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What online Music service do you / your family use ?


What Music service if any do you use  

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Just a bit of a poll,

Ive been using napster for years, with a monthly subs, i can play any music track they have for free, i only need to pay for the track if i download it.

Ive just downloaded iTunes as its a new version 8.

I dont like it much as you have to pay for every track, and can not just listen to tracks while in the office etc :(

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Its good to hear about other online music sites :)

Ive a bit of a gripe about iTunes as i had a £10 voucher, so i downloaded iTunes and purchased KidRock Video "All Summer Long"

using my office PC,

You can add a total of 5 pcs to your iTunes account.

I'm using my laptop at the moment back at home, and i just cant get the Kid Rock Video onto this laptop, ive done everything and clicked all the boxes, iTunes agree that i have already purchased the video, but it just wont download it to this laptop, i have also Authorised it etc etc.


never had this problem with Napster.

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I live and die by my I Pod and I tunes account, Yes Brian, I have just downloaded version 8 and also the new safari software, this has a fantastic feature that automatically generates playlist based on a music track you select. This will always improve with time, as it also looks into other peoples accounts and music selections and makes recomendations for purchase.

I now have copied all my CD's into my account which are paired with my I Pod. To date my music file is 24gb. Photos 12gb and via a jesterware account I also have downloaded 35gb of dvd's. This allows me to carry all this media with me everywhere I go, especially up to the boat so I can play them through both the radio and television.

And of course I have access to all the above through my I Tunes account on my PC. :-D :-D


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32 gig isn't that big, once you start adding films and music videos to it.

I dug out me ole 40 gig (really old Classic ) yesterday, found the charger and charged it up.

I havent used it for about 2 years, it started up, and all the music is still on there !

How fast is the menu system ! its lightning quick, so quick i just found myself messing about through tracks settings etc just admiring

the speed of this very old device. :o

a 160 gig classic would be good, but remembering back when i used this 40 gig one, i found it had too much space ( in its day ) i filled it up with music, but then i had so much music too choose from, i didn't know what to play. :(

I suppose its a bit different now with the latest iTunes.

31 days till my Birthday and still undecided :(

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