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Jack Powles Boat Building Cine Film

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You may remember me making enquiries about Jack Powles a while ago in relation to some 16mm cine footage I purchased for Broadland Mermories. I've been editing and tidying it up over the last couple of days and have uploaded it to the BM YouTube channel this evening. It starts in black and white and moves on to colour. It begins with a model boat, moves on to some rare footage showing a boat being built at Jack Powles yard with a holiday party being given a guided tour of the process by Jack Powles himself. It's a little bit dark in places due to the limitations of the cine camera used to film in low light, but it is quite good none the less. The second half of the film is footage from the holiday itself.

Lovely stuff! :-)





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Hi Carol

Fantastic film, thanks for sharing with us. And another great job by Video Impact of Loddon too :clap:-) 

fascinating to see the wooden boat being built, amazing craftsmanship and it was interesting to see the planks being steamed in the steam box. They looked a bit hot! Plenty of flappy things too and the breakfast at the end made me quite hungry! Excellent stuff :grin:


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Great film Carol

had to laugh when the guy took the plank from the steamer, burned his hands then picked it up again.

no elf n safety back then........ Or gloves....... They were proper hard in them days.!

thanks for sharing it here

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Thank you Carol, another enjoyable film of Broads history.

I get the feeling the chap cooking the heart attack in a pan, was possibly ex WW2 forces. Did you notice how he was frying the eggs! Amazingly, from what we could see, the eggs were not sticking to the pan ! :clap


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You can tell if someone's ex forces by the way they fry eggs? That's impressive! :naughty:

It certainly was a huge breakfast. Glad that you all enjoyed the film too.

I sent a link to Terry Powles who is Jack's nephew. He said he thinks that it is "Young Jack" (Terry's father) steaming the planks. Terry started working at the yard when he left school in 1959. He also recognises Algy Filby and Chris Goodwin amongst the workers and thinks that the chap with the model boat at the start was one of the yard engineers called Maurice. I am hoping to meet up with Terry soon to have a chat about his memories of working at Powles and later at Broads Tours. :)



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Hi Carol I have just caught up with this little film, how lovely it is.

Have you any idea of the date, especially of the building of the

boat section. It does have a resemblance to Star Premier, I just 

wonder, could it be ? The cars lend me towards late fifties ?

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