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  1. andyfish

    Do You Still Wave?

    Yes we always wave and just occasionally I will use all of my fingers
  2. andyfish

    Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    Yep,but it would be flying beneath me White rose!
  3. andyfish

    The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Bet the BA loved that Were their feelings Yurt I wonder though
  4. andyfish

    Reserving A Mooring!

    I had a lady trying to stop me Mooring on Horning staithe yesterday morning she was most insistant that I couldn't Moor up as they were bringing their boat up from the Swan I did tell her that It is first come first served and that I had my disabled father with me who needed to get off With that she asked me how long I was going to moored for! I didn't realise you could reserve moorings in this way,mind you I've only been coming to the Broads for 40 years!
  5. andyfish

    Better Behaved Boaters Down South

    Did ya say Horning pigeon?
  6. andyfish


  7. andyfish


    Hello Paul long time no see Yes that sounds like a plan,we're ready for a change of scenery so might give it a go
  8. andyfish


    Sounds lovely,what's a diet!
  9. andyfish


    Bobella is an Ocean 30 so I reckon with canopy down we could go under the bridges Vaughan that sounds like a plan to me Thanks for all your advise I been coming down 38 years and apart from hiring from hearts in 1989 I never been upto Norwich! Cheers Andy
  10. andyfish


    How do Commencing next weekend me and Catherine aboard the good ship Bobella will be out on our 2 weeks cruise and seeing as neither of us have sailed up to Norwich I wondered where the best place to Moor would be,we thinking of doing a bit of shopping then maybe a drink and something to eat Cheers
  11. andyfish

    What's Going On Here Then?

    Probaby lost his bed sheets off the mast
  12. andyfish

    Cheap And Chearful Phone Charger

    I bought the very same from home bargains only I paid 4 quid for mine
  13. andyfish

    Woodbastwick Moorings

    What are you peasants doing on my pwoperty? There is a notice there that clearly states,Members of the working class will be exterminated! Now p*ss Orff
  14. andyfish

    Annual Moorings

    You could try Southgate's at Horning We Moor there and they have space The marina has electric hook but no shower And the New Inn pub opposite
  15. andyfish


    Bad workmen always blame there tools

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