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  1. EastCoastIPA

    Bye Bye

    Probably a good idea to end it sooner than let the inevitable happen. Think that's the why its going to go!!!
  2. EastCoastIPA

    Bye Bye

    If that gets added to the TOS, then that's it I'm leaving
  3. EastCoastIPA

    Herringfleet Moorings

    Which makes all the mooring sign across the broads wrong then? For instance, North Cove Broads Authority Free Moorings Maximum stay 24 hours No return within 24 hours No fishing Danger: Do not swim from these moorings I'm sure we all manage to read those without confusion? or maybe not! Perhaps that is why some overstay the 24hrs because of the lack of punctuation
  4. EastCoastIPA

    Herringfleet Moorings

    Although the two different font sizes should also indicate that they are two separate sentences.
  5. EastCoastIPA

    Herringfleet Moorings

    I guess you have to take each case on its merits. Looking at this particular example then they have worked to provide access to the mill from the Somerleyton mooring and a permissive path across the estate from the Somerleyton mooring to the mill and back up to the road forming quite a nice circular walk. So there has been some give and take. For whatever reason they don't want to permit public access beyond the mooring at Herringfleet which is leased to The BA. So people could be bloody minded and yes it is a civil matter of trespass, but if the estate want to be bloody minded in return then they can end the lease, or not renew it when it runs out. So respect the fact that there has been some give and take, and respect the fact that if you really want to access the village you can from Somerleyton mooring. That's my opinion anyway. And yes I will bite, I agree that all National Parks should have a right to roam, but how does that help this situation? The Broads are not a National Park, but a marketing brand.
  6. EastCoastIPA

    Herringfleet Moorings

    Bearing in mind that the sign is at Herringfleet, then I think it's quite clear what it means. If you want to access the village move on to Somerleyton mooring. The land beyond the mooring at Herringfleet is private with no access.
  7. If a public staithe and the right of transference exists, how does this relate to the right to moor for an extended time? By this I mean, is anyone allowed to pass byelaws restricting the right to moor for say no longer than 24hrs? and the no return within 24hrs rule? or does the right to moor only exist for as long as someone is loading or unloading? In which case does this mean that no one should leave a boat of any sort at a public staithe? I wonder how this affects the BA decision to install bollards at Potter Heigham staithe to restrict vehicle access. Again thinking about Potter work boats are often left unattended for a period.
  8. EastCoastIPA

    Leaving A Side On Mooring When It's Windy

    Similar size boat and I have used the ropes to swing either the stern or bow out by reversing against the stern rope, or going forward against a bow rope. Both work well. Make sure you use a good post and not rings in case the rope snags as its being pulled through. One word of advice when using the bow rope to push the stern out and reversing off is to make sure you go far enough across the river before attempting to go forward again. A tide coming from behind can help the stern out and you can end up almost sideways across the river. By the time you have gained forward momentum and some steerage you can almost be back alongside again, and I have seen people panic and the revs go up and then they are heading fast for the stern of the boat in front, often with the front just missing the boat in front, but not realising that the side or stern quarter is still on a collision course for the boat in front. I have been known to use this method to reverse off and if the tide takes me sideways enough, back off all the way across the river and then with the steering wheel hard to port turn against the tide and head off in the opposite direction to what you intended and find a wide enough spot to then turn around again.
  9. EastCoastIPA

    Bye Bye

    It's probably worth reminding ourselves that it was only ONE person who complained about John's post, and in his own words, he isn't even worried that someone complained. His issue is that admin upheld the complaint and gave him a warning. Now I don't know what sparked the original complaint, haven't seen the original post and to be honest am not that interested, but do feel that the issue is really between John and admin, not the rest of the forum. He has already made it clear he is not leaving because of members reactions, or complaint, but the handling off. That should surely be private?
  10. EastCoastIPA

    Bye Bye

    I guess to expand upon that a bit more, Do any of you think, believe or even suspect, that any of the mods would have left the comment without taking action, unless they'd seen it for what it was, a joke?
  11. EastCoastIPA

    Herringfleet Moorings

    I'm fairly certain the signs say "no access to Somerleyton village from the moorings" For access use Somerleyton mooring. On the basis there is permissive access from the mill to the main road and therefore the village, that to me would indicate there is no permissive access from the mooring to the mill. The ends of the mooring are indeed fenced off, and more telling, there is no stile!!
  12. Although it says final final draft, it is in a folder entitled 2016! Be interesting to see the published report that appears after the BA's discussion on the 25th April with Professor Tom Williamson. Have a saved copy just for reference.
  13. I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Marinas off the main river have to pay for their own dredging, but are still classed as adjacent waters. The ownership of adjacent waters hasn't changed, just the need to have a toll and BSS and insurance.
  14. Looking at P38 of the report I linked to above, Professor Tom Williamson suggest it was possibly a public staithe.
  15. Would this be the report that people have referred to? http://geldestonparishcouncil.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/files/2016/11/staithes-report-final-final-draft.pdf

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