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  1. As a local I had a test run on the new road this morning. Looks good to me, and will make a lot of my journeys easier.
  2. Agreed, But you can stand on the side of any road, any day, and get all the info you need as well.
  3. http://www.theaa.com/car-buying/number-plates
  4. Why is that Alan?,I love my number and want everyone to see it ,and obviously know that it is w44nty at the wheel
  5. IS Donny geoff still around?
  6. Hope it was good things you were thinking of
  7. Just to let you all know w44nty is still alive and kicking
  8. I'm fine Donny,is Neil still about? I might pop in the quiz next week and have a look
  9. Hi John,not been on the river now for 2 years,my boat fund has been swallowed up looking after my son by getting a deposit on his flat,best to have it now than later I suppose. Life under the water has been fine,plenty of fishing,this time of year its mainly in the city stretches and Rockland Staithe. Regards to you and your good lady. The w44nted one is still ablut in the background
  10. Brings back old memories Donny winning the quiz
  11. Just make sure Brandon that you do not leave large branches etc loose in the water,hate for them to float away and damage someones boat. Try to put them on land somewhere just to be safe
  12. What is the Calender tab for, if it will not let you in
  13. Is there a Chat Room facility on the new forum? If yes where is the link to get in
  14. Who nicked my old avatar? Don,t tell me a picture of w44nty is floating around in cyber space!!! :cry
  15. w44nty

    Well Done

    Looks very good,once I find my way around it will be fine. Congrats to Admin for all their hard work finally launching the new look forum
  16. Just a stupid thought Brandon,as it is your 1st 4 stroke engine,you did not put mixed petrol in the tank which you would have run your 2 stroke on ,the engine would have probably started using the fuel in the carb,and cut out as the mixture got through. Another issue could be the air valve is not allowing air into the fuel tank,if you tighten the cap too tight it will cause it to cut out under load,I had a similar problem with my first boat,I felt I right lemon when someone told me,not to tighten the filler cap too tight.
  17. http://www.go4awalk.com/walks/walks-in- ... -walks.php http://www.enjoythebroads.com/things-to-do/walking Couple more to look at
  18. http://www.discoverthebroads.com/compby ... tegoryID=5 Take a look
  19. I have Sky,never had an issue,mind you it comes via the BT lines
  20. Pork Scratchings Mark! You certainly know how to entertain,can I come as well? I will bring a pigs trotter and some chitterlings
  21. It will be like saying goodbye to an old friend But a new friend will emerge from it
  22. Since I have had the Ferrari,all I seem to collect is speeding tickets
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