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  1. Congratulations on getting the boat, she looks a lovely craft. We bought "Tisca" just over a year ago, our first venture into boating, and if you get as much enjoyment from the Broads as we do you certainly won't regret taking the plunge! (Perhaps not a good expression for boating 🙂).
  2. Hi Broads01, photo taken while going towards Barton Broad from Neatishead. A beautiful little run all year and simply breathtaking at the moment if the sun is shining. 😊
  3. Hi Speedtriple. Taken yesterday (29th. October). 😊
  4. She's definitely a sheep in wolf's clothing MM so a few kilos of ballast might stop her dancing in the breeze. Thanks.
  5. Thanks TheQ, unfortunately Tisca's configuration doesn't allow the bow line to come into the equation, but letting the tide do more of the work is something I will try. Thanks.
  6. Thanks MM, I guess using the bow thruster is not a universal panacea. I will try without.
  7. Thanks Alan, my two recent incidents were at How Hill and Ludham bridge so wouldn’t have thought they should have been a problem. Perhaps I was getting too cocky and needed a slap down by the elements. Regards, Paul
  8. Thanks Regulo. Mrs. LP is usually on hand to assist but the boat’s configuration doesn’t allow use of a bow line to secure the front and she’s not confident enough to wield a boat hook from the swim platform to keep the stern from returning to the side.
  9. 'Morning everyone, Having been the proud owner of Tisca, a little Sumatra 755, for a year now and acknowledging I am still a beginner, I thought I had got the hang of mooring and unmooring(?), but twice in the last few days I've been pinned against the quay heading by a relatively gentle wind. I had thought that pushing the stern out using full left lock (both times I was moored port side to the quay) and engine in forward would then allow me to reverse out far enough to use the bow thruster to bring the bow round and gently move off to nods of approval from any onlookers. The reality this week has been some frantic backwarding and forwarding with a lot of engine revving as the wind returned the stern to the quay. Can anyone please advise a foolproof method of moving off in such circumstances?
  10. Does there need to be another reason? The most beautiful place less than an hour from where I live.
  11. That makes me envious! Never seen (or heard) a bittern. LP
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