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Frank Harding Chambers - Boat Designer


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Hi All

I have added to the Ludham Archive website some information about Frank Harding Chambers. Frank was a mathematician who turned his hand to boat designing at the start of the 20th Century. Part of his skill was his ability to use mathematics to give his boats the best possible handicap in the races. He was able to keep one step ahead of the handicappers and his boats were winners.

You can read about Frank on this link. http://www.ludhamarchive.org.uk/chambers.htm

I have also added the memories of his grandaughter, Ruth, who grew up in Ludham and had an interesting childhood. You can find her memories here: http://www.ludhamarchive.org.uk/memwritdanilof.htm

I hope this is of interest (or at least a bit different)

Nigel  Webmaster, Ludham Community Archive Group

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Fascinating Nigel! Lincoln Grammar School was amalgamated with Lincoln Christ's Hospital School. There is a gap in the list of headmaster's of the Lincoln Grammar School between 1875 and 1911  which Frank must fit into?

Heads of Lincoln School

1852–1857: Revd George Foster Simpson, previously the first Rector of the High School of Montreal

1857–1875: Revd John Fowler

1911–1929: Reginald Moxon

1929–1937: Charles Edgar Young

1937–1957: George Franklin

1958–1962: Patrick Martin (later headmaster of Warwick School, 1962–77)

1962–1973: John Collins Faull (later headmaster of Tewkesbury School, 1972–?)

1973–1974: Arthur Behenna

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Ruth lives in America now and I know she was planning to write a book about her life. However, it has been some years since we last heard from her. Having worked through all her stuff again and the link with Chambers, I think it would be worthwhile getting in contact again if possible. I will see what we can do.

She said that when she was living in Ludham she was desperate to get away. Now she looks back on those days with happier memories.

It is a good story, maybe a bit of a tough read at times, but well worth it.

Nigel  Ludham Community Archive Group

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I don't know the exact dates that Frank Chambers was headmaster in Lincoln. He was living there in the 1901 census and we have other documents showing him to be the headmaster in 1905 and 1909. In the 1891 census he is living in Godalming. He seems to have split his time between Lincoln and Ludham in those years and so I guess he was head from about 1900 to 1911.

Sorry that's a bit vague but it is the best information I have.


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That's OK, glad to hear that you found it interesting. I have a bit more from Ruth to add but it needs more editing to tone it down a bit. We are trying to contact her but no luck so far.

Yes, it has been a while since I last saw you. We have been busy with other things I suppose. We are still here if you want to drop in.

Nigel, Ludham

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I have now added the rest of Ruth's memories to the website. I had to edit a few bits out. This final section deals with Ruth's mother, ghosts and a cottage in Hoveton. It is quite surreal and enhanced by Ruth's uncompromising writing style. I have put it before the section about her husband Nick to preserve the continuity.

That's all we have at the moment. We are still trying to get more.

Nigel. Ludham Community Archive Group

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