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A Very Good News Story

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Yesterday teatime, my MrsG says you need to look on a particular facebook post on a page called 'Finningley Folk' so I did.  (Finningley is where I originate from, where my local pub is and a lot of friends / family reside) There i find the details of a very young girl in primary school (Well that is what I know it as) who has sadly developed some form of rare cancer, she is undergoing treatment, lost her hair, spends every 2 out of 3 x weeks in hospital.  Her next stage of her treatment will be a trip to the USA.  The NHS will fund the treatment but will not fund Mum/Dad going with her, they have to find the money for travel / accommodation and the like themselves.  Step forward the collective 'Mums of the Primary school pupils'.  A 'crowdfunding' account was set up with a target to raise £2000 for the family over a 30 day period (The little girls name is 'Scarlett btw)

Now here's the good bit:-

11 Apr at 1700 - Crowdfunding account set up.   1730 first post requesting help is put on facebook 'Finningley Folk' and away we go.  I donated and shared the link on my page as did others.  By 1145 on 12th Apr less than 24Hrs since the first request went public  -  the £2000 target was reached.  Incredible. Finningley is not a large village, lots of folk made donations that didn't even know the family (I'm in this bracket).  Having just checked the crowdfunding account it is still increasing and is now over £3000

I'm so chuffed for the family, and here was me thinking, yesterday at teatime that I would maybe have to put 'B.A' up for a skippered weekend into some sort of fund raising auction to try and help them reach their target - not a bit of it.  Its times like this that my faith in humanity is re-enforced (I have never really lost it to be honest)

Just thought I'd share a bit of happiness with you all   :love


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 Thank you for sharing it with us, Griff. Let's hope the treatment works for this little girl and for a happy outcome. Personally, I don't believe in 'miracles' but inner strength and the power of human nature, looks like people in Finningley have it in bucket loads, well done to them :clap


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Total now over £3'500 and still climbing.  Scarlett and her mum visited our local shop today and had a chat with my MrsG (She works there).  The whole family are overwhelmed by the generosity of the local community and don't know how to say thanks as it doesn't seem to cover it.  Scarlett had to answer to this one stating when she gets back from USA and gets better she is having a party round at 'Her' house and inviting everyone that donated.  I'm thinking Mum and Dad are going to need a bigger house !


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