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  1. Now I love being on the water but I'm afraid that would be too much for little me to handle
  2. We made this mistake too, food coma was suffered once back on board, you think, right it's like tapas so order say 3 dishes each with a side one of garlic flat bread, oh no no no, a portion of the dirty chips is enough of a dish to feed one person lol
  3. What did you think of Pedros? we found the food amazing if the running of the place a little chaotic, to be fair to them they were super busy when we went in.
  4. What stunning photos, thoroughly enjoyed your write up and pics, thank you for sharing, I had full intentions of doing a write up while we were away in Sept but never got round to putting pen to paper
  5. Our honeymoon boat this back in 2012 when she was still in the Swancraft Fleet, we would like to hire her again for our 10th wedding anniversary
  6. Yes doh I'm in the wrong place it would seem, simples mistake lol
  7. We've taken Martham's Juliette up to Catfield and had to turn with only whisker of room bow and stern, made for an interesting afternoon, chap fishing asked if it something he'd said why we were buggering off lol, we were only exploring
  8. Yep I should be about tonight chaps and chapeses
  9. I was actually amazed at how many people did wave to us last week and go to wave first lol it's normally me like a mad woman forcing reluctant people respond hahaha quite a few private owners did wave first also. I always forget to look for burgees doh Lynsey
  10. Ah ok we pick up on Friday 11th
  11. What day do you pick up? San Remo was on Swan Quay with San Marino this year.
  12. I'm so depressed I can't say, I do wish we'd been able to come and chat at some point we just passed like ships hahaha, I also then couldn't face the quiz on Friday after the 8 hour drive home.
  13. We did see Ibiza 1 a few times, I kept forgetting to look for pennants lol doh Lynsey Both San Marino's were out last week we were on #2
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