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  1. annv

    Ropes Like Ours

    I personally don't like braided rope for mooring, it looks nice but i find it picks up all the thorns and any prickly rubbish that's laying on the ground.John
  2. annv

    Brundall From The Air

    Thanks Sueh and Ian I thought that if they wanted less people they paid redundancy, and if uniansd last in first out, if you ask for less money can you stay? strange carry on. Thanks. John
  3. annv

    Need Help Please

    Hi Lucy Why do you want a slipway with a winch, if the boat is on a trailer you reverse trailer in water and float boat of, recovery in reverse order. John
  4. annv

    Brundall From The Air

    Hi why did he have to apply for a job he already had, surely if you work for a business you eather 1= get fired. 2= get redundancy 3= leave of your own accord, i must be missing something, or am i to old. John
  5. annv

    Playing Norfolk Trains

    Hi Vaughan beautiful models! very well done ,I remember going on the train to hunstanton for day out on a sunday as a child,the carriages were packed, bucket and spades, deck chairs ,shopping bags for towels food and drink. always seemed to be sunny. John
  6. annv

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Or they could just pull a plow behind a boat on a ebb tide the flow would take the mud away and dump t out to sea. John
  7. annv

    BA And Their Tide Tables

    A owner of a boat yard said to me some years ago that if you kept the old tide books after so many years they will be correct again less year date ! Does anybody know of this. I have a drawer full of old tide table books.John
  8. annv

    Where Is This Mooring?

    The bay is on the other side of what was two Banksmans cottages which were knocked into one, now its been completely redone to a very high standard they even have boat elevators to keep keels clean in the new boat shed,they don't own the mooring, the farm dose, you can walk to the new bridge from their, but there is no footpath as such, only on Suffolk side, this goes from Beccles to oulton broad or catch the on demand ferry at the Waveney River Centre to walk to St Olaves.John
  9. annv

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    A easier and cheaper way would be to cut a channel across the road from NBD to old Connourse yard with a Peggas style rolling/lift bridge. Or get a grant from EU to demolish and rebuild using the old stones to clade a new structure with a extra two foot clearance, the bridge has been condemned as not up to spec for a A class road, they were going to do this that's why for many years there was room for a bailey bridge at the side , they then let NBD build their new office complex on the spot of one end of temporary bailey bridge ,now they have to have a ring road around southern side of Wroxham, possibly better for residence and traffic but not for boats.John
  10. annv

    Easy One Here, Where's This?

    Lowestoft outer harbour entrance. John
  11. annv

    Where Is This Mooring?

    Its on the Norfolk side of the Waveney on the approach to Beccles just short of the sailing club.John
  12. Hi Griff It will soon they have gote to build it on stilts to cross the Wenson rivor and flood plain in Wenson valley lots of neuts, frogs, butter flys etc plus all the pilling.John
  13. annv

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Looks very smart nice attention to detail.John
  14. annv

    Smart Meters

    You can refuse the new meters it's another gov co-up the eu said that IDEALLY all meters should be changed for new smart type other governments choose to have one type only our idiots left it up to each supplier, result many incompatible meters result new supplier new meter/different meter and if you change supplier you go on the higher rate until the meter is changed a sneaky way of dissuading you to change supplier. The suppliers are forcing people to change to smart meters to stop them being charged by govt penalties. Perhaps Brexit will enable use to not have to comply with EU ruling on this!!! John
  15. annv

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    I went to a model boat show there was a chap there that sold sounds i bought one for a destroyer that whop-whOP-WHOP i played it a couple of times through loud speaker on the boat as i came round too a club do bit childish but!!!. They all thought the royal navy was coming.John

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