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  1. Theres nothing difficult with crossing Brayden! Yarmouth Yacht station is the only thing to be concern with and thats only in getting the air gap correct. John
  2. Perhaps you should buy the doctor a g&t when you meet him in your local. John
  3. annv

    Rip "winkle"

    Yes his cook was Scottish he got left behind when his boat went back to Scotland he didn't know the way back so ended up at winkle's where there was plenty of beer, he use to go to Lowerstorft on Friday morning to get the cod from the docks. John
  4. Hi It makes very good sense to have back up, as in our case we can be there in 10 minutes even if they have go out side and bring them in off the street we dont want to wast a single dose. John
  5. annv

    Rip "winkle"

    Lovely Chap proper landlord it was a joy to go in, in spit it being a dangerous pub, had many a ear bending when i got back to boat. John
  6. Hi It was the PFIZER one i had as regards age you couldn't tell the ages as all had masks n there was one Chines otherwise all English, Both wife and i still no side effects so far.. John
  7. Hi I had my jab yesterday very well organized at local surgery, booked in, queued out side then called in, answered some questions then asked what arm i would like it in i felt the swab more then the injection( not sure i had one ) then given a card with type and date with a space for date of second one along with a leaflet telling what side effects you might get, went outside where i showed a volunteer the time i had it then had to sit in marquee for 15 minutes, even had a large clock on the wall in case you didn't have a watch, when you got up to leave another person came up and wiped t
  8. Yes very interesting congrats to for a clean work space. John
  9. Perhaps he had been there so long it had gone off. John
  10. I remember witnessed a accident, a van knocked a scooter over at a cross roads , scooter didn't stop at stop sign, when i read the local paper next day the paper said furniture lorry knocks cyclist over at named cross road cyclist taken to hospitable, i have never believed the press since. John
  11. Back in the 70's i worked for the home office for a short while, they had stores all around the country userly aircraft hangers stuffed full of every thing you could imageion from eye baths, bandages hypodermic needles to sand bags hammers nails sterupe pumps, along with in Subrory a hanger of fire engines not called green goddesses then just Bed ford 4x4 or 2x4 pumps, hoses portable pumps these were periodically inspected and if not up to spec sold of and replaced, all held for a emergency you would be amazed what the government does for your safty behind the seans,Perhaps it would be a good
  12. Hi It has to have a fixed electric pump, a hand operated fixed pump and depending on size of boat a portable pump usely a electric one this is to conform with the CE desertification i went through all this when i registered my new build you should also have a sign saying how many people along with luggage weight prominently fixed along with two certificate no plates one prominently and one hidden often under the battery, i guess your boat is less than ten years old. now we are out of EU this will still be required so you can sell your boat if it doesn't have a registration you cant sell it fr
  13. Hi Vaughan has your daughter sad how many they are able to inoculate a day, i think the logistics will be the biggest problem it's not as if they can line them up in car park with sleeves rolled up with three people people administering the vaccine as they walk by aca military service days, our practice did the flu vaccine in the car park lot warmer then, i have been for a blood test recently it was done at the park and ride site four booths/tents at a time, took ten/fifteen minutes per car, a persons mobility will have a significant impact until they get lower down the age scale. John
  14. Hi Ian just tried that there are lots of sites to choose from, which is the best one just a bit paranoid that clicking on to wrong site may be problematic. John
  15. Thanks for that Ian i'l give t a try . John
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