombocytopaenia - too many red blood cells - and had to be bled on a regular basis. What amazed me then - and now - was the number that within an hour of having been bled were sat on the verandah of the ward smoking. Nothing so ***** as folk, as my grandmother used to say. Take care and don't smoke. Chris
  9. This is quite a thought provoking topic indeed. In recent years we have stuck to the Northern Broads, but I do have very happy memories of mooring at Beccles on our honeymoon in 1972! On the North, there are so many, but Ranworth is a very favourite place and we love Gayes Staithe for the peace and the fishing, Hoveton Viaduct for the fishing, Womack Water for the peace and the fishing (is there a theme here?), oh, and Thurne Dyke for the peace and the fishing. Chris
  10. Sorry, for Pyms read Plyms. We didn't have to ply him with posh booze. What else don't I miss? Being put in charge of a ward of thirty patients, on my own, all night as a first year student nurse. Nearly breaking my back to have them all up and dressed for when the day staff came on at 7am. Oh, and not being able to start before 6am. Crazy days. No-one would believe it now. Chris
  11. Planting celery plants for 10 bob a1000 as a school holiday job. Buy a fag and a match for thruppence from the school tuck shop. Ice on the inside of the windows. Outside loo in Winter. Outside loo in summer. Tin bath in front of the fire and ranking lower than the dog. T-square across my backside in tech drawing. Ruler across my knuckles in just about every other class, except history when it was a board rubber against the head. Oh, and Georgie Baker, Gym master, twisting my nipples for forgetting pyms. Chris
  12. A very thought-provoking topic. There have been so many advances, for which we should surely be grateful. What I don't miss is playing on bomb sites and picking up shrapnel from German ordnance. We are the best of friends now of course. What I do miss is cycling. I would think nothing of slinging my fishing basket across my back, tying my rods to the cross bars and cycling 20 miles for a day's fishing. Now I would not dare venture out on a bike, even if my tired old bones would allow it, because of the maniacal traffic. Come to think of it, I miss playing marbles down the road edge. Its a funny old world. Chris
  13. Duh, barmpot that I am. In 2017 we had Classic Gem. Swan Rapture was 2019. I think a marble must have dropped out. Chris
  14. Hi John, when we came up from New Zealand in 2017 for 3 weeks on Swan Rapture, the quickest and cheapest transport from Heathrow to Stalham was via taxi all the way. Funny old world eh! We are back in 2021 for another 3 weeks on Swan Rapture and we too can't wait. Cheers Chris
  15. Kia ora. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New year from sunny NZ. We love reading the reports of your trips around the Broads and get very envious. Still we can now say we will be back next year. It sounds much closer than 2021. Chris and Lyn
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