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  1. I'm with Navigators, reasonably priced. Just go on line and click in marine insurance. Dozens of companies come up including well known marine insurers.
  2. It's not difficult to remove both engines and outdrives, fill in transom and glass in new engine bearers in the centre. Refit engine and drive and you have a spare unit. My friend done this on his boat over 3 weekends. To convert to shaft drive is not practical as you would have to move engines forward quite a distance to get the shaft angle correct, you could turn the engines round and fit v drive gearboxes but this would be expensive with the cost of gearbox, shafts, bellhousing etc. To change to single outdrive it mainly fibreglassing, if you can't do it yourself you can do the donkey work like getting the engines out and getting hull ready for the conversion. Good luck. Jim
  3. Hi John, I'm fed up with repairing boats as I cannot saw a piece of wood to save my life, I'm afraid it's got to be in very good condition as a starting point,
  4. Thanks for the information on headroom, i'm 5ft 11" and my boy is 6ft 3".
  5. Thanks, has the sliding roof version got good visability for mooring up etc.
  6. I'm still looking at moving to the Broads maybe next year, at present looking at Aquafibre 37 aft cockpit or 42 lowliner also the Alpha craft 42 , has anyone an opinion on which is the better boat. I was considering a sea boat with a low airdraught but like the idea of large accommodation and economical fuel consumption. Any comments would be appreciated. . Thanks.
  7. Yes the regs relate to all boats but the copy I've seen covers all boats but most of it does not apply to motor cruisers, it covers yachts commercial boat ,hire cruisers , private motorboats etc. I would like a copy just covering motor cruises.
  8. After considering some options like getting a purpose built broards cruiser, I was wondering if I should modify my present boat to comply with broads regulations and ship it to the southern area. If I remove my radar arch I have 9ft air draught which I think would be usable, also I can remove the 212hp sabers and fit a 4 cyl non turbo sabre or mermaid. The new engine will fit with minimal modifications. I could get a holding tank in with about 30/40 gal capacity. Where can I get a copy of BSS requirements for the broads, I have found an 87 page copy covering all boats but would like a copy just related to motor cruisers, mine is 30ft grp. I would like other peoples opinion on this matter, if the broads move works out ok I would get rid and get something like a low liner with a bit more of an aft cockpit . All comments appreciated Thanks.
  9. Marshman and smoggy's posts gave me a lot to think about.
  10. Thanks for everyone's input, it has given me food for thought. I will be walking around the pontoons with a tape measure checking air deaught. Maybe a broom is a better bet. If anyone with a sea going cruiser can let me know there dimensions I would be greatfull.
  11. Hi. I'm a new member with a boat based on the river Crouch in Essex. I'm not as young as I used to be and mooring up 5 ton in a 4 knot tide is no as easy as it was. I am now looking to relocate to the broads but not sure where to start looking for a base. I'm looking to change my boat but not sure on bridge hight etc. I'm looking for something around 35 to 40 ft capable of going to sea and being ok to cruise the broads. I was looking at something like a Fairline 36 turbo or princess 414 but don't want 500hp doing 4 knots all day. I hope to move up maybe next year but would like some advice from people who have similar seagoing boats based on either northern or southern sections of the broads. What would my cruising range be with a boat with 12ft air draught etc. Will be greatfull for any advice.. Thanks.. jimnothall
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