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Shore Lines

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I am looking to get some long rope in case I need to use shore lines when rafted out. Looking on line there is a bewildering array of rope, materials, diameters etc.

What is the difference between the materials and what would be recommended?

My standard mooring lines are 16mm - I guess the Shore lines need to be the same?



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16mm seems a bit excessive to me Wayne, but then I am used to being river based :grin: . All my ropes are 12mm 3 strand (cos it's the only type I can splice :oops: ). I always carry a few spare 10m lengths just incase I need to tie a couple together.

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I would think 13mm would be OK, a good compromise between cost and quality is 3 strand polyester (not polyproplylene) as for length, a couple of 20m lengths should do it but I always go by the maxim that you can never have too much string.

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depending on where you are rafted depends on whether you are advised to use shore lines...let me explain, if you are the 2nd boat in the raft then shore lines work very well along with the normal springs and breasts onto the adjoining vessel, if, however, you are then the third or 4th rafted boat things get a little complicated as the heights of the vessels and lengths can make things a little tricky as the shore lines will need to extend outrageously.

Because of the tidal flow a Southwold shore lines of course are preferable but if space is tight and you are the third rafted vessel it won't be commiting the biggest sin if you only use a bow and stern breast lines and springs to the inner vessel. (Ensure that the inner vessels aren't leaving before you though as they will set you afloat and ensure that they have substatial mooring lines)

As for rope - 14mm three strand will be fine - 16mm for a 33ft boat isn't necessary nor cost effective for long shore lines, and long lengths of double braided 'woven' rope stretch considerably under load!!!

Hope this helps :grin:

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All I can say is no mater how far out we have been at Southwold the Harbour Master has always been insistent on Shore Lines, no doubt due to the speed of the flow on springs, if you are on the inside you may also like to change most of your fenders to the shore side and especially on the bit that is nearest the sea and the shore, this is where all of the weight of yours and the boats rafted on you will end up and fenders have been known to pop.

In the past there has always been plenty of very knowledgeable help from the Harbour Master as to setting fender boards, which they do supply, I am sure enough of us have been in enough times that if the help is not available we can work it out.

There is a sunken line on the bottom if you have to more to the top end of the moorings and it pays to ask where it is, a favourite trick off the old crew, if the skipper was a bit bulshy, was to tell them they needed to pick up the post, they would then amuse themselves by watching the said skipper trying to row a rope to the post against the tide.

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Some excellent advice there... sounds like you need some long ropes then!!!!!

Hopefully we will join you ... in that case I'd better make sure I've got some bloomin' long ropes with me too!!! :) And We'll be popping my hand up for help as well as Annie would really like to skipper any sea journey we do this weekend to build up her sea miles..!!! :Sailing

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