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Our Boat Project

Guest sister sue

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Robin and i are in the process of revamping and refitting this llandamores broadland boat. We hope to this year move it to nearer to where we moor Claypits,the boat we use all the time at the moment.We can then make a concerted effort to finish her.

Left to do is the fitting out the main cabin ,the heads, and the helm .

Then i can get in and do the furnishings .

We have got some pictures but i need to download them and scan them into my computor.


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I suppose i should tell you what we have done with help.

We have replaced most of the planks underneath.and glassed on top.

She sank twice before we could start on her so we had to strip all the inside,

We have changed the windows made them bigger to get more light in.

Lifted the roof at the helm to give us a better view of the river, and so Robin can stand up.

We have got rid of the two single cabins at the front and made a double, and moved the head to the pointed end lol.

We have made doors that open across the stern can be all open or one side or part of.

Made a new stern which has a carved lizard the full width of the stern.

Made a nice stern well to sit in.

Still loads to do . but we will get there .


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Hi everyone ,Yes the bed in the lounge area has gone.

Lizard was called that when we bought it and it was painted dark green but not purple. When we bought it there was a couple that had been living onit and it was on the main river just passed acle bridge .

No Sue will look a bit different from the picture

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The lizard is gone now, we have had one carved on the stern ,it looks pretty impressive.

Not sure whether we will put the mast back yet we will see .

The boat gives us more space to invite peeps aboard .Claypits is great but very limiting in to who, or how many, peeps you can invite aboard. cheers

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lots of ribs needed changing as there were loads broken



getting better now




I have no more pictures as yet but will take some when she is moved up to Acle. At preent she has the hull complete and underneath has been glassed. The sides remain varnished. We have to wood the decks and i want to wood inside the cabins.

Plenty left to do also the fitting out.

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Hats off to you Sue, it is not many people who take a boat apart and have the inclination to put them back together :clap:clap

where you glassed the underneath did you use epoxy resin or fiberglass (GRP)?

I was trying to enlarge a pic to see if there was any purple paint but I cant,.... Is that purple / lilac next to that skin fitting?

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Hi ricko it was fibre glass, some people thought we should not have done that, but cos it was major work underneath we thought it was the best option.

Hi Sue,

It is up to you how you repair your boat, after all you are putting your hand in your pocket.

There are big differences between Fiberglass and epoxy resins which I shant go into unless you ask as the job is done and I'm sure you have had plenty of advice.

Fiberglass will not form a lasting bond to wood so it should come off easily when it is time to repair the bottom. If I were you I would make sure the fiberglass is secured well at the bows as I was told of a boat which had the same underwater treatment as yours, there was a small gap between the wood and fiberglass and whilst underway the water the water forced its way between the layers and withe the 'hydraulic' effect the whole fiberglass bottom peeled away from the hull :o

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Hi Clive thankyou for your advice, i do know the wood was treated with something to make the fibre glass stick to the wood. But whilst it is still out of the water we will check the bottom as you suggest. Many thanks .

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