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Pictures from the NBN Easter Salties Weekend

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What a brilliant weekend, thank you all for making it so 'Special' !!

Here's a few more pictures, if anyone would like a copy of ALL our pictures from the weekend frolics at sea, send me an pm and I'll pop one in the post..

These were all took by Claire while hanging on to various bits of Relentless, sometimes upside down !! Hope you like them !
















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Fantastic pictures Claire :bow

I take it you made it home safely then :)

Just had a look through ours but Tammy was struggling with a p&s at 30kts :liar


will send pm with email

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cracking photo's looks like you all had a good day you should have tied all the women to the bows as its custom to have a women on the bow of sea going ships :lol::lol:

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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its custom to have a women on the bow of sea going ships :lol::lol:

Indeed it is Jonny, but none were to keen to do it topless, as is the tradition with figureheads :naughty: .

Great set of pics Luke, I hope you don't mind but I've knicked a couple for my facebook page. Please thank Claire for risking life and limb to be the photographer, and thank you to you for being such "Special" company :lol:

I'd also like to publicly thank Ian and Jonathan for the organisation and moral support and guidance they showed to us newbies to the salty side. Without it I don't think I would have been brave enough to try it, and I can't begin to tell how much I have learned these past few days. Even my boat handling seems to have got a little better :roll:

What a fantastic weekend, thanks everyone :party::clap

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Fantastic pics. Gutted i couldn't join you all. Am still very envious of you all out there. Am looking forward to my first trip out on the salt. keep the pics coming cheers

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Hi John

Yep, it was all very safe ! Everybody I saw actually wore their life-jackets on the river back to WRC so the points definetly hit home !!

Thanks for Friday afternoon and evening again, it was a very interesting talk, although I do wonder if it was planned that I got the demo jacket with a hole in it - trying to say something ? :lol::lol:

Although an extremely serious talk it was put and taken in humour which I feel always makes learning and understanding easier.

Please pass on my thanks to Paul as well.

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Johnathon, Mark and Adam, your disc is on its way.

If anyone else wants a copy just send me your address by PM and I'll post you a disc. There is just too many photos to email or put up on the/a site anywhere but its no problem to post out if you want a copy..


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Hi Luke and Claire...

we just got back in the last half an hour anxious to see some pics...the ones we have seen so far are fab...its such a shame that I didnt get the chance to take many shots whilst we were at sea, but I thought it best to keep all hands on the wheel and feet firmly on the flybridge!!!!!! :naughty: :pirate:naughty:

TRuth be told...I was hanging on for dear life!!! :pirate

I will pm my address and cant wait to see the whole lot.

adam aka lb

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Hi All,

As there seems to be several threads running at the mo I didnt know which one to put this in.

Great shots and its good to hear you all had a good time over the weekend.

Really nice to see those smashing looking boats of yours out in the element that they were designed for and having a good old thrash around.

The odd thing, and I know the pics are not in this thread, but HJ2 did not look out of place tied up at the RN&S either. Some seagoing heritage in the Aquafibre camp perhaps??

So glad the weather was kind enough for you to all "Break Free" as it were, I know you would have been so dissapointed as I know you were all looking forward to it soo much.

Hope to catch up with a few of you in more "sedate" waters later on in the season when we get to cross The Great Southern Ocean aka Breydon later on in the season.


Never mind Rod, one day, one day :lol::lol::lol:

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Disc was waiting for us when we got home. Nice to have some really great shots in high resolution. Addressed to Captain Jonathan !! What will the neighbours say. :grin::grin::grin:

Many Thanks Jonathan

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It looks like u all had a fab time!! I hope wen Gavin's back home safely we might be able to join u all on a trip out?

Any advice would be appreciated-Ive never done a sea trip before n dont want to dampen the excitement by being a bit of a wus!!


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oh its ok annie, you wont dampen any spirits...follow us..."wooosies R Us" ...(not a club) :naughty:

going salty still frightens the **** out of me, but so glad we did it, and in spite of the scary moments we did actually enjoy it!!

adam...aka L Bling :pirate :pirate :pirate

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  • 5 weeks later...

Gav would like to announce that he has been safely returned, stood upright outside of Annie's door, the door bell was rang and the courier ran like hell.......... a scene somewhat reminiscent of Hannibal Lectur strapped to a sackbarrow...

However, after seeing little but sand and dust for half a year, now believes that a Falcon 27 can easily take on the Bay of Biscay in a 10....but happy to get the bottom salty at any opportunity....

Now that Annie has passed her Day Skipper I'll hitch a lift with someone else and take the camera - I'm sure she'll handle it solo!!! hehe :o

Absolutely fab pics by the way - Looking forward to tagging along next time!

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