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  1. annv

    International Perfection

    Jotuns two pack doesn't have a under coat the density of the paint covers well,it does still need good prep of surface fill scraps and prime then before top coat clean surface with cleaner tac wipe then paint. John
  2. annv

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hi Floyd just noticed that i didn't put the distance ie no less than two inches between tip and under side of hull. John
  3. annv

    International Perfection

    Hi Mitch Why not wait till May when conditions would be good this will give you time to strip of all old paint and prep for a good two pack paint job it will be dry not to hot with long days of daylight and light/no wind to blow dust on drying paint or hang up a curtain of hessian or poly sheeting on poles guyed at intervals, and if you block the boat North/South you can apply the paint in shadow with sun later to harden it off. John
  4. annv

    International Perfection

    Hi Mitch Two pack uses a chemical reaction which causes heat hence temperature and humidity constraintsts Jotun do a winter two pack hardener which may be better. to check if your paint is two pack get a rag soaked in cellulose thinners and hold on a aeria of paint if no reaction you have a paint that will take two pack. best way is to remove ALL paint down to gel coat preparation prevents a poor job. and only mix a small amount at a time otherwise you will be throwing a lot away and once laid don't go over it like you do with varnish,whoop it on and leave it. John
  5. annv

    Windlass Wanted

    Hi Mitch Have you thought about how you will fit it on the bows, do you have access for a reinforcement plate and access to the bolts/nuts underneath the front bows, many boats have sealed fore decks. will you leave it dangerling or will you lift it on the deck, this will be difficult to do. sorry to maybe dishearten you but winches can be expensive to buy and fit ,unless you can do DIY, and do need thinking ahead to remove disappointment. If you find it hard to break the initial suction, drive the boat forward with the engine to break the weight out, then pull it up onto the deck. Best of luck. John
  6. annv

    Winter Cruising

    Hi John If the boat you get has shore power and you have a under electric blanket or evan buy one they are not dear this will remove the damp feal you get when first getting into bed, and if cold can be left on at night. warm air if left on at night drys the air and can be noisy. in march you should be able to moor on a electric mooring, but i'm sure the sun will shine and it will be warm and dry, a large umbrella each is a good thing to have with you to keep your clothes dryish. Best of luck .John
  7. annv

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hi Floyed There should be a minimum distance between the tip of propeller and bottom of hull and if you can get full/max revs on engine in still deep water the prop size is ok, if unable to, prop is to large or pitch is not correct hull should be clean at time of test. a slightly lower max rev is prefillable to too over revving which is why hire boats tend to be over propped to prevent this. John
  8. annv

    Well Done Lewis

    If tax avourdence is used/misused change the law, He will have to live outside the country for more than six months of the year he will not get any N H S coverage, but i guess he can afford private .I do think that to get a UK honour they should stand to attention and not move and if appropriate sing the words to the National Anthem when played at public events. this should be the first requirement from every person before they should be put forward before being considered for any honour or award. John
  9. Hi Colin Just tell them you want it for a static caravan and want propane jets, they often come with these any way or can be specified when ordering, this what i did for my present boat. John
  10. annv

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    Hi Maurice Yes technology increases with leaps and bounds all though it, surprising that a battery NiFe that was invented in early 1900 hundreds before the internal combustion engine was invented is still the most efficient pound for amps power sauce ie £0=22p per cycle, Lead Acid at £1=00 per cycle, compared with a AGM at £1=50 per cycle, it does have its size weight disadvantage. This is the one i will go for if build another boat ie a Hybrid which i think is the future . John
  11. Hi Clive I was referring to a Hybrid drive ie a small diesel engine running a generator (max efficiency) with a large battery bank with electric motor drive, with ability to be charged up over night with shore power or generator if power drops to low. most boat engines are to powerful most of the time, but you do need the extra power over say Brayden against the tide then back to 1/4 power to cruise with the tide, If i build another boat this s the way i will do it ,it looks very attractive with very low running costs and less maintenance with bomb proof controls, very like Hydraulic drive is without the power loss, and very green and silent. John
  12. Hi Clive How will the ventilation work i love the practical merits of hopper windows for lots of air and know leaks, BUT they aren't the most attractive solutions for boat windows,and air con on a hire boat is impractical. The new boat looks very attractive, well done you? you must be very pleased. Will you try electrice drive ,there has been some good improvement lately with brushless motors and digital control . John
  13. annv

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    Hi Ray There's not much techniel demand for boat batteries as they have plenty of space without any weight problems unlike a car whare space and weight are the main problems and with fast charging needs unlike boats whare cost is the main criteria followed by longevity, John
  14. annv

    October Where?

    OOh do i get a prize how exciting i can't wait,thanks John
  15. annv

    Ahoy There!

    Hi Alk First a remote steer outboard! they all wander you can prevent this by attaching a sail to the leg they are available from marine outlets. Second the hull will be vibra glass what you see s nothing to do with the hull integrity just pull it all out to reveal the hull, then wash clean with detergent and a antibacterial cleaner. allow to dry and then paint when you replace the floor?? drill holes so that the air can venterlat the space to keep it sweet, the leaks in superstructure need fixing. When you are not using it it is most important to allow lots of ventilation to prevent condensation, this will give you a nice dry non smelling boat to enjoy. John

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