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I saw a Bittern!

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Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me :(

We were on our way to Lowestoft via Oulton Broad a couple of weeks ago, on the stretch of Waveney between Somerleyton Bridge and Oulton Dyke, when a bird flew past us no more than 20 feet away just above the reeds. It took a second or two to realise that it was infact a Bittern!

Having cruised the broads for years, this is the first time I have ever been lucky enough to spot one of these rare and illusive birds. It's nice to know they are around!

Anyone else spotted one?

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I will have to make sure I have my camera ready when on that stretch of water, I just know it will be the day I don't it will come out to play. :roll:

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I'm another that has heard them yet never seen them.

2 weeks ago I was working in the garage at home whilst my wife was sitting in the lounge watching the bird feeder, arrive one Hoopoe. I've never heard one, never seen one, they're as rare as hens eggs (in Britain) and she didn't call me :evil:

I have seen the odd blue tit and blackbird :cry

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We spotted one a few years ago early one dawn at the entrance to Barton Broad, just passed How Hill, we were very lucky indeed, and probably only spotted it due to the broad being so still of boat traffic, it was sitting on the bank, and took off when we approached :)

We are having fun Barn Owl spotting from the place we are staying at for the next few days, they start hunting as soon as it starts to fall dusk, and we sit in the caravan with the blinds up and lights off watching them and the Bats catching insects and prey over the marshes :love

The rivers are fairly quiet, a handful of hireboats and a couple of private boats out on Malthouse broad today, and a small flotilla of Hunters boats that came into moor at the staithe to take shelter from a sharp storm that blew up around lunchtime, the crew looked very cold and wet indeed :cry:

We are hoping for a bit of dry weather in the morning, so that we can get the canope down on our dayboat and shoot the bridge at Wroxham for the afternoon, i love looking down into the clear waters of 'natures fishtank' around the upper reaches of the Bure, and watching the shoals of fish, and if were very lucky we may spot a kingfisher or two, or even a Jay, all part of the rich wildlife tapastry that makes The Broads so special :)

Julz :wave

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