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More Pictures of Boats


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Well having enjoyed putting some of my recent Broads photos into two slideshows on YouTube I decided to see what else I had got. Having checked back over the last few years I seem to have been a little obsessed with boats of various kinds and was surprised just how many photos I had accumulated. So I thought I would share some of them here even though they're not the Broads.


First I turned to one of my other favourite places to go - Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. Now at this point you may see why things might appear to be a little obsessive. I know the Portsmouth webcam has been mentioned before but as someone who goes by ferry from this port I have found it fascinating to watch.




And if you then use this in conjunction with http://www.john-ambler.com/ais/google.html if you see a boat and you want to know what it is, you can find out - see where it's going and the route where it's come from as well. 


Anyway ... I wanted to experiment a little with a couple of the programs on my Mac that I had never used. Some of the photos on this video are not the best quality as I zoomed in a long way to take them. The volume on the soundtrack seemed to come out a little loud so be prepared ... Boats of the Isle of Wight and the Solent ... enjoy!



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Whenever we go to Bembridge I do like to check the cruise ship schedule - it will usually be a couple of hours after the ship leaves Southampton before we can see it ... and in October it's almost dark by then so not always easy to see them. But the larger Brittany ferries are also quite impressive when you see them come close by.

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That brought back some memories Jean

We spent a couple of holidays on the Isle of Wight back in the 90’s and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had a fascinating boat trip to one of the round Solent forts with a chance to look around although I think it was made into a residence a few years ago so that trip won't be available now.

I also loved being around the boats, would have liked to have seen Cowes week one year.

Thanks for this

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Ah Jean, the dearest ferry in Europe the IOW I believe  :naughty:  I have only used the Gosport one to go over to see Warrior and HMS Victory.  


One of the P&O ones think Aurora I saw in Palma Harbour. A large cruise ship indeed.



cheers Iain.

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Thanks David. Do you know, so many people that I mention the Isle of Wight to when we go there, start to reminisce about holidays they've had down there as well.


You might be thinking of this hotel - Spitbank Fort.



That's the one Jean I couldn't remember the name but it didn't look quite like that when we visited.

The other thing people say when you mention IOW (as they do with the Broads) is I always fancied going there!

We also visited Warrior and HMS Victory

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Iain, I would think that the ferry could be quite an expense if you lived there, although I would imagine frequent travellers must have some reduced price option. We always book the ferry with the hotel and sometimes get the crossing thrown in for free if we've booked a special offer.


David, I work with someone who grew up in Portsmouth but never went to the Isle of Wight. I was amazed how you could live that close and never have got on one of the ferry, catamaran or hovercraft services for a day trip. Mind you, we've never stopped in Portsmouth to have a proper look around the harbour to the city.

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