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  1. Why do you need to do any of above?? i drain down by connecting my shower drain pump via a y valve this sucks any water that is left in system after draining water i lift a hatch turn valve to open turn all the taps on switch shower pump on sit and wait for sucking sound from taps turn off, reset y valve job done i have never had any problems and i don't bother with any heating, you can't get frost damage if there is no water trapped under pressure, if you haven't got one fit drain valve at lowest accessible point with a ball 90deg handle then a pump with hose over/through side switch on drink a cup of coffee/read a book until all water is sucked out, reset valve taps go home until next year. John
  2. Hi Smitch Wrap bottom of bottles in bubble wrap this will give you a bit of wrigley space then use cement or tile adhesive with granules also line box in cling film this will enable you to remove easily at a later date without sticking to stainless. John
  3. Does anybody know if all the explosions in Syria cause ozone depletion? then there is the Australian fires John
  4. Why are you fitting the shunt on the neg side one usually fit the shunt on the live ie pos side? have you a american shunt? or does it say on the instruction to fit on neg side? if you run on the starter batt you won't charge the second batt unless the switch connects both then only domestic and then a all off, is that what you mean?. John
  5. Hi Tom If you are going to have multible btterys they should be conected like this. John
  6. It's not just about global warming there is a good case to remove pollution from our streets in towns a hybrid would do this very well the average jernery is three miles so charging overnight or at guaranteed parking spot at place of work on a 13amp plug would work with the on board geny only being used on holidays or long runs and only running to charge when out of towns nothing is going to be perfect in our lifetime of coarse reps coaches fire engines break down trucks will need to use diesel all be with filters/catalysts how many cars you see during the day in town have traveled a long distance, taxis could very easily use battery when stop/starting in town then geny kicks in when traveling at say 25mph in outskirts then when returning speed drops to 10 mph in traffic geny cuts out. anything is possible if we really want to, BUT not in my wallet or back garden. John
  7. Hi Tom Yes if you do it like that fine But in UK the pos usually goes to fuzes and switches not neg ( ie neg earth)not the other way round i guess you have a American wiring dia if the starter and alternator cables go to the pos batt terminal be very very careful to avoid cables touching at dash best to take everything from the one terminal ie in england the pos terminal with negative to earth, if all your wire terminals are as picture i recommend you replace all the crimped ends with new ones that are first dipped in vaseline then crimped , you will be getting high resistance if your other terminals are like ones in picture. John
  8. Hi Shunts shouldn't be connected to the battery terminals but in the cable. sorry but your connectors are all wrong you have no vaseline protection on connectors, suggest you remove all the cables and batt terminal wire brush all surfaces smear with vaseline and reconnect then cut off ends of cables smeared with vaseline then recrimped if unable to solder which is best, if possible bolt shunt on bulkhead and redirect cables to this then run one thick cable from shunt to battery smearing ends with vaseline on all surfaces, then when you replace/remove battery you won't damage/disturb cables. HAVE you no battery switch this ideally should be connected by cable from pos term then to switch then to starter and by seperate cable to shunt then on to fuses, it is good practise to have a inline fuze between battery and shunt after any other take offs with the exception of starter. John
  9. Hi Hazelgirl Ditto you just reminded me we were on a hospital circuit and in the 70's never got cut of when rest of town and always had mums dinner, even when my brother's and sisters were born as a home help came and did dinner while mother was in bed with babies, do they still have them, home helps?. John
  10. Hi I would advise the heaviest one you can manage or better still get a winch then weight no problem and no bad back or shoulder muscles. John
  11. We often use to stop there but the grass never got cut so you couldn't see where you were putting your feet which made it to dangerous to step off, there use to be dozens of boats moored all along that bank it was a easy place to moor with the path a the top of the bank easy to see and walk at night. It could be well used again with a little tlc outside on the bank. John
  12. It would encourage people to stop if they cut the grass along the bank and put some posts in so you could see to moor and tie up, along with a light or flag to show when they are open all ways looks shut, perhaps it is ?. . John
  13. Hi Get a telescopic support pole from Bailey & Stone stick a velcro tape on top and cover they will supply these this will stop it slipping/moving in wind but still removable when on board. John
  14. Hi Jenni It's Tollesbury nr Malden not Malvin in Essex nr Colchester for Wilks, they do fendering as well they have a showroom on site. John
  15. Hi Jeani Wilks at Malvin nr Colchester rolls, panels,etc the teak affect decking looks almost real.John
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