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  1. annv

    Return To Boating 2019

    Hi David suggest you take a length of clothesline/rope to tie to the steps you won't lose them then, it also makes it easy to retrieve it from the boat when you return and the boat has gone up or down, we have a step and if we hadn't tied it on we would have lost it many a time, they don't float or wind blows them.John
  2. Hi just remembered the name of boat storage it's Gallian boat storage, puddingmoor lane, Beccles this would be your best bet for hassle free and bookable quay heading to launch your boat. There are also the two boat yards at St Olaves they will have a cost/charge but hassle free good access,hope this helps. John
  3. Hi Hadisco bridge new cut,somerlation quay and yard also, Rockland St Mary stath, old ferry quay heading opposite Bramerton, side of new bridge Beccles, the boat yard in Pudding more lane Beccles forget name they do boat storage and stacking, all have hard standing if boats moored and blocking ???? you could always ask them to move,and fisherman.John
  4. annv

    Passing Through Gt Yarmouth

    I do tend if going up stream through Yarmouth like to go against the tide this gives more control when passing the yacht station if you have to keep to close to right if oncoming boats are in the middle this is slower but more control and you can hold stationary if someone is mooring up, then moor at the windmill and wait for tide to change grab a ice cream feed the donkeys and get a paper ect.John
  5. annv

    Passing Through Gt Yarmouth

    No issues rearly except height clearance i go through when convenient not necessarily low water its a bit of a drag going against the current across Braydon, when going down the Bure with the Tide you have Right of way with on coming boats you do have to watch out for hirers trying to moor but they usually do this at low water and they will be on your Port side. try to keep to left hand sideish as you approach the bend yust before the Yacht station there is a sharpish turn as you come up to the boatyard on your right.John
  6. annv

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    62 ppl for diesel and 63 ppl for petrol in Jersey 51 ppl in new fuel berth all non bio and low sulfur JohnI
  7. annv


    Older Webasto heaters are prone to be susceptible to lower voltages, my last boat had a webasto heater over thirty years old if the voltage was down a tad, it did on cold days need just that little bit more,I replaced it with a new one, the difference was remarkable but if at £2000=00 was it worth it!!!!. You can get a lot of start ups for that amount.John
  8. annv

    Comfy Helm Seat

    Oh On my last boat i used a front seat from a car leather covered adjust front and back with recline adjustment i got it from scrap yard.John
  9. annv

    Comfy Helm Seat

    Hi smitch I us a directors chair it lifts for height adjustment swivels and reclines with a high back, leather covered seat and back with armrests very comfortable, came from Staples office equipment. John
  10. annv

    Tv Aerial

    The mounting is for roof fixing if you mounted it sideways it could slip out as it just slides into the roof mounting. I haven't tried it on its side all though we do remove it to the deck when negating low bridges, not sure if it still works as iam steering,it certainly works ok when sailing along, in tennis season. John
  11. annv

    Thumbs Up For The BA

    If it was the younger chap he is very chatty and helpful in fact they both are very helpful,they are employed seasaneley. John
  12. annv

    River Wensum

    Hi Cal Yes there are moorings at quay side and out side pub on the bridge (can't remember the name) there is the old mooring that the trip boat used ,there's good depth until just before the new mills,i turn at the trip boat mooring it's wire there. John
  13. annv

    The Ingham Swan

    Sprinklers are the way to go stayed at a mill last month they have sprinklers everywhere even in the bathroom three in our bedroom overkill i thought BUT!! John
  14. annv

    Tv Aerial

    Hi I have no problem with these area's if my mast blocks the line i then have ghosting ect i just lower the mast and if a tree is close and in line of site at this time of the year, have you checked the fuse its only half an amp .John
  15. annv

    Tv Aerial

    Hi Smitch I find a Ballard works just fine its small a tennis ball on a stick its inconspicuously and doesn't get in the way only dodgy area is Bremerton Brian Ward at Brundle sells them.John

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