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  1. Hi all, for numerous reasons not relating to this lovely boat itself, we are selling our princess30. its in lovely condition inside and out, brand new bailey stone canopy and outside cushions, full survey carried out earlier this year and all minor items raised were rectified she runs twin Penta 151b petrols and 280 outdrives. For more info just ask. £17950
  2. My son insists that if a big boat comes the other way I let him know as he will head to the bow to feel the waves hitting the hull. I use a GPS to help judge my speed but always consider my wash. It’s about the most practical, reliable solution. I’ve never been asked to slow down before.
  3. I will miss the old crossing gates at Brundall. They are a time machine, everything the other side and including them is 50 years in the past, it looks and feels nothing like the rest of the area. Its only 5 minutes from my home but when I’m approaching the gates I feel instantly on holiday. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect that way. If they change the gates to new automated ones it brings modern life 20ft closer to my boat! With all the talk of the Yare being bulldozed one day for a new whatever it would bring it 150ft nearer my boat!
  4. I bought my boat with a new Bailey and Stone canopy fitted and it’s a lovely thing. Can’t comment on value though.
  5. If indeed that is the intention for that car, speeders shouldn’t worry. It will be seen where every other police car I’ve seen on the NDR is. Tending to roundabout comings togethers.
  6. We had exactly the same going from our Seamaster 27 to our Princess 30. It took me by surprise. The design of the Seamaster gave so much storage space in all areas. The Princess has huge storage in the bilges due to the hull size but the galley has only one very small draw for cooking utensils! Then there are large cupboards but no shelving.
  7. The hard part is that so many cars are now based on others it’s hard to know what car you are really buying under the badge and therefore brand you trust! For example all Vauxhall’s are now Peugeot, lots of low end Mercedes stuff is full of Renault, some Nissan stuff is Renault powered. Once Toyota started rebranding Peugeot stuff I shed a tear! I know it’s been the way for some time now but every time I hear a surprising tale of unreliability it usually makes sense once you know the true origin of the failed item. as for Auto gearboxes. The good ones are fantastic compared to a few years back but the cheapo CVT stuff is horrible. I owned an Audi A5 for all of three months after getting sick of the characteristics of the gear box. Such a shame as it was an otherwise nice car. Changed it so an S5 with the DSG box.
  8. No sorry that’s ridiculous! You can’t have Christmas on your hand.
  9. I have a fondness for the C word! But then I’ve spent 20 years in the building trade, it’s used more often than hello! Christmas on the other hand can wait.
  10. I take 2x 20L cans full every couple of visits to clean/put stuff on boat through the spring and every now and then through the summer. This way I keep the tanks topped up near full at all times Ive never had a problem at any filling station filling both at the same time Its a small compromise in my mind to avoid old Diesel engines which I can’t stand on my tranquil day on the river (yes I know modern diesels are nice and smooth which would be great but I can’t afford Modern anything in the boat world I’m afraid)
  11. PaulM

    Hybrid Boats

    That’s very interesting! Our boat is currently twin (small) petrols on outdrives. Since I bought it I could see how simple the mechanical installation could be to convert to electric. Due to the petrol motors our boat was A LOT cheaper than diesel. (Around half the common asking price) My thoughts were if the conversion could be done for the additional purchase price of the Diesel equivalent I would have my perfect boat. Silent running, the dream!
  12. PaulM

    Hybrid Boats

    I would love to convert our Princess 30 to full electric! I’m just not sure on the practicality’s just yet. It’s a fair old lump and would need it to be capable of up to six hours cruising on twin motors before a charge.
  13. PaulM

    Hybrid Boats

    A whole life span? But what is the performance rating at 100,000? I think this is the issue.
  14. Headed from Brundall to Loddon Friday then back to Surlingham for Sat evening. I’m no photographer as you can see but I like seeing photos of boats and the broads so figured I would share whatever I have
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