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  1. hazelgirl

    Doctor Who

    Nope Peter Capaldi didn't float my boat either as the Doctor and we were very apprehensive about Jodie bringing the female touch but was pleasantly surprised, going to take it one episode at a time as see how it goes.
  2. hazelgirl

    Counterfeit Money

    Handy to know, thanks for sharing
  3. hazelgirl

    Herbert Woods Ray Of Light

    I can't remember if we ventured up that way or not during our 2 weeks but was afloat the other week watching Richo's tallest and finest get through
  4. hazelgirl

    Herbert Woods Ray Of Light

    Ah yes, one person in the galley at a time please lol that was my rule anyway, can be tricky passing through that area if someone is cooking, the bow cabin the beds are quite high from what I remember but we had 2 weeks on board where my late Step Dad managed with his mobility issues at the time, big thumbs up from us.
  5. hazelgirl

    Herbert Woods Ray Of Light

    We've hired this and had it for a fortnight, we found it a really nice boat, I have a fair few pics if I knew how to upload them lol I'm just trying to remember the layout inside, will have a nosy at Alan's link.
  6. Ah yeah you guys are going down on the Thursday aren't you, our eta at Beccles on the Friday will be very late
  7. It's got till next Friday to do what it needs to and bugger off lol
  8. hazelgirl

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Omg if one ever flew in the car if I was driving there would be carnage, in fact if anything flew in it would. How do I even like the outdoors and nature of the Norfolk Broads when I'm so scared of bugs lol
  9. hazelgirl

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Ewwwww just no, I don't like that at all
  10. hazelgirl

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Hahahaha even if I want to be calm and just let it go about it's business, have a sniff realise that I'm really not that interesting but I can't. Don't even get me started on spiders, them critters make me feel physically sick
  11. hazelgirl

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    I am 100% one of those completely panic stricken people that have an automatic flee reaction to them, they scare the bejeasus out of me. Not been stung since being a kid when I stood on one so ok ok it wasn't the wasps fault but I have known them to sting without provocation so don't be telling me to stay calm if one flies near me I'm off lol
  12. hazelgirl

    Guess Who Just Got Wed?

    Awwwwww Congratulations xxxx
  13. hazelgirl

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Awwww no, I had full intentions of doing this last Friday then it went completely out of mind, setting a reminder now
  14. hazelgirl

    2016 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    Yaaaaaay Martham boats have confirmed this afternoon that even though we will be on High Water and Spring Tide, they will get us through the bridge, have to admit, had a little panic on when I realised this morning that High Tide at Potter is about 2.40pm on Friday. Too much concentration been had on Low Water for Breydon and cruising times, anyhow panic over, we should still make it there on the Friday night

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