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  1. Thats a very good point Vaughan no body seems to now how the virus is spreading apart from the obvious, hence distancing, the report of a women being infected after sitting in the same place as a carrier had in a church, didn't say how soon after, but!, my son who is a bus driver one of the drivers caught it after taking over from another driver who had but didn't know they had the virus at the time. they now sanitize between drivers the case of truck drivers in Canada who caught it from a Diesel pump, wouldn't have thought they would have touched there face straight away, very worrying you cant wash your hands on very time you open a gate etc John
  2. Hi Paul There are basically three types hydrophilic which is easier to fit, can also have more than one steering/helm wheel position this requires more space for pump and ram at each end, then there are two mechanical types a pull/pull much like rowing skiff two ropes one in each hand but more complicated requires two cable runs then there is the push/pull this has a outer case which is fixed at each end with a inner that slides back and forth one end to the rudder other end to the wheel this requires being well greased and doesn't like tight bends where the two cable type can via wheels/quadrants go round sharp bends the hydrophilic one is the choice of to day it just needs two pipes from each wheel to the rudder with tee's to as many wheels as you like, normally just two. John
  3. I would be very concerned about touching surfaces/ utensils ect after someone a stranger has touched them as this virus lasts for 72 hours on some surfaces, if on my boat i can control this ie wearing gloves when mooring and using the water point but going to shops pubs and toilets no way staying at home is the safest, where you can control your environment against others. John
  4. Hi take it to local garage or recycling site and tip in wast oil container. John
  5. Hi Floyd Cheesing is twisting the rope as you coil it on deck in a circle, as to rope i have found that the platted rope looks better but it picks up thorns or any sharp bits that then prick your hand the three stranded gives a better grip when wet, easier to keep clean and undoes easier when wet, a pr of yellow gardening gloves the rubber gripping type gives a good grip if needed and protects the hands, a bottle of TCP and a tin of water proof plasters is handy along with a bottle of crack sealer, a roll of insulating tape, sharp knife, a extending gripper to pick up dropped items that you cant reach along with a mirror on a stick, a small bottle of petrol to clean the odd bits make sure it has a good cap and dosnt leak together with some cotton rag, a small multi meter is handy to check if battery's are flat or with the ohms a bad circuit it will also check if fuses are ok boats electrics have a habit of not working for no reason userly corrosion by damp. John
  6. how can you test arrivals conclusively when the only immediate test is a thermometer for which they are tested before embarkation , then what do you do if they did test positive put them back on the plane, if they swab the mouths/nose it doesn't show if your contaminated until it has been to a laboratory, plus how soon can you be contaminated by a fellow passenger before a test shows you ether stop all flights or you lock them in a hotel/army camp for 14 days on arrival or self isolate for 14 days, not sure how a business man can do this if he has come on business ? there is bound to be some on isolation that will just pop out to get a bottle of milk when they know that they shouldn't for 14 days, until we get a immediate test i cant see how it can be done differently from what they are doing now. John
  7. Many bad reliability problems can be traced to inadequate servicing by people on bonas a lack of a touch of grease and oil can use caused many break downs and the wast oil spray on the many parts underneath the car made items rust free and reliable with easy removal when required along with the need to weld sills duo to rust this was where the non franchised garages where best, we never had to weld sills on a car providing we had it early enough userly after the first year after warranty had run out, blind adherence to the servicing book wasn't the best way for longevity of 60's to 90's cars and still to a lesser extent with modern cars where yearly oil and filter changes should be the norm regardless to what the mileage on speedo and service indicator says, and the wast oil spray. John
  8. I prefer to use a Toyota 5 Lt oil can they have a larger cap with inner sealing ring and are more user friendly, i have one on the boat and one in car. John
  9. I have had good results from Sadlin's not as shiny as varnish but stays on without cracking/flaking and easy to touch up and last's for years. John
  10. I guess if desperate enough you could try frame sealer the rubber dysulphered type 201 i use this to seal gaps it drys with a hard 'ish rubbery texture cut the nozzle large with a curve it will squish into the molding and hold in place not sure what colours other than black. John
  11. Try Veteran car parts as this type of filler was used in screen trim inserts .John
  12. Hi Paul I think the USA will be the most likely place to supply what you would like, perhaps writing to one of there boat/car magazines may get a answer. John
  13. Hi Paul HOW MUCH!!! perhaps a nympho secretary might be cheaper, perhaps you could look at what they are quoting and try sourcing yourself, i seem to think what i had was American but supply by uk company. John
  14. Hi Paul I fitted flow meters to a twin volvo petrol engined boat i only fitted two metres and one readout gauge i switched between the two with a indicator switch to reduce cost, big boy toy at the time, didn't use it much after the first rush it did show that one engine used more than the other in spite of both being tuned spot on, it did however let me run on the most economic one when only using one engine, But as smoggy said with a diesel you need double the amount of kit it will be a costly big boy toy, But will be cheaper than a ninfo secretary? not sure if you will be able to get a automatic read out, but no digital kit then like now. but quite straightforward to deduct the flow from the return flow, , can't remember where i got them from, 35 years ago now but enjoy. John
  15. Petrol is quieter, smoother, smaller, easier to work on, cheaper for servicing and repairs,BUT requires more care safty wise as petrol explodes in confined spaces and on the broads you will have to refuel by cans as there is no petrol pumps at refueling spots, and because of this they are a lot cheaper to buy. John
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