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Week On Fair Entrepreneur 3


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Friday 18th October

Left home about 6pm so didn't get caught up in the rush hour traffic to much. Booked into premier inn at Norwich Airport for the night as was the cheapest hotel around. Got there around 8pm quick check in and booked breakfast for the morning. 

Kids all in bed asleep by 9pm adults not long after. Around 4am little one woke up having bad night mares so after a long while managed to settle her back to sleep.

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Sunday 19th October

After all going back to sleep. Woke around 7am to watch the rugby match. Enjoyed the first half and off we all went to breakfast. 

Good selection and nice food had by all with all the eat buffet provided. We went back to hotel room and finished watching the rugby. 

We checked out about 10am we went into Yarmouth to go into cex for some dvds and a game for the ps4 on board. After there we went into pound stretcher for drinks and some other keys bits for the holiday. We had a quick walk through the market and bought some cheap sweets from one of the stalls. Back in the car and to the boat yard. We got there around 12.30 and popped into reception to see if the boat was ready for us. The lady on recption told us she wasn't when the boat would be ready so she said she would call us when she had heard from the arrivals we did all the paperwork they needed. We went off roys to get some food for the night and few days in case we needed it. Whilst in there the yard rang us and said the boat should be ready around 1:30pm. We finished our shopping off and wondered back to the boat yard and had a wonder around and looked at some of the boats from the outside. 

We went back into reception around 1:30 to find out the boat wasn't still ready so we sat in recption and waited for them to tell us it was ready. Around 2pm they said our boat was nearly done so we could head round and make our selves known to the arrivals people. As we got round the guy was just finishing cleaning the outside of the boat. Gave our paperwork into the arrivals office and checked if we was alright to load our things onto the boat. We loaded our things onto the boat and put some things away. Took the kids to get measured up with life jackets. Back to wait for the guy to come do our trial run and hand over. Very quick handover and no trial run required as we had Number 1 last year so wasn't a need to run through the boat. 

We headed off down river to get as close to Yarmouth so we could travel south tomorrow as low tide was early ish the next morning. We tried ramworth but wasn't any room by the time we got there. We managed to get in at St Bennets abbey for the night. Was completely full by time sun set. We had sausage and chips for dinner. All in bed by 10 as early start next morning to get to yarmouth in time for slack water. 

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Sunday 20th October

Up around 6:30am so we could get going at sun ride to make slack water at Yarmouth at 9am ish. Didn't get light enough until 7am to move so off we set. Not many boats on the river on the way down to Yarmouth.  We saw couple of otters in the river didn't have time to get the camera out before they disappeared out of sight. We had 1 boat over take us round about stacey arms. 


We made yarmouth around 9am we could of made it through the bridges. But decided we would over night in Yarmouth instead of going south. We called the engineer out as the inside gps wasn't working and wanted a cot side as little one may of fell out of her bed. Also the main door from the outside steering position was really hard to close this was a problem throughout the holiday with the door. We called the boat yard around 10am to report it and they said engineer had 1 other job to do then would be with us. Rang again around 3pm asking where the engineer was to be told he was at least another hour from us. Not very good customer service not to be updated. We left keys with the guys in the yacht station and went off to aldi and then the sea side. As we was waiting for the taxi the engineer finally turned up. All had fun in the arcades and returned to the boat around 5pm.

We had take away for to nights dinner. Kids had kfc delivered to the boat. Me and little one had a burger and chips and mrs had a chinese. Nice meals had by all.  

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Monday  21st October

We left yarmouth around 10am so we didn't have to pay again. We headed across breydon a few boats over took us as we was in no rush. Was a very smooth and calm crossing drove from inside some of the way as cold outside and quite windy. Quite a few boats heading south with the tide. We tried to get in at Reedham but it was full so we carried onto our over night mooring of Loddon. We got to Loddon in the early afternoon plenty of room on the staithe moorings.

We had a chat to the guys fishing off the liveaboard and they recommend us some shops to get some good food from.  I popped into premier for a few bits and as i came back to the boat there was a constant whinning noise. Mrs and kids went off to the launderette to the washing. 

Had to call the engineer out again to investigate the noise and the fact we had no power on board even with plenty of battery charged and being plugged in on the electric post. Had to wait at tree stump to get a signal is always rubbish there. Waited a little while for the engineer to find out a bit of plastic was stopping the ball in the water pump from working properly easily fixed. He managed to get the power back on eventually was something to do with the inverter not working properly expensive bit of kit. He gave us another cable for shore power as wasn't sure if that was broke as well. 

We had dinner on board this evening. Kids and mrs had spag bog and i had a pizza from premier all enjoyed. Sat and played cards as no tv signal either problem through out the holiday with the signal. 

In bed around 10.

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