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Moorings Up North?


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Hi Folks,

I have been having a think about the loss of free moorings again this year after the loss of the ones near Thurne mouth last year. Where is it all going to end?

I wonder how many hirers realise these days that its best to put quite a few quid aside for mooring up in certain places. I fully understand they can, when possible use the hire fleet boatyards, but the likes of Salhouse you pay. I appreciate also the Privateers also pay, when needs must. Any new 24 hour moorings being built?

I admit I have not been able to come down this year, but have heard very little about dredging apart from Hickling Broad, so, what else are all the Tolls being spent on? Repairing SOB yet again? Hiring extra Rangers? I only ask, as I have not read anything of substance for quite a few weeks/months !


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We noticed the changes between June and September when we were there last week. You pay now at Percy's Island opposite the Swan Inn at Horning. The moorings opposite the Ferry Inn are also marked now as private do not moor. I commented exactly the same to my hubby that hirers need to be aware that they may have to pay. We don't mind paying as we expect it but we do know someone who was completely put off by this. How many of us carry much cash anywhere these days? You could be caught out if you don't know.

Talking to the staff at Horizon Craft it sounds as if all the moorings at Acle on their side of the river may disappear too - we will have to wait and see on that score. But that would potentially leave a very long stretch of the Bure between Stokesby and St Benet's without any official moorings. We are very interested to see what happens after this season.

We have a short break booked out of Wroxham for March and then we will be seriously considering what and where to hire next autumn, if at all.

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Yes as you said I ain't some of the moorings have gone,however  there are still many free moorings also most pubs.After one week most of our overnight stays have been free Wroxham  did cost us 20 pounds,Potter at Herbert woods 8 pound and last night at womack 3 pounds. I do think more free moorings are needed. It seems busy for this time of year. Let's hope more free moorings  are provided  for nest year 

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I'm on Womack island now and was across the bend when I arrived which was a bit tight due to the boat in front not to the end of the mooring.

On the BA mooring you couldn't get on yet loads of room if everyone moved along and fished of the boats. It's time the Rangers stepped in to ask them to moor correctly, he came passed us as I spun and pulled it to the end when the space came up and got another boat in.

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