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  1. I love fish pie but it really does have to be my own, Speedy you lost me with the eggs and prawns eggs have no business being with fish in my eyes, ewww gip. Now prawns eeesh no I can't do any kind of shellfish, it's not for me sorry lol call me boring but eww no, I canny do it captain
  2. I've been where I am now for 15 years and the pension plan is (atm) very reasonable with an already frozen final salary one to keep the cat in food when the time comes. Thing is Mark (for those that don't know is my hubs) is 9 years older than me, I recon if I'm pretty savvy I can retire when he does lol
  3. So my Mum says but I don't believe her either
  4. I'm with you PaulM 30 years to go at least
  5. Omg they look a delight, I love cooking and baking on a dank wet winter Sunday if I get the time, having two very needy horses makes me too tired to bother a lot of the time
  6. hazelgirl


    I have read on here and other forums that, and don't be shooting me now lol, that Barton is safe to navigate somewhat and mudweight outside of the posts, I can't quite work out where this is or if this was what the initial post was about but my questions still stands as we would like this as a first night option in September. Please be nice
  7. One can only guess the rangers have a plan for it right? if they have towed it there, they can't just leave it there right? or can they? I'm not too sure where upstream of Wayford Bridge the old mill is, I tried to guestimate on google maps but canny work it out captain lol
  8. I have been hooked on watching these all afternoon, oops haha. What a lovely couple, I will be watching more tonight.
  9. We have many many happy memories of holidaying on the Broads, starting our adventures in 2008 and sometimes managing 3 holidays a year trying out different hire boats. But our best memory has to be our honeymoon, we have met so many beautiful life long friends over the years and we had a 2nd wedding reception at Salhouse on the middle weekend of the fortnight, yes GRIFF I still have a bit of confetti left in my tiara box from your antics on board our boat while we helmed the beautifully decorated Boards Ambition in a convoy from St Bennets to Salhouse, guys honestly he hid it everywhere, even our tub of butter in the fridge got it lol all amazing fun though. We always make a point to meet up with friends whenever we are in the area, unfortunately we only managed one holiday last year and had to miss the year before completely but this year we have a Camping visit next month for 6 nights at Beccles so be involved in the Wooden Boat Show and then a week booked on board Richos Classic San Marino in September where we are meeting with friends for a jolly get together again and our wedding anniversary, canny wait I tell ya
  10. Wow not that easy to access I guess lol
  11. Where is the actual staithe?
  12. Is that after you have drunk the rum????
  13. Congratulations, we honeymooned on the Broads too
  14. Hahahaha is if I've just read through 4 pages of 2018 tale thinking it was current OMG Lynsey lol
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