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  1. Hi Get a tube of instant gasket as hylmar isn't a instant gasket its a sealer which doesn't hold up if applied thickly, clean joint and dry it apply gasket just enough, attach cover LOOSELY then LEAVE IT until ideally next day then tighten wrist tight only. John
  2. You can get a small pot with brush to repaint them if you wish lot cheaper. John
  3. Well done David it gives a different perspective when looking down rather than boat height. John
  4. Hi Smoggy The sulphur lubricated the injectors and pump, GTL could be better for diesel bug prevention as no bio, i wonder if it is taxed as fuel yet, the lpg wasn't until people started to use it in cars, wasn't long be for gov put a carbon tax on, it it will be a drier fuel than diesel so might catch users out that use cheap lubrication oil in their engines only time will tell. if buses and taxis were forced to use it could help with city pollution whare battery capacity is limited for all day use. John
  5. Hi I use a coke can inverter with mine with a chin strap uses 1 1/2 amps approx without vaporizer, disconnect vaporizer not necessary if used with chin strap, i have used coke can with both old model and new one no problems, vaporizer uses a lot of power basically a miniature electric kettle, they will blow water if filled to high ok in house but boats rock. i plug mine into a 2 amp three pin 12v socket. cig lighter sockets have a lot of play and easily lose contact, try using a lolly stick to weg tight or tie down with string. John
  6. Thanks guys learn something every day John
  7. Posh Pigs at ellough airfield Beccles is best i have ever had small ,medium and large bit of a long walk from yacht station though this is medium breakfast , large is three of everything plus coffee John
  8. Hi Steve What is a APEX seal please. John
  9. Hi Steve there are many firms that make holding tanks any shape or size the problem being where to place/fit it close enough to toilets and on a centra line and a run for two 1 1/2 inch discharge hoses with a deck fittings, a water tank is much easier to find space for, the same for batteries a nickel iron set up will much better and more cost effective for a liver board only 22 pence per cycle as against £1 for lead acid and £1=50 for AGM, Gel, LFP. Solar panels are excellent to keep batteries charged when left for months at a time, this would not apply to you as you will be on mains power But if spending long periods away from home moored up a large array or a generator would be handy, certainly you should fit a advanced regulator for max performance from your alternator otherwise you will need to sail/run engine for two or more hours each day if not on shore power, these are easerly fitted the cost being high for low user but more cost effective the more you use them. John
  10. Hi Many of the things you have put down are easily changed i would suggest that a air gap of 8 ft will get you most places, as you intend lengthy stays being able to add or replace the water tank with a larger one, i have a 135 gallon one lasts a couple of weeks or more, a bow thruster is very useful when side winds make mooring challenging and if reversing any distance, a large holding tank or space to add one is also a good idea, a depth sounder is not much use at all, on my last boat i had three they all read differently depending on mud density other than that getting a cheaper boat without your wants and adding what you want is much preferable the paying a higher price and being stuck with someone else's choice most of what you want can be easily changed/ added work wise. John
  11. Cars with power steering these days don't need a pump run from the crankshaft pulley pump they are electrically driven from the battery. John
  12. annv

    Semi Liveaboard

    Hi Steve Boatyards don't have a problem of how long you stay on board, the thing that upsets them is when liver boards start to take over the mooring with bikes sheds, garden furniture, clothes lines, flower planting etc and all the detrises that permanently living attracts, just keep the mooring clean and tidy with no clutter on the bank and you won't have a problem. John
  13. Hi Robbin The cap on the engine is not a pressure cap, it is a blanking cap if you twist it off it should be a plain cap with no spring underneath, the pressure cap which has a spring with a cap under the spring and is loose is on the top of heat exchanger it will have a 1/4 inch dia tube protruding mid way between the two seats, if this hasn't a rubber pipe connected and is just plain get a hose pipe that fits it and direct it into a container (plastic milk bottle is good you can see the level of coolant), or you my already have a expansion tank connected to it, this allows the coolant to pass into the container when engine gets hot and allows the coolant to be sucked back into header tank when engine cools so you have max cooling and no loss of coolant, alternately you should have a space in top of heat exchanger coolant level to allow for expansion if you fill up to the top it will just push it out into the bilges. To check if thermostat is working start up from cold and place your hand on the hose that runs from thermostat housing to heat exchanger, if working it should stay cool then when thermostat opens at set temp it will get hot quickly stat ok, if it gradually gets warmer and warmer then it shows that thermostat is open and allowing coolant to circulate when cold, ie faulty. Most thermostats have a small ball that allows for a slight flow this allows any trapped air to pass. Some engines won't have a cap but a plug/bung ie older engines it's there for refilling and bleeding when cooling system has been emptied, no need to take of for checking once bleed and filled to the top if you do the rubber washer deteriorates then leaks. John
  14. If they wish to encoridge boats to the south perhaps more/extended moorings along with power points would work better, there are many places and some near pubs that could easily be enlarged for more boats Whitingham Park extended, A new mooring at Whittingham Park park up near the bridge the bank needs attention any way, Surling Ferry along the bird santory bank, Somerleyton, opposite the Roman Fort at Burgh Castle,Just past the Tea Gardens on opposite bank at the bend, already two cuts here, Aldeby, opposite bank to pub at Geldeston, The new pillings just before Beccles. Not only more moorings for boats but will help businesses as well. John
  15. there was the Barton Anglia at Neatishead, Lovas and Fishes at Beccles Quay, Petersfield House at Horning, all with a mooring and a short walk and often no working clock. John
  16. We import a lot of our Diesel from Russia we wont need to buy it from them.John
  17. No mention is made for reinstating the electric posts, hope this happens at the same time as with the pilling being moved forward and supply already being there it would be as cost effective as you could get. John
  18. Hi Frank 20 foot should do i have never had to use more than this you will trip over it if more. John
  19. Marinising a engine is mostly enclosing the exhaust manifold in a water jacket otherwise it would get red hot and cooling the sump oil, this is not needed on vehicles as there is a flow of air around the sump and exhaust system to keep them cool, the sump oil also helps to cool the interior of the engine, And like any low production item like marinising/altering a engine adds to costs. John
  20. Hi Scraggs It is noise it would make. and the size of the air intakes and exhaust air exits would have to be, these would have to be in the hull which would unsightly noisy and if boat tipped let water in water cooled 3/4 inch hole with valve to let water in a then squirt/direct into exhaust system cooling the exhaust pipe and gasses which exit the rear/side low down to direct the fumes away from persons. your air cooled engine will have the exhaust going vertically through roof along with cooling air difficult to do on a holiday boat. John
  21. Hi Thiswan Rise and fall at beccles between a foot and two foot you can moor at the yacht station even if not open its all open park land, to wait for the tide same at the other side coming back at the lido/swimming pool some of the bends can be shallow on the inside at low water. John
  22. As Islander/Colin has said that is the best way this is how mine is, except my second accumulator/pressure vessel is in the hot supply pipe. one other advantage is if you flush the toilet at night the pump doesn't come on as there is pressure in the system to provide water. I have a Bristan shower taps which is temp controlled and stops the shower from fluctuating between hot and cold. Baily & stone sell the telescopic poles with a plastic dome on top you can stick a velcro patch on top to keep in place and stop it from sliding off when supporting a cover. John
  23. annv


    Hi Smich Two 100/105/110 Ahc will be the cheapest as they are used by most people, i use the ones from Multi Cell in Norwich they are the cheapest £65 and as good as any others, the last time i bought four you could have lithium but very expensive and not worth the extra for every day boating, liverboards and synticat perhaps. I would recommend a solar panel as this will keep your batteries topped up and increase the longevity and i would connect the starter battery to the solar as well, you can get a dual charging regulator for almost the cost of a single ported one. Engine batt does your engine start easily or some do you need to crank over a lot before it fires up, if easy 85 amp if not a 95/100 one, a ordinary vehicle battery is best and cheapest, physical size my be a issue. when you connect the domestic batteries up in parrial have the pos feed wire on one batt and the neg on the other one this makes them work as one, most people connect pos on the same battery as the neg this works the first one more than the second one, the same applys to three or four batteries connect to the end ones, four is the most you want to connect up for a 12 volt systems, make sure you connect the solar via a fuse to the battery side of batt switch otherwise they won't charge until you switch the isolator switch on. hope this helps . John
  24. Hi Robin All the heaters that i have fitted, the combustion gas and air intake for combustion have came from the same fitting that fits on the outside transom, hull side, or cabin wall, that is so if a gust of wind blows it acts on both equally ie" balanced flue" if yours are ducted to different places this could be the reason a gust of wind will only affect one ie not balanced, a fault code will only show when a fault is there long enough for memory to pick it up.I would have thought that a water heater would suit you better you could then use the existing system plus you could tap the surplus heat of the engine coolant so using engine heat when traveling with engines running which would be free, this is what i have done on my preasant boat, it works very well. John
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