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  1. Congratulations, we honeymooned on the Broads too
  2. Hahahaha is if I've just read through 4 pages of 2018 tale thinking it was current OMG Lynsey lol
  3. Awwww it looks like you've all had an idyllic first day afloat, keep the tale coming as we have all missed it, lifts my spirits as I sit at my desk facing the most miserable guy on the planet lol.
  4. Hmmmm says there is a media/server connection error for me
  5. I can't get this camera to play
  6. If we did ever hire this type of cruiser it would just be me and hubby so no need for the en suite, there is no way it would work with mother in tow which is a shame.
  7. Have always been intrigued by the look and layout of these type of cruiser to try, unfortunately me and hubby never seem to get on the water alone nowadays as we have a stowaway in the form of my mother. Layouts are extremely important when she comes along, separate cabins with en suite heads and all that. I must admit though I do like to have an en suite cabin myself for personal reasons but if it was just me and hubs it wouldn't matter
  8. It's such sad news, he really was a true racing legend
  9. I have to admit it's never a yard we think about checking, absolutely no idea why, will be sure to rectify that next year
  10. Have fun you crazy Nogs
  11. How gorgeous are they, wish I was better with the camera
  12. Oh this thread has given me a chuckle and I wasn't going to post as I don't really have much to say other than, I am involved with several car clubs and go to shows and meets on a regular basis. My car currently has legal cosmetic modifications and will maybe having some performance based ones this year. Because this is my hobby, I don't mind the sound of a loud engine or exhaust but from my experience of this scene it is mostly the gents in the 40/50 bracket with the expensive pop and bang mods and exhaust systems, they are all legal and fitted by reputable performance car garages, it's not always a young chav with these cars, actual car enthusiasts can be just as bad lol
  13. All this talk about food is making me hungry, good job it's nearly lunch time, good to see you having a nice time on the water Alan and I'm a big fan of sitting outside the pubs too with a beer watching the world go by.
  14. Excellent, that's very good to know, possible first night mooring for us in September as we will be meeting friends that moor at Broadsedge on the Saturday.
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