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  1. annv

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    Hi Reedham gets busy after slack water at Yarmouth never found it full at Oulton broad or Norwich Yacht Station John
  2. annv

    Hello From Sunny Cornwall

    What do you want a boat for and why over 45ft .If it's for the broads only a bathtub shape will go anywhere, if a sea boat like Robins you are restricted to the Yare and Waveney then only if the bridges are working.For £200,000 you could get a new custom built one, speak to James at N Y A at Brundle.John
  3. annv

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Why don't they paint the whole length of the rails with white paint wouldn't take more than a couple of gallons surly the cost cant be that high and if the rail end was shamford instead of a butt joint they wouldn't jam when they expand.John
  4. Hi use car number plate supplier to make white ones for you drill two hole and attache with tie raps John
  5. Have you tried pumping the throttle lever a couple of times the carburetor isn't fitted with a choke you need to pump some fuel via the accelerator pump that is connected to throttle lever when cold starting. to check ignition remove cap turn engine to close points remove lead from centre of cap hold neer block flick points open should get a spark from end of cable if so flick points rapidly should spark rapidly if not condenser duff if sparking ok check carbon bush in centre of cap that it contacts top of rotor arm they can fall out, you could have low compression because oil has drained from rings try removing plugs squirt some redex in plug holes lay a cloth over plug holes turn engine over on starter, leave for awhile replace plugs pump throttle and try to start with a quarter throttle. you could go to motor factors and get a spark plug tester it plugs into end of lead and on to spark plug should flash brightly if ignition spark is coming from distributor.John
  6. Hi Warner All four cylinder volvos are 1342 firing order number one cylinder is front one ie pulley end. I have a Volvo workshop manual 1968 t0 1991 for sale as new £20 see picture covers engine to outdrive overhaul, points gap for your 115 is 0.16 - 0.20 thou John
  7. Not sure if i should tell you this? But but check the gap of the points with a feeler gauge when the shoe is on the high point of the cam ie points open, if gap is not at least 20 thou adjust gap to 25thou if cam has no grease it wears the shoe, if points are burnt better get someone that knows. if still rough on tick on tick over the carb is shellacked because you haven't turned the fuel off when you leave the boat to stop/stall the engine. the petrol then evaporates in the carburetor leaving a deposit in the jets, asquart of redex at end of season prior to leaving is recommended.All petrol engines should be run dry off fuel when leaving for a long time.John
  8. Hi Remove the distributor cap turn engine in a clockwise direction until the grove on the rim of pulley/damper is opposite pointer on timing case this is top dead center the rotor arm will be pointing at number one or four firing position, place cap over distributor the number one or four lead goes in the cap immediately over the where the rotor arm is pointing to, the length of the plug lead will hopely tell you if it is one or four. continyou to turn engine over until points open next this will be three or two position at 90*d to first position ie number one, there again the length of lead will tell you which one. if unable to tell which is one or four you can remove the rocker cover look at the rocker arms on number one cylinder/front one, if both are level this is one firing point or if one is down then it is number four firing position at distributor. When you have sorted it out a dab of paint on end of lead ie one for one two for two and so on will help in future,while the cap is off a SMALL dab of grease on the cam that lifts the points would be good IF no grease is present.John
  9. annv

    Advice Please

    Hi They look like ordinary household door handles any ironmongery shop or locksmith, or window double glazing firm, Amber in Norwich up near airport in this area. John
  10. annv

    Viking 22 Widebeam

    Hi Jim If you use Boatshed you can still use it, they sell from your mooring, ie they bring any person to your mooring which means that there is someone there to lock up at end of visite unlike some that need it at there site and just give the keys to any interested party without anybody in attendance to keep a eye on them.They come and take lots of photos and advertise on the internet,i have had good reports of them.John
  11. annv

    Pye’s Mill

    Exactly Maurice if it ain't broke why fix it, the rubbish collection worked for years untill some numpty shiney ar*** changed it, WHY. John
  12. Hi Just had a thought you may like to know what the abbreviation are, Lead Acid= leisure/starter two lead plates in sulphuric acid. A G M=Absorbent Glass Fibre the same as Gel batteries can be laid on their side cannot be fast charged and NOT suitable for engine starting L F P=Lithium is expensive but needs careful charging. NiFe= the old accumulator battery lasts forever but does need topping up with distilled water as it gases if fast charged also heavy and tall only come in 1.2 volts so need you need nine for a 12 volt system but cheapest in long run 30 yrs plus ideal for electric propulsion ( how long will you keep your boat) that's why lead acid often works best for most people) cheap to buy little maintenance can be fast charged above the ten amp rate with little harm last 5yrs + with care if connected like this. John
  13. Hi Ella Yes that is a better price,they look good but!! four times the price of lead acid ,are you going to try one or more,if so perhaps you will keep us informed.John here is a cost comparison chart
  14. Hi Ella Yes that is a better price,they look good but!! four times the price of lead acid ,are you going to try one or more,if so perhaps you will keep us informed.John
  15. annv

    Diesel Emissions.

    Diesel fumes on most boats are washed with cooling water which removes a lot of the particulates this will stop or remove the need for particulate filters which need the engine to run at 2000 revs for 15 minutes for the urea to wash out the filter in exhaust system which needs computer controlled injection. John

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