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Wanted : Seamaster 8-metre

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Hi Iain, we have been in contact with Jon recently as they have one in at the moment but their advert seems to suggest it has a painted hull and/or superstructure and we're looking for original gelcoat. We asked him for more details about this but he hasn't got back to us.

It's a bit of a trek from where we live so we'd like to be sure it has a chance of ticking most of the boxes.

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Hi LadyPatricia, we've looked at a number of 813's and find the bow bunks a bit small for me (6'2") and quite narrow. We previously owned a Seamaster 23 and found it too cramped for long cruises and the 813 doesn't seem that much better although a bit roomier in the cockpit. The 8-metre has a 10' beam that gives quite generous bow bunks and the rear cabin layout gives plenty of room to stretch one's legs and move around without bumping into one another. It also has very generous storage so that model is our top favourite and we're prepared to wait to find the right one.

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We've actually been up to Newark and viewed that one. It needs more TLC than we're prepared to give it. Our last boat was very run down, and hence cheap, and I spent 8 seasons getting it back to a reasonable state but I'm now of an age where I don't want another 'project boat'. That one also has twin engines. I have, in the past, quite fancied a twin for the extra 'insurance' but practicality dictates a single. In that 8 metre the twin engine layout makes for very poor accessibility for servicing. That wouldn't necessarily be a problem if I could afford to pay someone to do it, on top of double the cost of oil, filters and the higher fuel consumption, but I have to cut the coat according to the cloth. Incidentally accessibility for servicing is a major reason for rejecting the Ocean 30 which could otherwise suit us quite well.

I obviously want a diesel both from the safety and fuel availability standpoints but the one engine I'm not so keen on is the Perkins 4.107. Our last boat had a 4.108 and that was very clattery but otherwise pretty bombproof and I could live with one of those with enough soundproofing.

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Thanks Eric. I won't get to use her before the spring as I'm arranging to have her transported direct to a hardstanding at my marina for the winter. All I've had so far is a short river trial and I was very pleased with that. I'll probably get one more trip to get her pumped out before the lift then that's it for a few months. There are one or two jobs need doing while she's out but nothing major. In the year since we sold our old boat I haven't seen one anywhere near as tidy as this. The wife & I'll be champing at the bit over the winter to get some quality time aboard next season. :D

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