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  1. hazelgirl

    The View From Work This Morning

    Yeah I have to say it sure is beautiful out there today, spring is definitely trying to wake up
  2. hazelgirl

    The View From Work This Morning

    You are so lucky, I'm still staring at the same 4 walls and grumpy faces, only one saving grace today is that it's a Friday
  3. hazelgirl

    Nbn Quiz Night

    He says begrudgingly
  4. hazelgirl

    Nbn Quiz Night

    I surely intend on being there, if I'm not I've forgotten and just watching the TV so someone with my number drop me a text lol
  5. hazelgirl

    Bb Webcam

    It looks a bit grainy to me but it's perfectly viewable, I'd rather have it like that than not
  6. hazelgirl

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    I always forget about this lol
  7. hazelgirl


    Warm welcomes from us too
  8. hazelgirl

    A Winters Tale

    Thank you very much Peter
  9. hazelgirl

    New User

    Warm welcomes from me too, unfortunately we have not hired that particular boat but I'm sure somebody will have, maybe post a new thread asking just that
  10. hazelgirl

    A Winters Tale

    Hey cheeky I wasn't even last. Peter will tell you lol
  11. hazelgirl

    A Winters Tale

    Why thank you, why is it confusing? lol baring in mind I don't want to hijack Mr Fire's holiday blog thread about this
  12. hazelgirl

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    I have to admit Griff has conditioned us into cheesing ropes and lifting fenders, it is only because we are able and my deck hand (Mark) doesn't mind doing it lol
  13. hazelgirl

    A Winters Tale

    Bit off topic but I would just like to share that I got 7, yes 7 whole points in the quiz tonight
  14. hazelgirl

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Thanks for a really enjoyable quiz Peter, especially since it's your BIRTHDAY
  15. hazelgirl

    A Winters Tale

    As if you'd want to sleep near "scum land" anyways lol you'd have to fight over the sofa with the cat hahahaha

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