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  1. Hope you are keeping well Gracie...x I haven't been on here for a while........ Wasnt sure what this box was all about so i thought i would leave you a message !! X 

    1. Gracie


      Hi Jason

      I have not been too well just lately but still fighting, how about youself, how are you? I know you and Sonia have had your own health problems to deal with, hope you are both well

      Thank you for your kind message, it's nice to have you back. I think if we post in this little box the whole Forum can see it if they view our profiles, if you want to keep it private we send Private Messages, I think that's how it works anyway, I may be wrong as I am a complete Tecnho Phobe lol



    2. jillR


      spot on gracie... that's how it is


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