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All Male Party Creating Mayem On The Broads!


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...... in 1913.

I've just uploaded an original Norfolk Broads holiday log written in 1913 which follows a group of friends on a two week cruise. Fresh out of university after sitting their exams, The "Bach" on The Broads makes for an interesting read, not least because their behaviour was rather poor at times. Getting drunk on local cider in the pubs, cranking up the gramophone until late into the evening, and an episode of wanton vandalism all serve to show that such behaviour is not a modern thing by any means! It's actually a thoroughly interesting read and quite amusing in parts and such a fabulous piece of social as well as Broads history. It was written by Leslie Champness and transcribed by his grandson Bruce Robb into a PDF document for me to upload to the Broadland Memories website. Regular visitors to the site might recognise the name as I also have an account of Leslie's 1918 honeymoon on the Broads. Another of his logs, dating to 1919, has also recently been found and will follow in due course.

I'm very grateful to Bruce for doing all the hard work for me in this instance, and for allowing me to publish it via BM. It never ceases to amaze me what incredible bits of Broadland's history are still lurking out there, and that I've been given access to such a fabulous wealth of the regions history to share with others.

You can find the log on the Personal Memories page of the website, linked to below.




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Hi Carol,

Just read it and IMHO, it is not much different to what would happen today, except that these guys would have a few more manners and respect for other people.

Just goes to show that people have been enjoying themselves on the broads for many years.

NB. Prices have changed a bit though. lol.

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I was thrilled to receive the third instalment in the original Norfolk Broads sailing logs written by Leslie Champness this week. It dates from 1919, when the couple return to the Broads a year after their honeymoon with four friends in tow for a two week cruise aboard the yacht Merriment.

It's a slightly different log as each of the crew members, given suitably nautical nicknames, took it in turns to write up the log at the end of the day. Full of humour, it is an absolutely joyous read about their adventures ... and misadventures .... during the holiday. They also attended the Potter Heigham Regatta and the log includes an original regatta handbill along with lots of photos of the event and their holiday in general.

It was, once again, transcribed, researched and laid out as a PDF document by the couple's grandson, Bruce Robb ... so no work for me to do other than upload it. :party:

It's a great read if you've got fifteen minutes to spare and such a wonderful piece of social history.

The Cruise of the Merriment is in the 1900-1949 Personal Memories section of Broadland Memories here: http://www.broadlandmemories.co.uk/memories.html#1900_1949_memories



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Fantastic stuff. We never did find out what became of the proposal! Six people in what would be by today’s standards quite a small yacht! It must have been quite intimate :naughty:


I’m most intrigued by this Potsdam – I must say I have never heard of it. Would be most interesting to find out!

Oh and love the hats!

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It's wonderful isn't it ! I am always so honoured when people share such amazing bits of family history with me and allow me to put them on BM.

I think I may have solved the Potsdam mystery. There was a French coffee making bit of kit, introduced in the mid 19th century which was known as a Potsdam boiler. A small, pivoting coffee percolator with a spirit burner beneath. It looked like a very portable item and perfect for a boating holiday. I've found examples online dating from the 1910s, so quite possibly what was being referred to by "cups of Potsdam".


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