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Electrolux Rm2200 12v/240v/gas Fridge

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Got a fridge as well! 

I've only used it on 12 and 240v but as far as I know should be fine on gas as it was connected when we got the boat but I wasn't comfortable using it on gas so disconnected it.

We've now upgraded to a mains fridge with an inverter :dance

On the bay at a 50 start open to forum offers! IMG_20170610_182429322.thumb.jpg.96d2ca1a31c8107eb5256225374dabde.jpg

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Given the choice I'd opt for a gas fridge any day of the week.  I had a  fridge like this on a previous boat.and absolutely loved it. When we changed boats I really missed the security of  not having to worry about  the battery We used it on mains when on the marina mooring , 12v while cruising and gas when mooring out on the river, totally reliably efficient. Gas meant  no worries a hot spell would drain the battery,  12v would drain the battery in under an hour if you weren't under way, so not to be recommended,  We were told that the 12v doesn't have a thermostat facility which is why it drains the battery so fast. Terrific fridge for all that and very user friendly.




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An opportunity for me to throw some information in. 

We have an earler version of the Electrolux three fuel fridge.

We use it on gas 1,2,3 positions on the knob, when moored and overnight, 240V on shore power, with it's own thermostat, then if we have full batteries, and the petrol outboard is giving out 6 + amps we divert this to the fridge. No thermostat, no control, although I have been temped to make my own thermostat, but the current draw maybe as much as 8-10 amps.

Author now pauses to see if anyone can see a potential breach of the BSS...



OK gas fridge on a petrol engined vessel... ooohhh...

Ours Is perfectly legal, has passed a fair few BSS on different waterways too. We had it modified by Wilderness boats, Corsham near Bath, to have a flame trap and balanced flue fitted, the pilot light is enclosed in a flame trap using a fine gauze.

I understand there are limited models that can be modified and then have the approval paperwork to support it.


Hope it helps, but might just fill in a few misconceptions.

Best regards,






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Be careful of this when fitting a gas fridge to a boat as nowadays they must be a "room sealed" unit and this one is not.

If you already have one on your boat you are allowed to maintain it, by replacing the jet for instance, but you cannot install it as a "new" unit.

These fridges are designed for caravans and camper vans but not boats.

That said, they are a very good fridge and I have always preferred them.

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