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It will certainly be worth a visit, Keith:


What's On

The Battle of Bosworth 1485 Anniversary Weekend...Must See

Saturday 16th August - Sunday 17th August

Relive history and witness the battle that changed the course of history forever. Watch the armies of Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond as they take the crown and the life of Richard Plantagenet, King of England - the last English monarch to die on a battlefield.

This awesome event is a great family day out and is bigger and better than ever but still the same price! Buy your tickets online now, starting from just £8.50, which includes 15% discount for advance booking.

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 August


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Hi Polly/Dave,


I went in to the Leicester University room and now they seem to be telling people that there was a Church of England in Richard's time and he wasn't a Catholic.  I am not an academic but that is news to me and I believe Henry VIII died a Catholic although he broke with Rome of course.  I wonder if it is one of these situations where the truth doesn't fit so we'll have to make a new truth; it never ends.


The Richard III Society decided to stay out of the argument as to where Richard is buried, as a group, but it is interesting to see how the Richard III Society, without whom this discovery would not have been made, have been sidelined it would appear.


The re-enactors were not happy, according to my niece at any rate, with their lot.  Their camp was at the bottom of the hill, whilst some of their equipment was at the top and the arena for the pretend battles was sort of in the middle.  One of the upshots of this was that public didn't go around the camp site;  it is not just about the battles the re-enactors also like to engage with the public and be as authentic as possible with for example how people cooked and what they cooked in medieval times.  Would be interesting to hear what that purchasing manager has to say.


The weather held up pretty much, a bit chilly at times, but that might be just me.  Managed to meet up with someone who wanted to borrow a couple of books so saving the postage.  The RIII Society stall made £2,000 over the weekend, pretty good going I think.


Thanks for the good wishes Dave hope your week goes well, hi Jen. Hi Pauline, the membership numbers went through the roof, I suspect many will be short term but I hope some of the younger ones hang around we could do with some youthful injections, in fact I could with a few myself. :roll:


Now to trash my own thread. two guns I saw a couple of programmes, I think on the Quest channel, last night called Classic Aeroplanes(not sure that is right) last night one was about a Buccaneer, which you flew John, a well thought of aircraft.  One programme was about helicopters, and the Buccaneer shared the time with a dear old Victor, which I think I may like above a Vulcan - sacrilege I hear them say, infamy, infamy, they will all have it in for me, sorry old joke I know. :P

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