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  1. AN OPEN LETTER FROM TEAM LION AT THURNE Thank you all for the support we have received since our opening in late may. We have now closed for work to commence on finishing the refurbishments ready for us to open for Easter time. These include secondary toilets, lobby area, new windows, fascias and guttering, staff area, new septic tank, new gas tank, secondary garden space, car park and a few finishing touches internally. Contrary to rumours we are not closing permanently but at the same time we made the decision to close earlier than planned as it wasn't financially viable to stay open any longer without getting the rest of the work done. This year has been a tough one with ill health (myself/family/staff), chef crisis after chef crisis, equipment failure, building issues and general poor luck. We have struggled our way through and have not always been at our best and we apologise to any customers we have let down this year. We have a clear idea of what we need to do going forward and are already hard at work trying to address all of the areas brought up by various people this year. This business has been the toughest challenge I have ever undertaken and it has nearly cost me my other pub in the process but we will not be beaten. Thank you to all of my amazing staff that have worked so hard to get us through. Hope to see you all next year! Rick & Staff
  2. i have ran town center pubs and there are many incidents with stray darts and pool cues we have a dart board in our 'top bar' at the white horse no room for pool tables though yep we offer it at the lion as well, normally have 26 ale, lager, cider choices but this weekend we have 32! we always offer a sample, it lends itself to what we do very nicely
  3. i love you poppy! haha. I just shouted at my manager the other day for ordering a marstons beer in (pedigree). never order from them or greene king.
  4. you would like our farrier 4.5% rich malty best bitter (6 grains, dark brown, english hedgerow hops) or our etty ann malt 3.7% low bitterness, good body, caramel notes. I brew these regular but this time of year we can't keep up
  5. no pool table or dart board, dart board will probably come when we renovate the other side of the pub. pool table may go into the arcade next year Moorings have had around 13k spent on them to make them safe and usable for the next few years. Our side is currently free and the farmers side is £4 overnight. Next year there will be a charge both sides of £5 TBC as we will be renting the farmers side. Thanks, the menu has started to expand and be tweaked already. We are nearly back up to a full kitchen team so we can tweak a bit more soon. I am awaiting some dosh to come in and i can then get a few soft furnishings to hopefully help with that. I may brew an 'Old fashioned Mynah' as one of my Christmas beers :) I have 'BASS Ale' on this weekend for our beer festival :) i need to make up a range of merchandise i think
  6. we are carefully monitoring the situation just as we have done previously at the white horse. in 3 and a bit years we have only had one large male group be unruly which resulted in someone throwing up everywhere but surprisingly when i thrust a mop into the hands of the groom he cleared it up no bother. we are hoping due to our offer we don't really attract such large groups as firstly we don't sell stella etc and most rowdy groups come in realise we are focused on craft beer and ale, have a couple and then toodle off to somewhere a bit more mainstream such as the ferry at horning (no offence meant).
  7. i think a flat fee may be best and easiest to enforce. If we start doing multiple options it could lead to confusion and logistical issues with the team trying to enforce and then redeem correctly against bills.
  8. we would pay the farmer the money he would lose out on by not being able to put private boats on his side c.12k which would enable us to then do whatever we wish with his side. the downside is we have to charge both sides then to pay for his side.
  9. thinking a flat £7/7.50 at mo to hit the rent target of 12k, the previous estimates of 2000 boats at 7.50 would give us 15k and then 12k after tax
  10. i am inclined to think it will be easiest to do a set fee at this point with no redemption so as to appease people whom want just a drink and those who wish to eat. I could see a nightmare scenario of people wanting to redeem against food and then we cant feed them if full or something like that. it would be tough to redeem against just drink as the margin isn't there to make it work financially really yes free during the day until 4pm is the plan
  11. afraid not on those yet, hoping to add a dartboard when we do the other side of pub that is currently closed off and a pool table when arcade is finished, hopefully for 6 weeks holiday
  12. Hi all, I am looking to canvas opinion on how we can proceed with our moorings down at thurne in the near future. Currently we offer free 24hr mooring down the windpump side which is ours and have carried out works to ensure that side is now safe (13k worth), the other side is owned by a local farmer whom charges £4 overnight. By the end of the summer we will need to do a deal with said farmer to keep his side able to accommodate holiday boats and not long term moorings which is his wish (financially worth alot more to him). This deal will mean we have to pay him to keep his side open as such and will set us back around 10-12k a year. So the question I am asking is what sort of fee should be considered for both sides that is fair? £5 overnight £10 overnight with it redeemable against a meal Another figure? We would love to keep it free but unfortunately have had a lot of people abusing that basis already and cant swallow the financial hit. Love to hear anyone's opinions? Rick White Horse & Lion Inn
  13. that side of the pub was condemned during our refurbishment and currently just blocked off until we decide how to proceed. Our current plans would not involve reinstating showers currently due to the cost of doing the work and on going maintenance and cleaning of them. i certainly see a demand in part for such a facility but currently money that we have very little left would be best used elsewhere in the project. rick
  14. 3 gluten free beers available and our own gin & vodka is also gluten free
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