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  1. Send me a PM where you are likely to be,and I will tell you some good fisheries to go to near your boat,there are plenty within 30 minutes of anywhere on the broads. I am on holiday that week so unfortunately I cannot join you,believe it or not I am taking my caravan to Dorset for the week,quite close to you,at Corfe Mullen,just off the main road behind the Garage and Little Chef.
  2. My rods are out tomorrow,off to Barford Lakes for some "Puddle Chucking",weather forecast sunny might put the shorts on,but then again might not.
  3. Clive Fantastic pictures of your grandad with the Pike,I bet you feel proud of him catching fish like that. Keep them coming we all love to see them,super Perch amongst them ,how big was that?
  4. A 42lb 8oz pike was caught at Hickling on Friday, it was caught from one of Whispering Reeds Houseboats. I would expect a photo in local paper this week,one of the biggest caught for a year now,lucky chap,bet he is still smiling.
  5. Terrible time of year ,No Fishing on the broads,its time now to visit the commercial lakes to get some fishing done,point of interest a 42lb 8oz Pike was caught Friday at Hickling,this was caught from one of the Houseboats (Whispering Reeds).
  6. There is plenty of room on the broads for everyone,there is nothing wrong with the majority of people who chose to live aboard theircboat,I have met some lovely people who live on their boats,sadly however there is a few who spoil it for the others,the BA should deal with those issues seperately,not tar everyone with the same brush. So called local do gooders having their say again,sorry they probably think they are local,but buy a 2nd property on the broads and think they are local.
  7. Will this chap turn up at the Spring Meet or will he turn up at the "Luncheon Meet"
  8. I read a post on the Norman website last year, a chap who actully worked at Norman Boats said,they always used Brillo pads to clean the gel coat,the proper ones not cheapo's,they clean it without scatching,I done mine last year and it came up white as snow and shone like a good un,and they are only a couple of quid for a large pkt.
  9. Aint got a clue, Is it Blakeney near Morston
  10. After reading that link,I will be having nightmares,never new it could be so complecated,my idea of a battery is turn the key,and away you go,then I am only new to akll this.
  11. I just purchased a new battery from Norfolk Marine Wroxham,85amphr for £57.83p.
  12. I did look at some of the refills on E Bay,that said screw thread,back to the drawing board,iI've just had a brain wave,how about piping hot tea in the Summer and Iced tea in the winter. Another idea would it be ok to use a travel kettle 12 volt via the battery ,I have a cigar lighter fitted for my GPS or would it drain it too quick.
  13. Thanks gordon I'll have a shop around for best prices,might still work out cheaper to fit a little galley area with proper gas.
  14. Mark,you are spot on with your comments,only problem is where to get the warm water from,can't boil the kettle because gas frozen,i guess the best way forward is to buy a heater that runs off a propane gas bottle,I have a stove in the garage from my camping days,perhaps I could run them both of the same bottle,did not intend to fit boat out with gas,more to worry about when the safety certificate is next due, PS anyone want to buy a portable stove and heater,(for summer use only),you can make tea with cold water and wear a coat to keep warm,how that for a bargain,pity those who sell these heaters dont mention the words "Not to be used in cold weather" why else would you want a heater.
  15. Its then type that takes cannister refils,its not connected to a bottle,when you say "Yikes",i have only got a Norman 18 with 2 forward berths in cabin,thats where I make my tea,I never use the boat to sleep on,only for fishing and joyrides,as I am only 3 miles from the broads my bed at home is more appealing than sleeping afloat,however I have hired in the past from Richardsons,Aston Boats (now gone) and Swancraft,I would love to have a bigger and better boat with all the mod cons etc,but I am more than happy with what Ive got,only moan is its cold in the winter,hence the portable prezzie. A Heater that don't work when its cold,chocolate teapot comes to mind
  16. My son bought me a portable stove and heater for Christmas,the stove to make a cuppa and the heater to keep the cabin warm when fishing,the only problem is ,the gas keeps freezing up and the heater switches itself off,bring it home and it will work in the conservitory for hours no problems,take it back on the boat in the cold it stops again,it sound daft but I have got a heater that will not work in the cold,I just wondered as I have searched high and low,do anyone know where I can get some propane refills,as they do not freeze like the butane ones supplied with the heater and stove. Thanks
  17. Thanks I will try that tomorrow,failing that,shoot myself!
  18. Went down to boat this morning had a poke around in the tell tale hole,still no water coming out,engine runs fine,left it ticking over for about 20 minutes,leg getting warm,is that normal? Water trickling out from leg just above water level,exhaust at back clear,when put finger over exhaust,bubbling from below cav plate. Dare not take it for a spin in case it overheats and ceases up. I have come to the conclusion,that I am totally useless with engines,thats what you get from working for Royal Mail for 40 years,I guess I will have to enlist the help of a boatyard,that will cost me a packet,or do anyone know anyone who is pretty good with out boards who could take a look for me.I will pay for their time obviously. Or should I buy a set of oars,(can't row very good either)
  19. Yes I am in freshwater,I dont think my little Norman 18 would fair well out at sea
  20. Luckily I have a hose with water on my mooring only 3 feet away from engine,if off I will ask if it can be turned on for me,a friend of mine has a gadget called ear muffs for his outboard will they work.
  21. Got some garden wire ready(stripped green plastic off),bradawl and other pointy things,all ready to try out tomorrow,how about a bit of pastic tubing and try to blow it manually,haven't got a pump as such,only a 12 volt pup in the car for blowing up tryes etc.
  22. Thanks,I will try out these tips down the boat tomorrow,will keep you informed,you don,t think the water pump has gone then.
  23. I started my engine last week,checked tell tale water coming out fine,then it started to dribble out then stop altogether,any advice on this please,the engine had a full service in December and a new impeller fitted,so I would not think it was impeller problems,the engine as only done about 2 hours since December. Anyone else had similar problems and how it was rectified Thanks
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