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  1. Brian Ward. For a store with such small windows, they always see me coming! my favourite game is “guess the price of the thing you asked for” i always imagine how much it’s worth, then double it. By then I’m never much more than 50% under what the thing actually costs. Attach the word “boat” to a thing is like attaching the word wedding to a fruit cake
  2. I have a ridiculous habit of impulse buying Cars. I’ve always been enthusiastic about them but seem intent on owning every model built. I’ve been known to see a car in a showroom whilst driving past and turn round to buy it. boats I’m quite calm about, I carefully researched the potential models and do my best to ignore most internet advice (which I still maintain is on the whole for the best) last week after a short conversation about long term investing with a family member I bought Gold bullion (hardly worthy of gold finger but enough money to miss in my world) so as is true with every other investment I’ve ever made gold values should be falling through the floor slowly but surely until the day after I wish to cash in.
  3. 30 years to go....and counting the days
  4. Congratulations! If it’s the one that was for sale at NYA there was another good reason to rename her! Great looking boats, enjoy!
  5. PaulM


    Yesterday I drove down the road from NYA Brundall to willow marina at the end. From the bend in the river I stayed in line with a large low line cruiser, watching it go between the chalets (I was in my truck so could see over the fence line) Their wash was not in any way excessive yet keeping level my digital speedo was reading 10mph. Not sure what my point is but I found it interesting for some reason
  6. Well he sounds like a thoroughly intelligent chap I can’t confirm or deny if I’m your boss though.
  7. Ultimately, other than paying them a fee for my fishing, my boat, it’s tender, and occasionally spotting one of their Rangers (who I will wave at frantically until they wave back! Occasionally reluctantly) I have no other reason to believe they exist. This is no reason for me to dislike them. I also morbidly quite like the sight of an old wreck that understandably infuriates other. I’m just curious to know what generally fuels the BA hate
  8. As I’m new to the broads in any depth (no pun intended) I’ve been amazed to learn how comprehensively unloved the BA are. Is there one particular “man in charge” who is responsible for every decision? Or is it a committee that by vote come to the wrong decision? Are they out of touch with the real needs? or just misguided in the execution of what had the potential to be the right thing to do?
  9. Are the parking spaces any bigger?
  10. Ok, so with tides wrong and it being a bit of a rush to get to the Waveney centre we have decided to keep that one for the summer hols and stay more local this weekend. Having spent a night at Surlingham Ferry and regulars on the broad, can anyone recommend other spots for an evening? Area for the kids to play and a pub for me and Mrs M would be preferable. Thinking Bremerton Common but opinions welcome Thanks as always! A boaty pic for your time
  11. When I was in my mid/late twenties I was rather over confident! After all I drove a bright blue Subaru Impreza which at the time was about the most hated car on the road! One summer afternoon I pulled into the supermarket, straight into the last child/parent space. Bingo! Before I had half of myself out of the car a mum with kids in the car had pulled up behind shouting and screaming, calling me things that no child should hear. I said nothing but kept eye contact with her during this torrent of verbal whilst getting my baby Daughter out of the back seat....
  12. Thank you. I would usually just chance it and at worst find the nearest moorings to spend the night. It was just the fact that I have to pre pay for the nights at the river centre so didn’t want to waste my hard earned. Also don’t want to get stuck the wrong side of the bridge Sunday if the opening was a bit sporadic. from what people are saying it seems to be quite a reasonable assumption that I can get it swung
  13. Bingo John👍🏼 Thanks to everyone for those rapid replies! I wanted to be as sure as possible as I’ve got to pay up front for the weekends mooring. If worst happens I will be moored up the wrong side of the bridge until low tide I guess. Would I get though ok at low tide?
  14. Hi all, I’m hoping to travel from Brundall to Waveney river Centre on Friday late afternoon. The tide will be well on the up by the time we arrive at Somerleyton Bridge (7pm ish) . We have an air draft of 9’4”ish so suspect this might be a bit much? With this in mind does anyone know if the bridge is reliably working currently and if a swing is required, how does a non VHF user request one? thank you all in advance, have a boaty pic as payment
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