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Praise For The Broads Authority


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Graham phoned the BA yesterday afternoon just after 4pm to order 30 cards for the electric posts (we have the last two weeks of March to look forward to). They arrived in this morning’s post, and we weren’t charged for the postage.


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11 minutes ago, Gracie said:

How nice to read a post praising the Broads Authority, well done to them x 

I agree. There exists on our rivers people employed by the Broads Authority who go above and beyond to advise and assist. 

I have personally witnessed the consideration and compassion of BA employees who work on the rivers. From the men who repair the Quay heading during the most atrocious weather conditions. To the ranger who i witnessed had to assist a liveraboard in distress. A challanging confrontation. A mother, a child and a father with issues. Thier boat a few feet away.

I will never forget. A confrontation, lots of " f"  this and "f " that on a bench, on the River Waveny.

The lady concerned, and the child, who was crying, were under enourmous pressures.

The Ranger spent over two hours dealing with this particular matter. Forms were filled in. The tensions seem to have disappeared.

I was not able to hear thier discussions.

However I did witness the little girl and her mother hug the ranger.


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To be fair, I think most people recognise the difference between those at the top of the organisation and those on the ground doing good work. There was a bit of slagging off of rangers happened on BRAG's Facebook group recently. I was amongst the people complaining to the admins about it and even they had the good grace to kick the person concerned out and to make a public apology.

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