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    the management has gone to pot they lost my support when they sacked a lifeboat volunteer for indulging in big boys games with a visiting lifeboat crew from abroad at there boat house in their own time, anybody that risks their life for others and for no pay and reward gets my respect every time.. John
  2. Hi you could use Boatshed they take pictures and advertize it on line and acompaney viewers you can still use it in the meantime or put it in a brokers sales yard/ mariner and wash your hands of it, or advertise it here. John
  3. Some small fishing boats in Malta had three engines it wasn't for speed but safty according to the fisherman had many a argument/discussion over a beer on this. John
  4. Yes that is all very well BUT they don't pay out £5000 pounds extra, if they sit on their back sides the overall cost per year is the same, so why not tow to POST WICK and hawkout with their crain perhaps 1/2 gall diesel for crain engine perhaps, i would go down and give them 1/2 gall if it means that much to their accounts. John
  5. What about a boat hook if close enough. John
  6. Why would it cost £5000=00 plus ? Ranger pulls along side ties on, tows boat to Post Wick Yard, lifted out with their crane onto their junk yard and crushed with their crane bucket metal and sold for scrap, firba glass buried in the BA tip wood recycled all with their own equipment/premises, How much!!!. John
  7. Could be the answer to a broads /sea boat center one for the broads all for sea and with double the safty factor. John
  8. Hi It is best practise to have a automotive battery just for the engine and leisure batteries in one or more banks for everything else, using a split charging system both banks get charged at the same time with most going to leasure bank then no likelihood of forgetting to switch switches, the engine battery can't then run flat, you will always be able to start the engine. John
  9. Hi if not near Peachments I get mine from a agricultural merchant its ISO 42 centra stroke oil , is best for this country BUT i have a Parker F12/80 pump which may be different oil to yours check with peachment or dealer for equivalent to the EQUIVAS that Vaughan said it should have. ATF is a automatic gearbox oil and is a red colour hydraulic oil is usually clear colour, and as with most their is a cheap type and a premium one best is best. John
  10. It is also important to check electrolyte level, many so called sealed batteries have a filler cap hidden under the label on top of the battey. John
  11. It often helps if the air flow to the base of the fridge comes from the bilges as this is much colder than cabin air temperature, as is often said ventilation ,ventilation. John
  12. Hi Tom As you have just bought it i would check the fuel tank for water that collects in the bottom from condensation, more so on petrol as people don't tend to keep petrol fuel tanks full over winter unlike diesel. petrol tanks don't have a drain of tap to purge water from bottom of tank like diesel one's do, weight/tip the boat over to the fuel filler side leave for a while then with a 1/4 inch length of hose insert to lowest corner of tank through filler and suck/pump out into clear container you will see the difference between petrol and water, you my well find that the bottom of tank has water in it this is from condensation that accumulates over time, and when it gets high enough to reach the fuel outlet pipe level then collects in bottom of carburetor bowls affecting the slow speed running fuel mixture. John
  13. Hi check around carb and look at all the little hose connections they often perish and let air into carb giving it a lower fuel mixture at slow tick over engine speeds it is not noticeable at higher higher speeds if all ok, remove air hose on top of carb rev engine up at the same time place your hand NO RAG over the carb inlet at the same time flip the throttle open to increase vacuum and flush petrol through jets, as engine stalls/slow down remove your hand before it stalls and gently rev the engine up this will hopefully suck/clean the residue from the jets that accumulate from petrol when it drys out you should always turn the fuel off and run the engine dry when leaving it for any length of time, if you have a diaphragm fitted it could have a pin hole in it through pershing, which will need replacing, couldn't see what carbs you have but petrol leaves a shellac stain on brass when it drys out and the jets are made of brass. if this doesn't work you will need a engineer to check it over. if you have two engines it is good policy to only run one at a time as they often don't get run fast enough on the broads due to speed restrictions.John
  14. Hi Gorden The sterling four stage charger i use with my Waeco fridge works fine not cheap but if i disconnect the shore power it then supplies 240 volts from batteries but if i switch this off the fridge automatically switches over to batt power which is charged by solar when engine not running. you do need at least a 50 amp wire or larger from the battery to the fridge depending on distance from battery all connections need vaseline or simmerler to prevent corrosion in the marine environment. this is why marine is more cost easily, shown when comparing with cookers for caravans and the identical marine one often double the price of land based one.The fridge shouldn't use more power on 12 volt then 240 volt providing the size of cable is adequate, if shore power is available to run a charger why charge a battery to run the fridge which will run on 240 volts as well as 12 volts, by all means have a separate 12 volt supply to fridge, but if the battery doesn't last/ runs flat and fridge stops working you eatheir have a duff battery or not enough batteries. to run a fridge between battery charging solar is often the answer as more sun/and heat more power used and supplied for free, solar could also work out cheaper than a 4 stage battery charger which you need if connected to the batteries 24/7 and with the added ability to maintain your batteries fully charged when boat not being used and allow them to last longer. John
  15. Hi Starbrite Try MG cars at Swavesey, Cambridgeshire they have oil coolers for mg's that us the same basic block, is there no manufacturer's name on the casting somewhere?. John
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