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  1. We import a lot of our Diesel from Russia we wont need to buy it from them.John
  2. No mention is made for reinstating the electric posts, hope this happens at the same time as with the pilling being moved forward and supply already being there it would be as cost effective as you could get. John
  3. Hi Frank 20 foot should do i have never had to use more than this you will trip over it if more. John
  4. Marinising a engine is mostly enclosing the exhaust manifold in a water jacket otherwise it would get red hot and cooling the sump oil, this is not needed on vehicles as there is a flow of air around the sump and exhaust system to keep them cool, the sump oil also helps to cool the interior of the engine, And like any low production item like marinising/altering a engine adds to costs. John
  5. Hi Scraggs It is noise it would make. and the size of the air intakes and exhaust air exits would have to be, these would have to be in the hull which would unsightly noisy and if boat tipped let water in water cooled 3/4 inch hole with valve to let water in a then squirt/direct into exhaust system cooling the exhaust pipe and gasses which exit the rear/side low down to direct the fumes away from persons. your air cooled engine will have the exhaust going vertically through roof along with cooling air difficult to do on a holiday boat. John
  6. Hi Thiswan Rise and fall at beccles between a foot and two foot you can moor at the yacht station even if not open its all open park land, to wait for the tide same at the other side coming back at the lido/swimming pool some of the bends can be shallow on the inside at low water. John
  7. As Islander/Colin has said that is the best way this is how mine is, except my second accumulator/pressure vessel is in the hot supply pipe. one other advantage is if you flush the toilet at night the pump doesn't come on as there is pressure in the system to provide water. I have a Bristan shower taps which is temp controlled and stops the shower from fluctuating between hot and cold. Baily & stone sell the telescopic poles with a plastic dome on top you can stick a velcro patch on top to keep in place and stop it from sliding off when supporting a cover. John
  8. annv


    Hi Smich Two 100/105/110 Ahc will be the cheapest as they are used by most people, i use the ones from Multi Cell in Norwich they are the cheapest £65 and as good as any others, the last time i bought four you could have lithium but very expensive and not worth the extra for every day boating, liverboards and synticat perhaps. I would recommend a solar panel as this will keep your batteries topped up and increase the longevity and i would connect the starter battery to the solar as well, you can get a dual charging regulator for almost the cost of a single ported one. Engine batt does your engine start easily or some do you need to crank over a lot before it fires up, if easy 85 amp if not a 95/100 one, a ordinary vehicle battery is best and cheapest, physical size my be a issue. when you connect the domestic batteries up in parrial have the pos feed wire on one batt and the neg on the other one this makes them work as one, most people connect pos on the same battery as the neg this works the first one more than the second one, the same applys to three or four batteries connect to the end ones, four is the most you want to connect up for a 12 volt systems, make sure you connect the solar via a fuse to the battery side of batt switch otherwise they won't charge until you switch the isolator switch on. hope this helps . John
  9. Hi Robin All the heaters that i have fitted, the combustion gas and air intake for combustion have came from the same fitting that fits on the outside transom, hull side, or cabin wall, that is so if a gust of wind blows it acts on both equally ie" balanced flue" if yours are ducted to different places this could be the reason a gust of wind will only affect one ie not balanced, a fault code will only show when a fault is there long enough for memory to pick it up.I would have thought that a water heater would suit you better you could then use the existing system plus you could tap the surplus heat of the engine coolant so using engine heat when traveling with engines running which would be free, this is what i have done on my preasant boat, it works very well. John
  10. Hi Jenny Give Hippersons in Beccles a call they may come out to give you a quote they will want it in there shed to work on where they have all the tools, you will get a good workmanship from them. John
  11. And providing you get the price right if it needs replacing it's much better to fit your new choice rather than someone else's inferior cheaper choice that you than throw away a new but not wanted item,ie a new engine is your choice of make and power rather than a boat yards cheaper smaller one. John
  12. Yes polish then spray with ignition sealer.John
  13. As Ian said don't use steel wool,if you need to rub it down use fine grain fiba matting/pot cleaner, it doesn't look like varnish it looks like it's oiled/stained best keep it this way with a wipe of oil now and again. John
  14. Well done David excellent pictures and very interesting to see well known places had to look twice to remember where, they are so different from up high, i now want to go out and get a drone. John
  15. Hi Pumpmedic Does it matter if its a Broom or not, has it been looked after and cherriest, it looks a nice boat But what is the air gap? is it broads compatible you haven't said where you will use it. If the topside is wood beware, If you like it check the bilges,behind cupboards, by all means get a survey but you will still find issues with any second hand/preowned boat.John
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