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Salty Bottoms Easter Last Minute Reminders

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As the other thread is now so long, I thought it may be useful to summarise a few things peeps may have overlooked or need a reminder on :grin:

Safety checks - about 6ish I think on Friday evening probably in the Boulevard

Red Herring - for those going 8.30pm and if you haven't already, please get your menu choices to Adam by tomorrow morning.

Book Swap - if you have any you would like to swap, bring them along. We could perhaps do this at the same time as the safety checks???

Easter Egg Hunt - Easter Sunday morning - don't forget your eggs!!

Also, if you are intending to re-enter the Broads from Great Yarmouth, you may need to book a bridge lift and this will have to be done by tomorrow, I think?

Anything I may have missed, feel free to add.

Hope this is OK with everyone :) .

We leave for the boat tomorrow afternoon and are really look forward to seeing you all; old friends and making new ones too :party2:

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Good Idea Suzanne,

few details then.


Sea safety checks 3pm - 5.30pm Life jacket demo and talk in the back room of the Boulevard amusement centre at 7pm

Red Herring Table 8.30pm


Lock through for 10am to RNSYC

Saturday Night food available at RNSYC


Easter Egg hunt in the grounds of RNSYC

There is a TV lounge upstairs in RNSYC that they have kindly given permission for the kids to use

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Partial lake sailor to Jupes, editing posts should be cheating though :grin:


Don't think it is going to be possible to predict what time or if anyone will be going out so it will be a brave call to book a bridge lift.

Yes, we are going to come back into Lowestoft.

Ian - the TV lounge, does it have a DVD player. It would be good if someone has a fairly recent film (don't think we do), to keep the little darlings occupied :naughty::naughty:

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With the weather looking as it is, is anyone going to attempt this?

perhaps your bottom is the wrong shape Mark :naughty:

I should be crossing Breydon going north on Friday PM in a Broom 32 (hireboat,one engine) Give us a wave unless Breydon is too rough for you fair weather boaters :lol::lol:

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perhaps your bottom is the wrong shape Mark :naughty:

I should be crossing Breydon going north on Friday PM in a Broom 32 (hireboat,one engine) Give us a wave unless Breydon is too rough for you fair weather boaters :lol::lol:

If we cut back in at Yarmouth and our paths cross on Breydon I could give you a wave about 6ft high, if you fancy surfing Clive :naughty:

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yes please, I will make sure all the beer is safely stowed off the worktops.

We should leave Somerleyton about 4pm if the boat is ok and the payment is cleared, I just found out today that the heater has been 'borrowed' and I am not sure there is a gas bottle on board for the reserve heater :o

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With the current weather forecast I won't be coming up to join you on Saturday but hope that you have a good meet on Oulton.

I reckon you will have plenty of time to test the waterproofs!

Please remember that when the forecast says "sea state moderate" it means waves of 1.25 - 2.5 metres and that is bloody rough for small craft.

If you do go out to sea when it is "moderate" then please make sure that you are attached to the boat.

I can't help but remember an incident at Whitby a few years ago when the skipper and a crew member fell out of the back of their new cruiser when it hit the first wave...

Not that any of you would have attempted to go out in the conditions on that day.


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If you was through before 2pm it was me, I hope i didn't hold you up too Much? :evil: Im still here lol, last shift tomorrow then its off out and about tomorrow :) Cant wait.

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Must have been around 2pm, so it may have been your replacement.

Sitting into a fairly brisk wind and tide Clanny was hell bent on swapping front to back so I was really chuffed when the bridge started to open just as I cleared the Somerleyton moorings moving forward as slowly as I could dropping in and out of gear in an attempt to stay pointing forward.

Just when it looked like all was fine the bridge stopped moving when it was half open causing me to turn away to circle round allowing time for the bridge to open. As I turned away I got a VHF call from the bridge saying Clandestine can you move away from the bridge please. You can imagine the ribbing I got from other Salty Bottoms about not being able to see Somerleyton Bridge, I can assure you if it was you that I had spotted it and was not about to run into it. :grin::grin:

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It was infact me lol and i know you could see it but you was very very close. We have to stop what were doing if any boat gets too close as its a safety thing apparently. If we keep swinging and hit someone then it would cause all sorts of problems. What is supposed to happen is any boat coming through should wait at a fair distance until the bridge is fully open before making their way through. I see too many boats come through when only half open and think what could happen if there was a large gust of wind and the bridge swung back on them.

As for the ribbing lol..... oops :):oops::evil:

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