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  1. Hi Floyd The 35 amp charger is only big enough to maintain two 100/110 amp batteries you need a larger enough size charger to be able to charge at a high enough amperage to keep in tip top condition if batteries aren't charged at their max amps periodically they won't last as long as they could, if you have more than two batteries you need a higher output charger to be able to deep charge them to get the maximum life from them. John
  2. The advantage i found when we had a motorhome was you could park in car parks in town centres, lay by's or pub car parks and have a lock in with bed and toilet close at hand which you couldn't with a caravan. Much like a boat but without restrictions on where to go. John
  3. Yes i have two connected to a Sterling smart regulator tottel 265 amps as i said theoretically, these are connected to four 110 amp batteries. John
  4. Hi A Fridge that uses 4 amps does not use that amount all the time so would not run your battery down in a day unless you left the door open, and as for charging what is your alternator output does it have a smart regulator, my setup will recharge a 110ah battery 15 min theoretically. any fridge with a danfoss compressor is most likely to be the most efficient at the present time until a new design becomes available on the markit. John
  5. Hi Floyd I have a waeco dual fridge it works on mains when plugged into shore power, then when 240v drops out it switches to 12v automatically then when 240v comes back on switches back to 240v i find this prevents forgetting to switch manually when casting off, if you run a 240v from a inverta you will use more battery power for no gain. John
  6. How can they make so cheap, they ship it here#, profit for retailer#, and make a manufacturer's# profit,cant believe they are subsidized by Chinese government or don't pay their workers. John
  7. Hi Tempist I found that one year i went to boat show and bought a couple of life jackets fortunately i tried them on, several makes i found the straps aren't long enough, it ended up a matter of not what make was best deal but what what make fitted, you need to try on with cold weather gear being worn as not all makes have long enough straps, do try on before you buy otherwise when you go to wear it it might not fit comfortably and then you wont wear it and can't take it back. John
  8. On exercise it was very noticeable how more friendly and cooperative the germans were as you got closer to the east German border. John
  9. Hi Lulu It will have two 16amp plus one 32 amp outlets so able to take three boats if one has the right adapter, under electric blankets are not expensive and not restrictive like sleeping bags are. John
  10. annv


    Hi Jim Personally i would go for a bathtub with split sliding roof as most practical,and without fixed seating, ie has armchairs, interia depends on do you want luxury for two, or for four or six family or friends, don't go small and cheap as many do, then have to change after a year to something they really need, try hiring first to find out what you really need rather than what you think you want. better to go up market rather than cheap wreck and doing it up unless you are carpenter or very good d i y, its cheaper in long run to buy all done than cheap and d i y . John
  11. Multi Cell 4x 110 leisure batteries delivered £65=00 x vat each last August. John
  12. Electric under blankets work well keeping you warm all night, and will air the bed before you get in if not used for a while. John
  13. To get the max life from leisure batteries DON'T take both pos and neg leads from the same battery, as you only use that battery with the others trailing behind, best practice is to take the pos from first battery and neg from last battery, or vise versa, this works all the batteries as one, so they last longer rather than the first batt failing first and draining the others. I use the cheapest lead acid ones they last four/five years difficult to know if dearier ones last longer as no two boats work/store/maintain their batteries the same along with what temperature they are used at, coldest place is best not near the exhaust or engine which will heat the batteries up and decrease their life along with having to top up the electrolyte frequently. John
  14. Hi We have one of these from Hughes in Norwich works well and came with propane jets JohnNorwich has grill in top works well came with propane jets as well as nat gas
  15. Don't forget The further you are away from the sea the less effect it has that's why Wroxham has little difference in tide height than does Reedham
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