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  1. Hi there Jenny, in my experience I've found that the pike fishing has declined in the areas that it used to be very good, such as the Thorne systems, and also in the town areas (Wroxham and Horning ). But there is still some very good fishing in the dykes and back waters,  mind you, I only come to the broads in the winter,  so it might be different in the summer.  I agree with you that inexperienced anglers don't help the situation,  but last year in Wroxham I witnessed an "experienced couple of anglers catch a 30 lb plus fish. They kept it in there boat for over 20 minutes while they took their 'glory' photos,  no doubt to send to the angling press to show how good they are ! 

    I think this trophy hunting attitude of angling is part of the problem, pike are superb creatures and should be treated accordingly. I, ll get off my soap box now,  and I am so looking forward to my 10 days bobbing around the broads,  taking in the scenery, the wildlife and the local public houses !!!


    1. JennyMorgan


      Hi Les, thanks for your comments which I entirely agree with. Some 'experienced' anglers are the worst offenders in my opinion! Oulton Broad had a well known 30 which John Wilson caught for a TV film that he was involved with. He was timed, over forty minutes before the fish was returned, never to be seen again.


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