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  1. You cheeky **********. No one was moving her in any direction with a broken rudder. Long drive up and what seemed like an even longer drive back but all is in hand and she will be as good as new very soon shame as we were looking forward to a lovely cruise for a couple of days but that's life as they say. glad you guys had a great time Steve
  2. Many congratulations to you both
  3. Thanks again. Marina the shopping thing is quite a novelty. I was heavier than I am now when I left school over 30yrs ago. I'm getting used to it a bit too quickly though Alan, looking forward to it, truth is I probably still eat more than I should but just make a healthier choice. W- I appreciate what you say, we spent 3 days on the broads eating in pubs and drinking and put on 3lb in a week. It goes on a lot easier than it comes off that's for sure Steve
  4. Another update. As of yesterday I have now lost 4st 9lb (29.5kg) feelingso much healthier in general. So glad I did this and buying clothes in a high street shop is something I haven't done for years, had to buy larger sizes online. still going, hoping to be at 5 1/2 loss by new year. Steve
  5. You'll have to go a long way to beat the service of Richard and Fiona at Pacific. Got Star booked for September next year as we are having a week on the broads with some friends.
  6. Thanks for the replies and ideas you lovely lot. looks like Jaws has stepped up and will help us out, what a gent he is. Steve
  7. Not forgetting Dave (deebee) as official broads photographer steve
  8. Looking at sat 5 Nov at the moment. We will arrive Somerleyton around 10am
  9. I'm after some local knowledge if anyone can help. i want to get from Somerleyton marina up to Wayford bridge hotel using public transport, taxis, horse and cart, tractor, in fact by any means possible ....... apart from walking ive been quoted over £70 for a taxi for the whole journey. Anyone have any ideas of a cheaper way of getting there please. my taxi, commonly known as Jaws, probably won't be available steve
  10. In an ideal world where time and money was no object JA then maybe. But unfortunately that is not the case.
  11. How harsh Mr Alan I am hurt and saddened at your outburst above. It was only a conversation between us all and both Deb and myself just happened to come down on Dave's side #supportdavesdream. Now for you to declare war on poor little me is uncalled for. I / we are only trying to support Dave as such a nice guy deserves happiness in his life. And just think if he was to get it #supportdavesdream then you would have more time for the forum, internet and Xbox. Everyone's a winner As for throwing the Lady P plan b in to the mix that is a blow below the belt and unwarranted. I'd expect you to do most of the work required in that plan
  12. Now thanks to Steve and Debs earlier in the week, Dave wants another boat project (did I say I hate you before guys?!).. Thats charming that is. We just agreed with him the the little project he could get at your home marina would be great. It would give him something to do while you sit on your laptop and the internet . if I had the know how I would set up a vote on here and see how many agree. A simple 'should Dave get the little project boat' YES or no. (Ooops, my caps lock got stuck then) is all that's needed #supportdavesdream Steve
  13. As you say David it is a choice to cater for each individual parties needs when choosing which boat to hire. I'm sure the perfect boat for everyone has yet to be built. Glad your Mum enjoyed herself, I wish I could get my Mum up on a holiday but she is on a walking frame and couldn't do the steps on and off. looking forward to the holiday tale and some pics. Steve
  14. A couple of pictures from our last night at Gayes staithe. Dave readying the BBQ
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