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  1. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    Loads of food storage in the fridge now. With the old fridge it was always a struggle and sometimes it was a choice between beer or food! It is the same at home. We only have a small fridge there and half of that is beer and tonic storage
  2. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    You can tell when autumn arrives and winter is on its way because the slow cooker makes its way back into Naughty-cal. We have limitedcpoking facilities onboard with two gas rings and grill so the slow cooker opens up more options. In the last few weeks We have rustled up slow cooked minted lamb shoulder with root veg mash and vegetables, slow cooked beef shin in Guinness gravy with dumplings, bbq brisket, hot and spicy chicken and chorizo casserole served with wild rice and home made garlic bread. And for dinner tomorrow we will be having pulled pork and vegetables. You can't beat cruising down river with the smells wafting up into the canopies then sitting down to a warm meal at the end of the day.
  3. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    Yes. We will certainly find the freezer useful when we are out on holiday. We also like to stock up with vacuum packed meat when we find a decent butchers. It is a decent size as well. Can't believe how much beer we can fit in and still have loads of space for food. Luxury compared with the old fridge.
  4. We hired Viscount last year. Lovely boat and really gives a good idea of what can be achieved with these boats. Excellent refit which really makes her feel more modern than her age.
  5. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    The Engel it has replaced was quite efficient anyway but was noisy. But as you say it did struggle to keep cool on really hot days. The Waeco seems to have a lot more insulation so will hopefully be a bit better on that score. We were caught out by how much colder it gets as it froze the beer! It is on a much lower setting then the old fridge but still getting ice cold. Lord knows what the higher settings are for. We have it on setting two of five and the beers are ice cold.
  6. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    We have a working fridge as well now. All the mod cons onboard NC Four hours of swearing, fibre glass itch, more swearing, pushing and shoving, more swearing, scratching heads, more swearing, cutting more bits out of the boat and more swearing later we had the Waeco in place. Have to say the effort was worth it though as the new fridge is much better. It fits more beer in it for a start but it is also whisper quiet and uses bugger all power.
  7. Cal

    A Winters Tale

    We have moored at North Cove and not realised there is a pub or two within walking distance. Maybe one to try when we are down again next year.
  8. Cal

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    The only way to stop the mould growth is to provide lots of ventilation. Ventilation keeps the air moving which reduces condensation which in turn prevents the moisture build up that the mould needs to grow.
  9. Not exactly an ideal hire boat for the Broads!
  10. Boating perhaps isn't for you then. It is essentially standing in a plastic tub in the water throwing your money into said water.
  11. Cal

    Boats For Couples

    If it got to the point where I was really struggling to get on and off the boat then at that time it would be time to hang up the hat and find another hobby!! I am also a shortie, 5'3" and not claiming to be the most agile but can't really think of a time on the Broads on our own boat or a hire boat where I have struggled to get on or off. Climbing the ladders at Great Yarmouth at low water Springs was not my most enjoyable experience I will say but neither was it overly difficult.
  12. It is horses for courses and only you can decide what you want from a boat. We have a single engined sports cruiser which some on here would claim to be the spawn of the devil and completely unsuited to inland waters. However in the last ten years that we have owned her we have used her extensively inland, not just on the Broads but also for estuary and coastal cruising and she suits us down to the ground. We manage perfectly well without the need for a bowthruster, but then again we have had plenty of practice with her by now!
  13. Cal

    Boats For Couples

    If the person getting off with the ropes is struggling then the person at the helm really needs to get the boat alongside and under better control. In our case it will usually be Liam at the helm and me doing the ropes. He knows that I will not step off the boat until he has it under full control and close alongside where he will hold it until both bow and stern and any spring lines are secured. No tugging and pulling at ropes or the boat. Let the boat do the work.
  14. Cal

    Boats For Couples

    It is surprising just how many people you find on boats who have no interest in learning how to handle it be that driving or mooring up. We made a point of both of us learning how to handle our boat and being able to handle it on our own without another crew member just in case one of us falls ill during a cruise. The other can then take it home single handed. Good job too because there have been two occasions now where Liam has been taken ill and I have had to get the boat back to base alone!
  15. Cal

    Richardson 2019

    All credit to Richardson's for offering boating for all budgets. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find level entry two berth budget boats on the Broads. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  16. Cal

    Speeding On The Broads

    This year on our summer two weeks on the Broads we got told off by one set of mardy boat owners for speeding past them moored up at Berney. At the time we were and had been for a few hundred feet in neutral and drifting up on the tide picking a point to turn around and moor up. Ironically the next day, said same Loser (Are we allowed to utter that word,) almost washed us onto the bank when he was pushing the tide past us at Reedham. They had no idea what devastation was playing out behind them. And to be perfectly honest I don't think they cared. All they wanted to do was get back to Brundall. Clearly the annual outing was over. Boat name noted for our next visit though. Hopefully we will find them moored on their own somewhere.
  17. Cal

    North & South, Where Is The Line?

    It's a chuffin small sea
  18. Cal

    Which Boat Best For Me?.

    When we went through on our boat this year it was reading about 7'3" which again could have been low tides we don't know.
  19. Cal

    Which Boat Best For Me?.

    Not sure if the tides were particularly low when we hired the Alpha last year but it got under Wayford with room to spare.
  20. Cal

    Which Boat Best For Me?.

    Alphacraft 35 centre cockpit with rear saloon.
  21. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    Should have been 5%fat. That missing word makes all the difference
  22. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    It is handy. Extends the range of what we can cook onboard. Will use it tonight to make the garlic bread.
  23. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    Tonight we are having a 5% steak mince chilli with some rice and homemade garlic bread on the boat. I have cheated and made the chilli in advance at home so it only needs warming through this evening. And the garlic bread is simple enough. But we do often cook a chilli from scratch on board.
  24. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    You can't cook them with two rings and a grill! So we make sure we have proper ones whenever we hire.

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