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Two Adults, Two Kids, one Dog and a Boat


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Well at last it arrived, the 45 fuelled and packed, the kids empty of anything to stop us on our travels down the tarmac of the A1, A17, A47.

7:00am set off in brilliant sunshine, talking off the things to do in this glorious weather.

Even with all of the, have you gone to the loo everyone, we still had to stop. (I hate stopping when I am on a mission)

Anyway, arrived Stalham at about 10:30am, went to Richardsons to let them know we had arrived and as boat would not be ready til 1:00pm got directions to Tesco for last minute supplies. Went into Wayford Bridge Hotel for a quick wet of Adnams and to pass the time, sat outside in sunshine.

Back to yard for 12:45 and checked in to San Pedro and off to Horning by 1:30. Canopy down.


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The weather stayed bright all the way to Horning, where my OH decided that her Birthday meal was to be at the New Inn.

We arrived at aoroung 4:45pm and as I went to stern on in the last place, was greated by the gent who helps, luckily all went well and I didn't make myself look like a fool. As the last rope was tied the heavens opened. I asked the guy about Dogs and he said anywhere outside, including the smoking area, which is undercover and heated.

We sat down, ordered the food and were treated realy nice by the lady serving the food. Reasonably priced good food, Abbots Ale all OK.

Back to boat for a little fishing, caught nothing as flow too strong for set up we had, so to bed, ready for tomorrow.post-360-136713432925_thumb.jpg.jpg]

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Tuesday 30th Sept.

Woke up early, about 6ish, took Lady for a walk in the pitch black, it was scarey.

My OH and daughter were going to go swimming at the leisure centre, so my son and I dropped the rods over the edge untill 10:00, caught a few perch and skimmers. At ten, we set off from the New Inn and pulled up outside the Ferry and leisure centre. We dropped the girls of and headed to the other bank to moor and fish a little longer. A 30 footer with me and my 13 year old, he did perfect in securing the boat and we caught a few more before being hailed from the far bank to pick up the swimmers.

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After picking up the girls, we set off for Ludham and the Kings Arms.

Again Lady (the dog) was welcomed as were the kids. A pint of Broadside and Wherry went down well. Tha barman made one of the bendy straws curly, by magic, for my daughter, she was well impressed.

After Ludham we set off for Ranworth.

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I have heard a few good and bad things about the Maltsters, but I have been there before and had good times, so off we set.

As I tootle down the rivers, don't see the point in rushing, my little girl wanted a go. No problem, set to 3 to 4 mph and let her steer.

"Can I go faster Dad"

" No, there's no need"

"But I am being overtaken"

The face in this photo says it all, (NOT HAPPY)


Why can't kids be quiet and still like thispost-360-136713432929_thumb.jpg.jpg]

When we arrived at Ranworth there was one place left, Down the side so we headed for it and stern on moored.

Five minutes later another boat came down, as a few of us were talking, I said that if I moved my boat sideways and the next boat did the same there would be room. So all hands to the ropes and this was done. The boat came in to stern moore and on gent walked down the side of the boat next to me and grabbed their port stern rope, someone else shouted for him to knock his engine to neutral as the rope was being held. The skipper decided to cut his engine totaly, that is when I shouted, "Quick, let go now" :naughty:

I then got a little worried as one of the men said that he hoped they hadn't come for a drink as the pub was shut :o

I walked over to the Maltsters and sure enough, closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

My daughter had spent an hour getting ready to go out for something to eat. So what to do?

RING 01603 270039

Chineese takeaway delivered in 20 mins

Next time might just miss Ranworth out

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I walked over to the Maltsters and sure enough, closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Closed :o Closed :o

How disapointing, not the kind of service you expect from a Broads pub, we had planned to visit the Maltsters during the half term week later in the month, will give it a miss now.

Last Christmas we went down to the Maltsters for a meal to find it closed. :x

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right hard day at work, but here we go again.

Forgot to mention, on the way to Ludham, just past the island, my lad shouted "Dad, a fishing rod" I looked behind and saw the rod in the water, thinking it was one from the front of the boat, around the island we went, landing net in hand, dead slow, and pulled out a rod complete with reel. not one of ours, but been in water for some time. Laddo cleaned it up and it looks OK.


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Wednesday 1st October, woken by rain.

The girls took a walk to the nature reserve while lady stayed on the boat, and the boys fished, caught a few perch before they came back and set off for the long trip to The Fishermans Bar.

The canopy was up, and it was quite blustery when we arrived at Acle Bridge. The canopy needed to come down and looking at the boats in front they were having a few problems in mooring to the opposite banck to the shop. Wind and tide going with us. We needed to moore to get the canopy down, so decided to go to the shop. As I got to the start of the moorings turned and headed in to moore against wind and tide, again laddo did a perfect job as the boat steadily came along side.


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As it was not raining we decided to leave the canopy down, so that we did not have to mess around with it again at the Yarmouth bridges.

I thoght I had timed it just right for the passage through the bridges, even though not at low water I thought that if we arrived at about 2 hours after high tide we could make it with a 6'8" air draft. As we approached the Yacht station, one of the wardens ( or whatever they are called) came out, I shouted to ask what the bridges were and he siad that the folded down canopy might catch and to moore up for 20 - 30 mins. I said my thanks and moored at the spaces for yachts and cruisers to moore while waiting passage just before the bridges. 20 mins later the board read 7' 6" so we decided to go.

Ther was plenty of room under them, we carried on to the Dolphin and passed around it. Under the lift bridge and between the marker posts. Then on the open water it was exciting, wind and the tide agianst us, power up and the wash (at certain times) coming over the bow. Didn't get any photos but a bit of a video.

As we reached the Fishermans, the heavens opened, we moored put the canopy up and ran inside.

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The Fishermans bar is VERY dog freindly, I ordered a pint of Hardy & handsons OLDE TRIP (unfortunately what came out of my mouth was OLD TRIPE, I think someone moved the E at the end of OLDE). Back to dog friendly, Lady had some Bonio biscuits given to her. My little girl decided that because I was trying different Beers, she would go through different J2O's.

Also my OH, decided that she would try what I was drinking, instead of the normal 1/2 lager.

We only had the one as we were heading for Waveney River Centre.I decided to take the canopy down ready for St. Olaves bridge as it had cleared up a bit

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About five minutes out of The Fishermans I took this picpost-360-136713433208_thumb.jpg.jpg]

As storm on the left, with sun rays on the right.

Don't worry kids, it's going the other way, (famous last words)

Just about the mill (Pettingills I think) it hit us

Canopy still down, OH kids and dog, down below, me WET. :cry

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