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  1. I often wonder why the mother and child bays are right outside the entrances where it is most busy, mothers with child are not usually disabled and have mobility problems and if there child ran of when lifting them from the car on to the ground they are more likely to get run over where if they moved this type of bay to one side where less movement it would be safer for the child and less likely to be used by non conformers who are just nipping in to shop. John
  2. The Beauchamp is another case where the BA dont help the caravans would not have been seen from the river and could have made the pub viable with a long stretch of moorings at a wide stretch of remote not particularly beautiful area available to boats, a games room and swings for children away from river bank there use to be all these until Ba stopped it, pub then goes down hill and no use to any one. Very short sited in my opinion. John
  3. Hi Be aware that many cheap LEDs can overheat and catch fire only use accredited one's from reliable sources ie Wards/Bedazzled, Bedazzel has a good website with information on this. John
  4. Hi Coryton First mud weighting you drop a weight from the bow usually this anchors the boat to the bottom but it will swing depending on the direction of the wind and tide this is not a issue providing you moor/mud weight far enough away from any obstacles and allow a certain amount of spare slack to allow for a rising tide not necessary if done at high tide, as you will then drop and have more slack, you also need a little slack so the rope is not vertical but at a angle which allows less pull on rope, it can be irritating if using the teli as the aerial wll move and lose the signal hence some use a additionaltal weight to stop this. Mooring to the bank if you take the rope from the fursite cleat this will give you more scoop so as you drop/rise it pulls/shortains the rope less,additily if you tie off further away along the bank also gives more scoop, it doesn't matter if the boat moves along the bank or away as long as you don't step of without checking the gap between bank and boat. Why would you want a escape dinghy your not going to sink are you, only useful to get to the pub. don't worry it will be all right on the night thousands manage with out any misshape just use a bit of common sense you don't park your car close to another so's not able to open your door do you!. Just bring a largest torch with spare battery and a tape/string if you wear glasses and a pair of gardening gloves can be useful along with antacid tablets if you suffer from indigestion. Enjoy your holiday . John
  5. I think a lot of reliability issues rust aside are down to how it is driven a classic example was the Viva HA which if you kept your foot on the clutch when stationary would wear the small thrust bearing which then allowed the crankshaft to move forward and tip the pistons which then caused bore wear and high oil consumption and then engine failure, leaving front wheel drive vehicles on full lock caused gaiters to split then wear to the joint. John
  6. Absolutely correct i would like to add in the absence of road markings to the contrary, a roundabout near here now has road markings that indicate keeping in right hand lane to turn right and to go straight on, but still some stay in left hand lane to go straight on perhaps specsavers or do drivers not look about them when driving and concentrate on what they are doing, perhaps this is why boats hit low bridges. John
  7. I find Geocel 201 works well or any car gasket rubber sealant if a small tube will do, don't tighten fully until it's cured and make sure surface/hole is clean/ dry and any loose material is removed, if wood core is rotten dig out and DRY out and then use Gorilla past but smear screw threads with vaseline otherwise you won't be able to remove/unscrew in the future. John
  8. annv


    It doesn't matter how good and reliable a boat engine is and its setup/configuration, if it is not suitable for the job it it's doing it won't be reliable, broads boats have there prop protected by a large size skeg and many have two raw water filters or are keel cooled, harbour boats are designed to work in wide open deep waters and have a high speed to get to work sites and don't work in muddy shallow reed infested waters. The R N L I use inflatables or hover craft for shallow waters, perhaps asking the local workboat operators for their advice might be a sensible way to get the right replacement next time.John
  9. Hi Bob Yes that's the way to destroy a battery, it's not good practice to test a leisure batteries with a battery discharge tester as they have thin plats and they are not designed to give a large currant unlike starter batteries which have thicker plates and designed to give a large currant for a short time using a hydrometer gives best results as each cell can be different. John
  10. Hi Paul M I G would be best are you hiring one or buying one, small mig welders come with small aerosol canisters so no need for large bottles just cheaper than aerosols, check face mask for pits as they can be difficult to see through if badly pitted. John
  11. Perhaps the BA are going to have toll plate recognition cameras to catch non payers that only pan on the bow. John
  12. Hi Bob Sterling do positive shunts if you want currant flow. John
  13. Yes i endorse what Steve o says its amazing the difference in taste and texture of real pigs blood and not dried black pudding. John
  14. Hi Bob Having the batt switch in the neg earth is not the best way but!! yes you can do this but knowing the charge rate of the alternator is not a lot of use it would be better and cheaper and easier to get two volt meters one for each batt bank these will tell you how much is in the batterys and how much charge each is taking. i would surjest a inteligant altenator regulator to maximise the potentail of its capisity along with quicker charging along with a split charge diode to isolate the two banks so you dont flatten the starter batt, and chage the batt leads so that the pos goes to one batt and neg attaced to other batt this will work both batts rather then the first one with the other one trailing still keep the pos and neg connected ie parrail you most likly will only need to mov the neg or pos to the other battery. John
  15. Hi Cris As Ray said why not stay in yard first night there is a very nice restaurant to the left out of the gate opposite the Stathe you then have the village and Tesco's for any last minute must have.all the moorings are on the left as you sail up to the Stathe the ones on the right belong to boat yard. John
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