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A couple of days late I know as I joined a few days ago, but just wanted to say hi to all the members.

I have joined not because I have a boat, but because I have lived in broadland all my life. I am an angler on the Broads and have been for 50 odd years. 

I am  passionate about the area, and as you can imagine, I have seen many changes good and bad.

I am also concerned with a lot of the horror stories I am hearing talking to other local anglers, and reading on other forums of rowdy and totaly disrespectful behaviour, fishing for the POT and general disregard for such a wonderful place.  

As in all walks of life, there will always be those that spoil it for the rest, and I fully understand that certain walks of life can be stereotyped.

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Greetings and welcome,  I'm not an angler in any way but I've never seen a problem with fishing for the pot, my old man was always into shooting and hunting but if it wasn't going to be eaten he'd leave it be, seems such a waste to yank something out of it's natural environment with a hook through the gob for fun, if someone got me out of a pub like that I'd be proper grumpy. 

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I don't think anyone could get you out of a pub Smogs, not in any way, shape or form :default_biggrin:

A decent Angler who knows their stuff will treat the fish they land with care and return their catch to the water as safely as they can. We have a Carp cradle to lay them in once caught, proper soft and nice it is too. x

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Welcome to the forum.

I'm a part time fine weather only fisherman myself. I've heard about fishing for the pot and I believe it's grown in recent years. Match fishing and commercial lakes seem to be all about carp. A lake appears to be defined by "the carp are up to 15lbs in there". In some countries carp are on the plate on Christmas day especially, and other times. It's a free meal to some.

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