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Interesting Article About Lowestoft


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I thought this was quite an interesting piece on The Guardian's website yesterday.


Ness Point is just along from our caravan so we have walked down there a number of times already. The Euroscope is interesting but unremarkable as being really a large circle on the ground, it's not something you can capture very well in a photo. But I can vouch for there being an amazingly tall wind turbine there which I presume is Gulliver referred to in the article.

Sounds as if there is some development planned. It also lists eight places to visit in the area of which I fully intend at some point to find the transport museum and Somerleyton House as I've never been to either one.

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Yes, Lowestoft folk have moaned for years about the sad appearance of Ness Point, the most-easterly point in the British Isles and the U.K. Folk have talked about possible sculptures and monuments for years but nothing ever comes of it - unless you count the 'unremarkable' (I agree!) Euroscope.

The turbine you refer to is indeed 'Gulliver'. It was, when constructed, and still is, I believe, the tallest wind turbine in the UK.

The Transport Museum is worth a visit. On special event days, the old buses drive around town, offering folk a shuttle service between the town and the museum, and on such days you can ride on a number of different buses, trolley buses and trams. There are normally posters and leaflets on the local buses advertising the museum.

Finally, Somerleyton Hall and Gardens are nice too, especially in summer. Make sure you explore the gardens and visit the maze there! Look out for the famous 'reject' clock too.

Have fun,


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Lowestoft is a grubby town but it still has its attractions, such as the Maritime Museum opposite the caravan site, the Triangle and Stamford Arms pubs (Google), the Boat Building Training Centre near Oulton Broad and the ferry that runs from Oulton Broad to Lowestoft & back. A couple of smoke houses for smoked fish are both well worth visiting too. Africa Alive at Kessingland is a great destination, at the moment the baby meerkats are fascinating! 

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If some effort could be put into addressing some of the issues Lowestoft is suffering then it could be a much nicer and more prosperous Town. 

Traffic, theres a case to be made for a railway not being allowed to strangle a town in the way that I believe it does.  Traffic going across Town or through Oulton Broad is usually terrible and in my opinion unless the Bascule goes up its mostly a result of the 2 Level Crossings at Oulton Broad.  I cant understand how the number of trains coming through is sustainable when more often than not they appear sparsely occupied.  It not only causes fairly continuous and unnecessary delays on the roads but must be affecting businesses, employment and the wider local economy by putting businesses off the Town, even the cheap clothes shops havent come here yet! 

Try living in London I hear you say but this is Lowestoft with probably a oneth of London's population, you would never think it living here! 

Otherwise the Town does have very good road transport links.  That is so long as the buses are not caught in traffic. 

For example, Recently as some of you may know Bridge Road in Oulton Broad has been closed Northbound for repairs to the Gas Main.   Then some bright spark puts filter lights in on the lifting bridge over Mutford Lock for a barrier to be repaired, that is aswell as the railway crossings holding everything up and the traffic chaos caused by the gas main works.  It took me over an hour to travel less than a mile that day and in Lowestoft things like this seem to happen regularly

The last time I walked along the promenade it was mostly barricaded off with metal fencing.  It didnt look good, the town needs some serious investment and lets not even start on the state of the High Street!  I hear the ugly but in my opinion valuable multi story car park by wilko's is due to go soon, thats going to put even more people off coming and spending money in the Town.  Still when thats gone they can move on to closing the public loos just next door because no one needs them these days.......

Driving standards in Lowestoft are also shocking but thats another thread for another day and In fairness its an East Anglia wide problem. 

Lowestoft could be a little Gem on the East Coast but its more like a boil on an otherwise pretty face, almost everywhere you look its pretty clear its had its day. 

But having said all that it does still have some pleasant features.  I dont think the Min Carlo was mentioned that is well worth the visit (old fishing trawler in the harbour you can have a look round) 

If there are any town planners I would love to know what they are actually doing and who employed them!  The area needs regeneration. 

Personally I dont think spending X millions on the promised third crossing is the answer to any of it.  Changing the way trains access the Town would improve things no end. 

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Very interesting to read through all the points on this thread. Lots of places for us to visit over time. We were going to come up to the caravan this weekend but ... there's a complete closure of part of the A12 here in Essex for bridge maintenance. So we decided against making the trip while we would have to divert around other local roads ... with everyone else!! 

I have my eyes on getting up to Oulton Broad on Sunday 14th May for the Dragon Boat Racing.

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