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  1. Hi it looks like a Marelli alternator French crap throw use it as a mud weight also your connections look very corroded i would advise you to rectify them or at last soak then in penetrating oil, otherwise if its working now !!!! John
  2. Hi just had a thought the interior light is not controlled by the thermostat but by door switch which comes from supply check crimped connections for corrosion. John
  3. i prefer that corner as you don't get bumped and the tv signal is a lot better there and less distance to the pub. John
  4. Hi ignition light comes on when there is no charge coming from armature this can be brushes worn/sticking, control box or what is most likely LOOSE/corroded wire connections,especially on a boat, people will just crimp wire onto connectors without greasing bare wire first,laziness, check all connections clean with emery paper remake cropped joints first dipping in vaseline if this doesn't cure the problem and if you have a alternator with a cassette this contains the brushes and control box held on with two screws on rear end of alternator at the rear of alternator can be changed without remov
  5. switch cleaner doesn't work as it won't break of the crud that builds up when point arc, diamond switch file or nail file, if not a new thermostat or complet fridge BUT!! check wiring and connectors on fridge first before you lash out. John
  6. Just to add you could try turning thermostat dial back and forth it could just be contacts on bimetallic strip corroded or if able use nail file to clean points. John
  7. It sounds like a thermostat problem go on line with make model ect and see what comes up, as you are on a mooring instead of blowing try connecting the water hose to your inlet pipe a short length of copper pipe will suffice this will unblock/flush through any growth that might be there also pump handle with inlet hose disconnected see if any change,could try tipping some veg oil into suction hose connector. if these dont work strip down pump assemble only pozy screws with rubber seals when reassembling smear with vaseline and the screw threads John
  8. Its never been a separate 24hr mooring only part of the end 24hr mooring if a long boat needs it, its more a maneuvering area for the end mooring. John
  9. Hi Has inlet pipe have a shut of valve and is it open failing that remove hose from toilet and blow through it if clear a little cheap vegetable oil in the pan will lubricate the seals and makes pumping a lot smoother and easier. fridge check fuse by removing/ twisting /cleaning/ end contacts then apply a smear of vaseline then check battery voltage( is battery fully charged and no dead cells especially if it hasn't been on a maintenance float charge over lay up, then the voltage at the fridge, it's always the ends/contacts then turn state up and down can you hear a click if these are all ok
  10. I read this as a no mooring, unless you are a long boat moored in the corner and stick out into this area if a boat is moored there it would/could box the boat in that is moored at the end in the corner and has another boat moored close to his side which happens in busy times i often moor there and if i have a long boat moored on my starboard/right side and a boat that was larger than a dingy it would prevent me coming out far enough to swing right passed the bow of the boat that was moored at my side. John
  11. And last for ever with regular oil & filter changes. John
  12. Hi Nick you do not have to go through Yarmouth at low water i often go through 1 1/2 hours either side of high water, this depends on your air draft of course and how high /low the tide is, normal high tide should give you 6 feet clearance through the bridges, a call nearer the day to the quay attendants will give you how near to high tide you will get through, you will use more diesel punching the tides but it's your wallet. Enjoy your holiday break, oh one other thing there are lots of places you can wild moor just make sure you have mooring pins and a hammer before you leave the boatyar
  13. Hi Nick You dont say where you wish to over night is your idea to sail morning until dusk covering as much ground as possible or a more leisurely in which case stay south unless you like mud and reeds. John
  14. Hi Foxy you need a cable sufficient to carry the max load you intend to use, boats tend to have more electrical items than caravans and the distance from the supply is often greater, Arctic cable is more suited as it is more pliable when cold than cheaper leads, colour ie blue 240v yellow 110v is mandatory on building sites for safty where different voltages are used.2'5 blue artic cable is the one to choose for most applications on most boats,as you may wish to add more items in the future this will also carry safely the 16 amps max supply that is mostly available on moorings John
  15. A ladder is no good on the side or stern of a boat unless it has legs to stand out/of from the hull or the steps are very wide you need to be able to put your instep on the rungs also if used to get back out of the water it needs to be at least two foot below the surface to be able to lift your feet up on the lowest rung, steps are much more stable to use as boarding asist's they wont move when you step on them, and a lanyard tied on to the step will stop it blowing away if tied to the rail and not lost. John
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