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Teleflex Non-feedback Steering?

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Hi All,


So back from 15 days aboard (well less two were we "needed a break!"), one big problem is that the only reused part on there is worn out.. so steering at a certain point (even when stationary) is very tight.. but I'm also getting lots of "feedback" on tight turns.. which to be honest scares the bejeepers out of me as it basically means the steering sticks and I have to either power up or down and force it around :(.. Quick googling suggest that there's a product out there which "helps" -  "NFB - No feedback".. has anyone had any experience from this product? (

) Sadly I'm now too afraid to use the boat until the steering is replaced so this needs sorting asap.


Thanks as always :)cheers



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Hi Alan,


Teleflex as you know is a good name in the industry (same make as the Morse control I sold you) you just need to check that the system you feature in your video is suitable to your outdrive,


I assume that that your outdrive has linkages inside the hull for steering and tilt?




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Hi Alan, Certain agree the brand has a lot going for it, although I'm a bit worried that it's overly complex and perhaps a bit overkill for us.  I emailed Sillette and they have advise it's more than we need  (But won't suggest an alternative - Strange bunch!).  I guess we will just have to go for it.. Thankfully there is no trim and tilt on this drive as it's rather simple (One reason we went with it). cheers

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If at some point someone has forced the steering past the stop, the inner cable may have stretched, as the inner core is spiral wrapped, forcing it will push the spiral apart giving you slack spots where the steering either feel very loose or in worse case just the steering wheel will spin giving no steering, where it actually stretches, as it dos it forces the spirals next to them to close up, so you may end up with something like tight spot, slack spot, tight spot, so your cable is probably crackered, I don't believe you can change the inner cable on steering cable, I used to fit Teleflex in industrial and domestic, and stretched cable was a common problem, For anyone reading this that has Teleflex fitted, NEVER ever grease or oil the inner cable, it is factory coated and needs no maintenance, all you will do is attract dirt, fluff and grunge into the cable and end up with a jammed cable, I know this because I used to make a small fortune changing gunged up cables,,



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