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Hi Wayne

We have a tele too, but don't use it that often (too little on, and too much else to look at), but I've never heard of a 12v tv that required a voltage regulator. I caravanned for years before changing to boats, and the same applies, in that I've not come across one of those before.

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Apparently some older cheap ones were a bit sensitive to voltage so what you have been told is probably a hangover from the old days (as are so many things broadland :naughty: ) but like most modern 12v electronics they will now tolerate from say 10.5 to 16v in many cases.

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Modern flat screens normally have the voltage stabilisation internally, ours is rated up to 16v, as I said earlier it's the older (and some cheapo modern ones) flat screens that have the issues. Check the voltage rating before you buy, it will be quoted in the spec.

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Hi Wayne, if you are like me and after the cheapest flat screen that will do the job you may have a problem with voltage but I just run ours through an inverter and plug it in to 240v, the 12v transformer either inside or in the lead of the telly will do the rest.

Have just sent you a PM


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Tonights listings (with her indoors and a daughter!) are a great reason NOT to have the TV on the boat - Eastenders sandwiched by Corry - Arrghhh...

I think I'll invent some techincal reason why our boat cannot have a telly!!!! ;)


I'm right with you on this one Wayne, soaps, soaps, and then more soaps, but while she sits and watches her soaps, I'll be sitting outside fishing, and supping a can or two.


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