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Oh No - More Trouble Ahead - Somerleyton and Oulton

MY littleboat

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Having just read the latest edition of 'Broad Sheet' which is headlined by a two page article regarding the disruption of swing bridge maintenance, it appears that all is still not well and further disruption is coming;

Oulton Broad - Despite a full refurbishment in 2008 where the structural elements were grit blasted, inspected and repainted, this bridge requires further mechanical work to the wheels, wedges, winches and jacks and consideration is being given to the replacement of the central swing bearing....

Somerleyton and Reedham - Over the next six months (Obviously well into that now) a comprehensive review of these bridges is being carried after which they will consult with relevant 'stakeholders' in order to asses the best way to manage them in the future - it then goes on to say "This October we expect to be carrying out further essential maintenance and repairs required to maintain safety and reliability. We will be consulting with the Broads Authority and will advertise details of any disruption via the local press and by bill-boards on the affected river itself". However, they liken these bridges to running 'a classic car every day as a taxi but also state that reliability is currently the best it has been in their entire history... what is stated very firmly is that overall we have improved reliability compared to previous years but we are not satisfied with that and are planning to improve the situation further. In the meantime we have agreed to fund the provision of more lay-up pontoons which we hope will be of use to boaters in the event of disruption

This report, whilst on the one hand is very self-congratulatory over Network Rails endevours of fixing the bridges and maintaining them should be slimmed down to say the following;

We still haven't fixed them, there is more disruption ahead, we require investment from our 'stake holders' and in the case of Trowse, "Due to the frequency of train services operation of the swing bridge is difficult to achieve without disrupting rail services... :?

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What did you have on your boat then John that stopped it passing under Trowse?

So having spent may hundreds of thousands fixing it they are now not going to open it as they are too busy? does sound about right.

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And today... is the bridge open? Is the bridge closed?? who knows???

http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boat ... -news.html

Update on bridges - 16th June 2011

Trowse Bridge – Not operational

On Friday 27 May 2011, Network Rail informed us that Trowse Swing Bridge failed whilst being test swung using its auxiliary power supply. This has put a fault onto the system. Network Rail will be checking the data download from the swing to ascertain what has happen and will update as soon as a the fault has been located and a date for repair has been established. Work is continuing on establishing where the fault occurred.

Somerleyton Bridge – Not operational

Network Rail report that the signaller at Somerleyton is having further problems with the Swing bridge and is currently unable to open it for river traffic.

Network Rail will issue an update when further information becomes available

Oh dear oh dear

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With just a few days to go before the current round of closures begin, we can rest safe in the knowledge that the beloved BA have managed to negotiate extended opening times - which still do not coincide with Lowestoft however, and whilst the y revel in their glory I remind everyone that the opening times are what NR proposed at the beginning of the year.

Oh and NR have just booked up their next pile of maintenance for the bridges too - guess when? Yep EASTER! As this is when they intend to sand blast and repaint! I know as (apart from being right on these matters previously) I know the guy heading up the team! Oh and BA you DO know about this as you were at the planning meeting for the works schedule!

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A serious point to note here is that NR have never had to fork out for any fines for stopping navigation but for every train they stop they have to pay a surcharge - so they carry these works out at a time that suits them ie school holidays, when the train operating company can run a reduced service effectively

In the words or a certain BA worker"BA are powerless against anyone as big as NR'

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