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  1. Hi Roy divide calcific by 36 this will give you rough kWh. John
  2. Hi Roy My gas meter reads in cubic meters but charges in Kwh Joules is the energy in each m3 on one of my bills is 305 units m3 = 3387 kWh hope this helps you could google the formula. so roughly times ten. John
  3. Mind you Mike the number of car drivers that cant reverse park is amazing also part of there test. John
  4. Hi Nitro mores is the industry product not sure on fibre glass but if you want to remove sign writing from vehicle cellulose finishes Oven off will do this without damaging the vehicle paint finish, or last resort elbow grease works well and is safe. John
  5. Hi The covid problem has exasperated the problem of drivers with the DVLC cancelling driver tests to replace natural wastage plus the number that are self isolating means more shortage. My son tells me that they have a number of bus drivers leaving to take up HGV jobs for the extra money, John
  6. Hi Also Hydrogen has containment issues with some materials that could cause leaks, this means i believe that it will only be viable in big/large industrial uses as a burnable fuel, hydrogen used in a fuel cell producing electricity is another more violable means and is used for this on boats now. John
  7. Hi Andy The chips are from China i have had awnings for front of my bungalow( couldn't get British we dont make any more had to have German) should have been fitted early August brackets (British) fitted still waiting control boxes there's no chips waiting to come from China, not just us, we are to reliant on china for to many things, my be we will learn from this and wake up and make more here even if bit drearier we can then control more, NHS has now sourced PT items here instead of abroad Gr! . John
  8. Hi Neil A hydrogen engine needs a spark to ignite the fuel bit difficult with diesel engine with out changing the head, petrol engine yes, much like propane powered adapted petrol engines are although they are less efficient but if fuel is cheaper!!, and emission's are less of cause, but at what cost, hydrogen is also difficult to contain, electric is still cheapest and easiest option so far, BUT the future may change things. John
  9. Hi Neil You wont be able to convert existing diesel engines. John
  10. Hi Jackson I suggest you only use F.A.M.E free diesel or the new Gas diesel you then wont get diesel bug and if your engine old a deterioration of the rubber seals and hoses. John
  11. Hi Kevin You re correct tie to hotel and pay tie to bridge side free although there is little to tie to, one of my favourite safe mooring spots on a windy day sitting on rear of boat or on hotel chair with a pint looking at the free entertainment of boats trying to get through bridge or moor to quay heading prier to bridging. John
  12. Hi Vaughan Perhaps if you had contacted Kubota direct who's factory is at Thame Oxfordshire they would be cheaper, Nanni would have just been the middle man adding there commission to the factory price as no doubt Beta and Peachmounts would do for Kubota engine parts unless it was a non engine part that they have manufactured to complete the marinizing build. John
  13. Hi Nanni dont make engines they adapt engines often Kubota just like beta and peachments do they get the base engine from manufactures and marinize them, the base engines can be refurbished/reconditioned. John
  14. Hi Indi Rather difficult on a hampton as engine housing is in the way only real place would be in front of dash /side of helm, perhaps a change of boat is called for as these boats are rather cramped to live on ok with shore power as you can have hot air or hot water diesel powered heaters BUT they do use battery power which needs a power source, not enough room for solar panels with a big battery bank. John
  15. Hi Neil Hydrogen fuel is used to produce electricity via a fuel cell then drive a electric motor not burned to go bang quite safe on a boat and will pass the bsc, John
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